Calais: 3 Identitarians Imprisoned

Three members of the French Identitarian movement have been sentenced to three months in prison for their participation in last weekend’s blocking of the roads leading to the Calais Jungle.

News of the sentencing was broken by Génération Identitaire on their website with a statement which promised that they would appeal the sentencing.


“Three of our activists were sentenced to three months in prison and ordered to pay fines for faits de rébellion (acts of rebellion),” the Génération Identitaire statement said.

“This symbolic action lasted two hours, before the security forces arrived to violently dislodge our activists.

“The police pushed our activists to the ground, and even though they were completely non-violent, they were severely clubbed and gassed as evidenced by the videos we have published,” the statement continued.

“One policeman even admitted in court to having given a militant two blows to the face while transporting him to the police station.

“The severity of socialist justice is in sharp contrast to their clemency which is always given to leftist thugs and illegal immigrants who have made Calais suffer so much for so many years.”

The Génération Identitaire also made an appeal for help in covering their legal costs:

“We will obviously appeal this outrageous decision. You can help us by helping in our legal costs by clicking on this link or by sending a check to: Génération identitaire, 5 montée du Change, 69 005 Lyon, France.”

Violences contre les militants de Génération Identitaire à CalaisPlusieurs de nos militants ont été la cible de violence lors de leur interpellation à Calais. Nous nous réservons le droit de porter plainte si les accusations fantaisistes contre les militants de Génération Identitaire ne sont pas levées.

Posted by Génération Identitaire on Sunday, March 13, 2016

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  1. The invaders can rape and kill with impunity…try to defend yourself or your country and the full weight of the traitorous governments and police are thrown at you…!!!

  2. What a disgrace. It says all that need be said about which side the authorities are on, and it ain’t the citizens of Calais.

    There were times when you could just go to or through Calais fearlessly….. no longer, and it isn’t because of the people of Calais. Surprising they haven’t closed the Chunnel. Are people still prepared to use it?

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