Gyms, Wikipedia, & Anti-White Racism

A media-generated “uproar” following the innocent renaming of a River Falls, Wisconsin, school gym, and the blatant manipulation of Wikipedia, have served as the latest examples of the ongoing anti-white racism which is becoming endemic in society at large.


As reported in the River Falls Journal, the Meyer Middle School in River Falls, Wisconsin, needed a new fitness center. To this end, a committee was launched to raise funds for the project.

That committee, called “Pride Fitness,” was tasked with finding $100,000 US from private donors. By January 28, 2016, it had managed to raise most of the necessary funds with special mention to two sources: the Royal Credit Union (RCU) and a local alumnus, Roger T. White.

To thank these two patrons, the local school board named the new gym “The Roger T. White – Pride Fitness Room as presented by RCU.”

But in an interview published in the River Falls Journal, the head of the fundraising committee, Chuck Eaton, quite innocently referred to it the “White Pride Fitness Room.”

“That,” said the River Falls Journal, was “where the trouble began. Many online picked up on another implication, as ‘white pride’,” which, the River Falls Journal said, “is a common slogan of white supremacist groups.”

Accused of being “racist,” the school district hastily issued a statement saying that “this ‘room name’ has never been nor will it ever be called, ‘The White Pride Room.’”

Instead, the statement continued, the name will now be either the “Roger T. White Wildcat Fitness Room” or the “Roger T. White—Fitness Room as Presented by RCU.”

The change did not stop the “uproar” on Facebook with hysterical liberals and nonwhites still claiming that the school had associated itself with “white supremacists” and “white racists” and had done so “while being rather careless with their use of language.”


This automatic association of “white pride” with “racism” is a result of many years of deliberate programming, which is possibly best illustrated by Googling the phrases “black pride,” “Asian pride,” “gay pride,” and “white pride.”

When the words “black pride” are entered into Google, the Wikipedia results read “Black pride is a movement encouraging people to take pride in being black. Related movements include black nationalism, Black Panthers, Afrocentrism and…”

black pride google

When the words “Asian pride” are entered into Google, the Wikipedia results read “In the United States, Asian pride (also spelled AZN pride) is a positive stance to being Asian American. The term arose from influences of hip hop culture within…”

asian pride google

When the words “gay pride” are entered into Google, the Wikipedia results read “Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote…”

Gay pride google

However, when the words “white pride” are entered into Google, the Wikipedia results read “White pride is a slogan primarily used by white separatist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations to signal their racist viewpoints.”

white pride google

The anti-white racism is clear: anybody else can have their “pride” represented in a positive manner, but if a white should express “pride” in any form whatsoever, they are “Nazi racists.”

Fortunately, the nature of the Internet is steadily serving to subvert the anti-white racists, and the truth is becoming more obvious by the day.


*Wikipedia is, as is well-known, subjected to intense and ongoing “editing” by specially dedicated Jewish teams and Israeli government-paid editing specialists to ensure that it always has the “correct” political position.

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  1. Let’s not mention white genocide (the truth what is happening all over Europe) at what point are the indigenous people going to rise god help us all

  2. Send ALL the liberals and the blacks to South Africa. Then they will have no one to be racist about! If any people are racists, it is the blacks!

    1. 80 000 + European South Africans have been butchered in South Africa by these black people since ” democracy” was forced upon us by the liberals, communists and socialists from around the world, and you want to send more this way! No thank you, keep them, so you can feel the pain,

  3. Other Wikipedia entries reduced to a laughing stock by Jewish meddling include:
    • Jewish Bolshevism – ‘an antisemitic canard’
    • Frankfurt School – ‘A 20th-century conspiracy theory’
    • Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Two Hundred Years Together’ – ‘many historians reported it as unreliable’

  4. 1. No (Jew) shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his (Jewish) privacy, (Jewish) family, (Jewish) home or (Jewish)correspondence, nor to unlawful attack on his (or her) (Jewish) honour and (Jewish) reputation.
    2. Everyone has the right to protection of the law against such (Jewish) interference or (Jewish) attacks.
    Taken from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 Article 17

  5. Wikipedia has been pretty bad since forever. Even its STEM-y articles are pretty lame and you’d be better off reading actual journal papers (or at least their abstracts) than taking the entries seriously.

  6. If being white and proud of it makes me “racist or nazi”, if trying to expose the crimes and fraud of jewry makes me xenophobic, if trying to present the truth about muslim invasion makes me extreme right… than I’m guilty as charged – and PROUD OF IT.

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