Hamburg: Police Called out 1,000 Times

German police in Hamburg have been called out more than 1,000 times to incidents ranging from murders and assaults to mass brawls and other criminality in and around the “asylum” centers in the city, the Hamburger Morgenpost has revealed.


The shock statistics—which completely demolish leftist claims that the “asylum seekers” are peace-seeking “refugees”—were contained in a paper published by city deputy Dennis Gladiator, a member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.

The invaders have been housed in tents and in a former large hardware store in the city. According to reports, police have had to intervene in at least 80 serious fights at the centers in the last two months alone.

“The number of fights has grown in number in the past few weeks as the numbers of refugees has increased,” the report continued, adding that the tempo had now reached an average of ten serious fights every two weeks.

On Tuesday, November 3, some 53 Eritreans blocked the Drateln Street in Wilhelmsburg in a protest over what they claimed was preferential treatment being given to Syrians in their center.

Police were called in to disperse the protestors, but instead of leaving the area, the invaders attacked the policemen and their dogs. The dog muzzles were removed and teargas had to be deployed. One “refugee” suffered dog bites in the incident, police said.

Police spokesman Timo Zill told the media that this was the “first time that police officers and police dogs were attacked.”


Previously, there had been a fight between 40 Iraqis and Syrians in Schlachthof Street in Harburg, where the combatants used steel rods to beat each other. Three were hospitalized with serious wounds, and 15 invaders were arrested by police.

The police said that a highly disturbing aspect of the attack on their numbers was the fact that the “refugees” had adopted a practiced “attack formation” for the fight, and that they were clearly well-organized in doing this.

At least one of the fights resulted in the death by stabbing of a “refugee” in the residential area around Sjipwai Street in Westerland on Wednesday, November 4, police reported. The knife fight erupted when three nonwhites became involved in an unspecified dispute. The victim suffered a knife wound to the neck.


On Thursday, November 5, a mass brawl broke out in an invader center inside a former “Max Bahr” hardware store in Bergedorf, after a hunger strike started the previous day in protest against alleged preferential treatment given to Syrians over Afghans.

According to reports of the fight, the initial clashes started late on Wednesday, and by nightfall of the following day, the brawl had escalated into hundreds of combatants. The brawlers fashioned weapons out of anything they could find: chairs, stones, and iron bars ripped from the beds they had been given.

More than fifty armed policemen had to be deployed to restore order, and three of the invaders were arrested for public violence.

The Focus news service reported that these incidents were becoming increasingly common all over Germany, with police being called out to a mass brawl in Thuringia (where the invaders pelted police with stones and iron bars), and in Hesse, where three policemen and eleven invaders were injured in a bloody confrontation.

Other fights have broken out between Afghanis and Albanians over toilets (a dispute between two invaders escalated into a mass brawl in which five were seriously injured after being beaten with iron bars—and another three were arrested).

In that incident, a firearm was brandished inside the camp, an indication that the nonwhite invaders have brought weapons with them—and also proof that they have been let into Germany without ever being searched.


An employee at one of the centers also confirmed to Focus that they are soon going to have to racially segregate the invaders. “Refugees from the Balkans and black Africans should never be put together,” the employee, who asked not to be named said. “Africans are often exuberant, refugees from the Balkans rather quiet. Their worlds collide. It is just asking for trouble.”

The employee also admitted that the Muslims often made threats against Christians, and also against Red Cross staff on duty in the camp—who were providing the invaders with help and welfare.

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  1. Let's face it – it is already difficult for differing cultures to live peacefully side by side in the same community, without the mass influx of all these despicable savages from all corners of the globe.
    Totally at odds with the way we conduct ourselves and society. Morals a million miles from ours.
    I am so angry at the unfolding situation, and have lost faith in the government to implement a feasible plan.
    What trouble this now brings to our doorstep, far far too late to utilise damage control.

  2. Kol me krazy writes : "… most of this circus is funded (more often than not) by single straight white male professionals – this is the world that we live in"

    With respect, you haven't noticed the part played by loans. The circus is NOT funded by current expenditure. It's paid for by government handouts; and these are funded by borrowing by the government, from the Jewish central banks. Most people simply can't see that Jews want to get governments in debt, because they get money back from it, in future. Normal people of course are desperate to avoid debt if they can, so the jewish attitude is counter-intuitive.

  3. Yes indeed – Israel is the only benefactor in the rigion from that Arab unrest in the past few years and now it's sealed off itself. How about the role of US and France in this mess? Let's also not forget that Sarkozy and Hollande are Jewish!

  4. The 3rd Reich targeted Jews, Gypsies and any resistance groups in the countries they occupied during 2. WW – what does accepting of the 3rd-worlders from North Africa have to do with that?

    Austrian chancellor Faymann is an ex-taxi driver turned "politician" and Merkel is an ex-activist from so called "youth organizations" in East Germany. I just can't see how they could be considered to be some sort of moral "united front" – to me they are simply just opportunists who are going along with this utopian agenda which is being forced on Western societies by all kinds of self-described leftist losers.

    Of course Jews in the last 100 years played a very profound role in the process of "social change" in Europe thru their abnormally high presence in socialist parties – almost all top dogs in USSR and its satellites during commie years were Jewish!

    I still can't see what drives Scandinavian governments to this suicide with "importing" all kinds of peopople from North Africa, esp. from Somalia and Eritrea – I just can't see any benefit besides enormous social costs to those otherwise very successful societies with absolutely no colonial past!

    One more example of this "enrichment": (

    France or UK that's a completely different story: colonial powers with way too soft approach to immigration from the 3rd World are paying the price and it's enough to go and see some parts of London, Paris or Marseilles to get a glimpse of this disaster. Surprisingly some Eastern European countries like Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia are displaying a lot of common sense in approach to so called "refugee" problem mainly because they have a lot of day-to-day "experience" with Gypsy parasites for centuries now. My prediction is that Poland will join this club very soon with the newly elected government there.

  5. Maybe we need to think `outside the box`?
    This sounds too crazy but what If the intention is to rid the Middle East and surrounding countries of religious zealots and Third Worlders ?
    Dumping them in Europe would leave Israel surrounded by huge tracts of land devoid of people.
    Meanwhile Merckel, [and Jews] Juncker, Schultz and their ilk continue to orchestrate the invasion of Europe.

  6. As I can somehow understand why many of the parasities from Africa and Asia flooded some past colonial powers like UK or France it beats me what is driving Germans, Norwegians or Swedes into such mess? Stupidity of their leftists' governemnts? What is behind this madness?

  7. And most of this circus is funded (more often than not) by single straight white male professionals – this is the world that we live in 🙂

  8. "They will drag every nation down to the same standard as the countries they left" – couldn't agree more! There are already so many examples in France, UK, Holland, Canada and Australia that it's hard to comprehend what Merkel and so called "leaders" of UE are doing – these lunatics together with this ugly old bag belong in some mental institution!

  9. You can give them what you like, but they are scum and no amount of money or opportunities will ever change that fact.


    This is a story about Saba.

    Saba and his wife along with their three children were given asylum in Australia. They come from the Sudan. Neither Saba nor his wife work! They have never worked a single day in Australia – they and their children live on welfare. Let’s breakdown the fortnightly welfare income (source –

    Saba – $800AUD
    Wife – $800AUD
    3 Children – $1320AUD
    Rent Assistance – $200AUD

    Total – $3120 per fortnight. This does not include other benefits that they might have received on arriving in Australia – the Government will not give information about how much Saba received when he arrived in Australia – resettlement allowance – establishment allowance. But he and his family are entitled to free education, free health care, free dental and many other perks.

    Every fortnight Saba sends $700AUD to relatives in the Sudan using Western Union. He does this so they can use the money to leave the Sudan too. Saba and his family are costing the Australian taxpayer a minimum of $81,112AUD per annum. Of course there are many Saba’s in Australia some with no children but others with many children.

    It is noteworthy that many of the Saba asylum-seeking adults get drivers’ licenses and motor vehicles shortly after arriving in the country. How someone on welfare could afford to buy a car or get a loan to buy a car is beyond my Australian contact. When he made inquiries he was told to stop being a racist. The other noteworthy fact is that some Saba’s get drivers’ licenses despite the fact that they cannot speak English. Whenever my Australian contact tries to get some official statement on his observations he is just ignored. This is a story worth investigating now that Australia is granting asylum to 27,000 invaders from Syria.

  11. “Refugees from the Balkans and black Africans should never be put together” – lovely 🙂
    How on earth are they planning to allow those assholes to live amongst each other in the future? Has Merkel gone mad?

  12. Wait….I don't get it? The news said all these people want is peace and would make Europe a better place. The government would not lie to us……..would they?

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