Invaders Use Fake IDs to Enter Germany

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees are now using fake Greek passports and identity documents to enter Germany, either flying or driving from the Balkans—causing German authorities to start different treatment of all travellers from Greece, who now go through separate controls upon arrival in German airports.

The move, announced this week in the Greek media, comes after it emerged that over 1,000 nonwhites have been arrested trying to enter Germany via airports and border posts using fake Greek documents.

The situation is so bad that Greek police have now been deployed to help airport checks in in Frankfurt and Munich to help with passport checks.

In addition to fake Greek passports, the invaders are also using stolen and forged German passports, leading to checks on all passengers—including Germans—coming in from Greece, media reports said.

“After sample checks on flights from Greece in the January-October 2017 period, there were approximately 1,000 illegal arrivals; a number that is multiple of all other flights within Schengen,” was the explanation given by Germany’s Interior Ministry to the Kathimerini newspaper.

The measure went into effect on November 12, right before the holiday season, and will last for six months. It is limited to all German-Austrian land borders and arrivals from Greek airports, the Kathimerini report says.

“The decision was taken in cooperation with the interior ministries of Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The European Commission, the European Council, the President of the European Parliament and the Home Affairs Ministers of all Schengen member states have been briefed on the memorandum,” the report added.

Greek authorities report that since the extraordinary controls have been in place, a total of 33,000 passengers have been checked and 20 people were arrested.

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