Trannies Now Angry with “Women’s March”

The “progressive” women’s movement behind the recent “women’s marches” has been thrown into a self-inflicted conundrum after being accused of “isolating the transgender community” by placing emphasis on having a vagina as being crucial to being a female.

In what might otherwise sound like something from a Monty Python sketch, “transgenders”—that is, mentally ill men who think they are women because they wear dresses and have cut off their genitals—have started complaining on social media that they were excluded because they do not have vaginas.

An article in the New York-based “millennial” publication Mic, said that the march in Washington D.C. focused “acutely on genitalia at the expense of the transgender community.”

The signs, hats, and other apparel—including vulgar vagina masks, vagina full body outfits, and all manner of crude slogans such as “pussy power,” “viva la vulva” and “pussy grabs back,” all “sent a clear and oppressive message to trans women, especially: having a vagina is essential to womanhood,” the Mic article said.

One “transgender” man pretending to be a woman, interviewed by Mic, and named as “Jade Lejeck,” said that the “main reason I decided not to go was because of the pussy hats.”

These pink hats apparently were a signal to Lejeck that there “would be other trans-exclusionary messages at the women’s marches.”

Furthermore, Lejeck said, he expected his local march in Modesto, California, to “have its fair share of trans-exclusionary radical feminists, known as TERFs” (TERF is an acronym for “Trans-exclusionary radical feminism”).

Lejeck said that there are two categories of TERFS: One is the accidental TERF — “the ones who have signs that equate womanhood with having a vagina,” and the other category which are “feminists who argue trans women are actually men in disguise trying to infiltrate their spaces.”

“I believe there’s a lot of inequality that has to do with genitals — that’s not something you can separate from the feminist movement,” Lejeck said. “But I feel like I’ve tried to get involved in feminism and there’s always been a blockade there for trans women.”

The Mic article then quoted a “20-year-old nonbinary student” in Ohio, named as Sam Forrey, “and their [sic] girlfriend Lilian McDaniel, who is trans,” as saying that there “had been other warning signs that the Women’s March might be a dangerous space for them.”

Forrey said instructions issued in preparation for the “women’s march” said that “trans protesters bring identification that matches their gender identity.”

McDaniel said he had planned on attending the march until he saw that “people were using it as an excuse to invoke” what he called “genital-based womanhood.”

A friend told McDaniel about a protester they had seen marching with a two-foot-tall hand-knit uterus, and then he was glad he had “stayed home.”

Forrey said that the “saturation of vagina-related messages and imagery reinforced the same oppressive structures the march was meant to oppose.”

“As a nonbinary person, the emphasis on genitals just bought into the rigid, Western concept of gender”—with the “two-gender system excluding Forrey as well.”

At the Washington march, one “Raquel Willis,” who described himself as a “queer Black transgender woman from Augusta, Ga,” and who works as a communications associate at something called the “Transgender Law Center,” claimed that the microphone he was using was cut off during his speech at the march, just as he mentioned “trans activists Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson.”

“Still silencing trans women,” Wills wrote on Twitter. “I see you and so does everyone else.”

“And although I’m glad to be here now, it’s disheartening that women like me were an afterthought in the initial planning of this march,” Wills said, according to the full speech on his website.

The infighting is the inevitable consequence of leftist ideology, which is continually tripped up by its own contradictions. In this case, the far left has claimed that gender “is a state of mind” rather than a biological reality”—but has now found that men who “think” they are women, are in fact not really as “oppressed” as they might like to think, and therefore are not really “women” after all.

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  1. The mental attitude of this lot is absolutely barmy! Why don’t all the lefties, feminists and LGBT live together on an island. The majority of normal heterosexual people are totally fed up with their sh*t!

    1. I wondered why this mass infestation of ‘women’ hadn’t been groped, fondled and graped by our moslem friends.Having seen it it’s obvious, I doubt that there was a female there, certainly nothing I’d be attracted to! I’m surprised that Maddona isn’t a gruppenfuhrer at least, Old tombstone teeth frightens the crap out of me, and I’m ex-Army SNCO!

  2. “As a nonbinary person, the emphasis on genitals just bought into the rigid, Western concept of gender”—with the “two-gender system excluding Forrey as well.” So he’s saying that attitudes towards gender are much more accommodating in the middle east? Or North Korea or China? That’s news to me, then he needs to move to Iraq right away. I hope he enjoys his trip off the tallest building in the town when they find out what he is.

  3. The weirdos who think attention-seeking vulgar antics will win sympathy for their “cause” are in for a rude awakening.
    Confronted with their in-your-face perversion crap the majority of normal folk will feel hot anger not sympathy.

  4. They must come to south africa to be sorted out. The west have been to liberal to allow these leftist and marxists crazies go rampant.

  5. both sides of this argument disgust me to the highest degree, what pigs we have now calling themselves woman, and the perverted sick pyschos calling themselves woman because they believe they are, when all reality says they are not. Maybe they should try to believe their superman and jump of the golden gate bridge, wish all of them would try it, both sides.

  6. the so called tranies are just proving to the world what we have always known. they are not normal or a full shilling and never will be.

  7. “….having a vagina as being crucial to being a female.”

    Sorry. ladies, but having a vagina IS crucial to being a female. Why you’d want to be part of this divisive, lunatic crowd is beyond me, anyway. Ask nicely, and George will probably fund a march just for you gals.

  8. Gloria Steinem has a bigger Johnson than me. Mine is bigger than Caitlin Jenner’s on her best day. This is all so absurd.

  9. Libtard contradiction number 457:

    The more they claim to be ‘inclusive’, the more they split into smaller and smaller factions.

  10. Libtard, retard, deranged, UGLY… That goes for the women wearing that paraphernalia too. What a bunch of c**ts. Send them all to saudis.

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