Ireland: Muslim “Asylum Seeker” Stabbing Attack

Mohamed Morei (18), an Egyptian invader in Ireland pretending to be an “asylum seeker” will appear in court at Dublin court on Thursday January 11, charged with murder after carrying out a mass stabbing attack in the town of Dundalk, County Louth—another Muslim terrorist incident largely ignored by the controlled media.

According to local news services, Morei carried out the mass stabbing attack on January 4 at 9am in Dundalk, killing one person and seriously wounding two more before being subdued by the Irish police, the Gardai.

Police officers confronted and disarmed the attacker, who was said to be carrying a number of weapons. The dead victim was identified as a 24-year-old Japanese man working in Ireland, and the two injured in separate attacks are Irish. One was assaulted with an iron bar, while the other was stabbed.

Morei had apparently been contacted by the police on New Year’s Day “with regards his immigration status”—mostly likely to be informed that his patently bogus “asylum” application had been rejected.

Morei was detained at Cloverhill prison in Dublin, and will appear in court on January 11 by live video link.

At an earlier hearing, the judge “directed that all appropriate psychiatric and medical treatment be made available” to Morei, in an attempt to fit in with the narrative that the hundreds of Muslim terrorists are all suffering from mental illnesses—as if any terrorist is not mentally unstable to begin with.

Gardai Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan said the suspect had come into contact with gardai on January 1 “when inquiries about his immigration status were conducted.” The officer confirmed that the Egyptian was “seeking asylum” in the Irish Republic.

Mangan said he believed the perpetrator was on foot and the victims were selected at random. ‘There is nothing to suggest whatsoever that any of these people involved in the attack and the subsequent assaults were known to each other,’ he said. ‘It would certainly appear to be random and unprovoked.’

He added that the investigation would have an international dimension and Gardai would be liaising with the authorities in Egypt.

The attack has been almost completely blacked out by the controlled media outside of Ireland, in the ongoing attempt to hide the full extent of Islamic terrorism facing Europe following decades of mass Third World immigration.

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