Police Chief: German Government Lies about Invasion Numbers

The German government has lied to the public over the extent of the nonwhite invasion, the number of “refugees” going back, and how many are actually being registered, the head of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, has said.


Speaking in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Wendt accused German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière of talking “nonsense” and knowingly giving out completely false information to the public.

Asked about de Maizière’s recent claim that the “situation on the German border had stabilized in recent weeks,” and that “now almost all the refugees are being registered,” and that increasing numbers of “people are being rejected right at the border,” Wendt said he could “only shake his head” in disbelief.

“If the minister said that the federal police could register up to 3,500 refugees every day at the border, then I must say that that claim is utter nonsense and devoid of all reality,” Wendt said.

“The federal police are not able to register 3,500 people a day. We have neither the personnel nor the ability to do so. I really do not know how he can even get this idea.”

The astonished FAZ interviewer then asked Wendt if de Maizière was therefore telling an “untruth” when he asserted that all the “refugees were being registered at the border.”

Wendt replied “Yes, this is simply nonsense. We can only check a fraction of the incoming refugees at the border. Of the on average 2,000 people who currently enter Germany every day, only about 800 are fingerprinted.”

This means that at least 1,200 continue into Germany every day without any record of them whatsoever.

“All others are simply waved through and placed directly in the initial reception centers,” Wendt said, expressing the hope that they would be registered there.

He was then asked by the FAZ if de Maizière was also wrong in his statement that “up to 200 refugees” are rejected at the border every day.

“Even this figure is definitely not true,” Wendt said. “In January, the number of rejections varied between 80 and a maximum of 150.

“In addition, these ‘rejected’ people do not then suddenly go home. On the contrary, many are sent back to us from Austria, or cross the border at another point a few hours later and reenter the country because they have not been registered anywhere.”

Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union

Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union.

Asked if the relationship between de Maizière and the police was “now totally shattered,” and what the mood of the police on the ground was, Wendt said that morale among the officials was “catastrophic.”

In particular, he said, the police “feel humiliated by the [refugee] policy, and abandoned by the Federal Minister of the Interior. After almost every statement that comes from Berlin or from Mr. de Maizière, I get outraged calls from officials who are shocked and ask me what is going on. So I can say this: there has never been a situation like this before.”

Finally, the FAZ interviewer asked Wendt if the Minister of the Interior actually knew how many “refugees” there were in Germany, as he had recently claimed—and also how many were still on their way.

“No one has an exact number [of refugees], not even in Berlin,” Wendt replied. “We only have figures about the number of asylum seekers who have been registered in the initial reception centers.

“But the tens of thousands who are unregistered are not counted, and also all those who only succeed in crossing the border at the second or third attempt. This is a huge mess,” he concluded.

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  1. Wow…this guy has balls. How dare he speak the truth in Germany….

    Good for him. We should put this guy in charge. At least he know’s what’s going on.

    1. Put him in charge? When 17 year old girls in Europe are likely to be prosecuted for using pepper spray on a would be rapist, are you out of your mind? Well no, but the rest of the german dominated Europe is!

    2. He surely does – I expect he will either be retired, “disappeared” if he doesn’t make a grovelling apology.

  2. It sounds as if the German police have had enough, I hope the German army sees sense before it is too late, a military coup has never been more justified in Europe as it is now.

    1. I’m not into European unity as in the EU, however I’d be delighted if the western Europeans rose as one, hung their false governments and started immediate forcible repatriation.

  3. This is a disgrace, luegenpresse. At least one of the few has the guts to say something. Everything is being whitewashed so as not to incite anti migrant feelings. We would not want their feelings to be hurt by hearing the truth about themselves. Next thing you know, he lost his job.

  4. Rozhodnutím Makrely není a nebude už žádný stát bezpečný, natož jeho města a vesnice! Prostě co jsme chtěli takto máme bez pardonu!Je vidět,že Evropan je natolik civilizovaný ,že není schopen si zajistit bezpečnost svoji natož cizím uprchlíkům ! Jiné dva světy se střetávají,kde se budou vytvářet gheta a násilí,rabování a znásilňování dětí a žen! Je to vše s prominutím jak ze Science fiction ! Málo si umíme vážit své svobody a svého života ! Musí přijít ti co nám dennodenně budou ukazovat jak je křehká demokracie a svoboda! Naši předci se musí otáčet v hrobě a ti co položili životy za svou vlast právem nás posílají do (_!_) Všechny své hodnoty a priority jsme nechali napospas těm co si to nikdy svojí prací a stylem života nezasloužili !

    1. He is way overdue anyhow Victor, but then, Soros looked like that already 15 Years ago, I guess with all that hate inside ….

  5. Angela Merkel and her cabinet are 100% a criminal entity. They must be forcibly removed and prosecuted. They must go. So must Soros and similar.

  6. On another post here I commented that people are beginning to speak out. A university professor directly confronted Merkel at a ceremony. Apparently he may lose his job, but don’t underestimate patriotism, it comes from unlikely sources. Brave man, good on him.

  7. Solange die “schwarze Null” im Rollstuhl eine angemessene Finanzierung der Integrationskosten, einschließlich Wohnungsbau, Einstellung neuer Polizeikräfte, Wiederaufbauhilfen in der Heimat der Flüchtlinge, Deutschkurse, usw., verhindert, kann man nur von einer orchestrierten Aktion sprechen zur maximalen Destruktion in Richtung Bürgerkrieg + wirtschaftlicher Zusammenbruch = Unregierbarkeit.

  8. As long as the ” black zero ” (Schäuble) in a wheelchair prevents adequate funding of integration costs , including housing, setting new police forces , reconstruction assistance in the home of refugees , German language courses , etc. , one can only speak of an orchestrated campaign to maximum destruction towards civil war + economic collapse = ungovernability .

  9. Merkel and her fellow open borders crowd won’t stop. They have no intention of stopping.
    Woman will have to defend themselves in any way they can and be alert and ready for anything. Or hope that a man is around when they need him. Its obvious the life of our children mean nothing to the EU and the like only their lust for “mammon” counts and they will sacrifice anyone and anything who challenges them. Ask the AFD party in Germany if they are invited to debate Merkel and her monsters. Merkel is the typical consumate liar and sociopath. Her word is never her bond. You can’t reason with these people. You can only do everything in your power to vote them out and hope to elect like minded people who share your vision. These monsters in power don’t care what you say about them They only care if vote and remove them. Its a waste of time to indulge in the fantasy that any of them actually listen or care. They will just destroy until they are replaced by popular vote. More dangerous than anything is the importing of a militant radical violent ideology which encourages the rape and murder of woman and children. Its like a human nuclear bomb to be intentionally unleashed on christians and westerners and the ultimate insult to our morality. The governments cannot plead ignorance or they would have to acknowledge they have an IQ of 5. We all want to help refugees and safe zones could easily have been set up. This is not compassion, its not common sense its intentional population surplanting and the bulk of 90 percent are not refugees. You want change run for office and work day and night to help someone who will and speak up anytime anywhere and don’t shut up until change comes. Or you can be politically correct until you disappear all together.

  10. Very interesting! Schäuble has probably now made ​​a complete u-turn in Davos . He now speaks openly of a Marshall Plan and a must do of having good strategic relations with Russia to entertain and keep the expansion of large-scale infrastructure projects for the proven means to peace. I am amazed and if it is true , I bow before him herewith – mind you , if it is true ….

  11. The present regime must not be given a chance to solve the problem. It must be destroyed by the invasion it is guilty for. 20 million invaders should asap ruin the welfare system and liberate the natural defense instincts of the presently subjugated domestic swines population. Rebirth of a new fighting spirit of free people who will ow nothing from the degenerated parasite political caste. And ultimate change to another state with a fresh and true constitution.

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