“I Knew Trump Would Deport Me:” Invader Moves to Canada

Illegal invader Somali Bashir Yussuf —whose “asylum” application was so flagrantly bogus that it was rejected even under the pro-invasion Obama administration—has become the latest scrounger to cross the border into Canada, telling the National Post newspaper that he “knew” that Donald Trump would deport him.

“I saw what was coming,” Yussuf told the newspaper.  “I knew Trump was going to deport me.”

The 28-year-old swindler left Somalia in 2013 to make a circuitous, five-month voyage to San Diego, where he applied for “asylum” but was rejected.

According to the National Post, over 300 nonwhite invaders have illegally entered Canada from the U.S. over the Manitoba border since April last year, a huge increase from the “usual” 50 or 60 per year.

It took Yussuf three hours to walk over the border before arriving in Emmerson, a small farming town on the Canadian border facing North Dakota and Minnesota. Emerson’s 700 inhabitants have long known “border hoppers,” often offering them lifts to the nearby Canadian Border Services Agency office. But they have never seen them coming in these numbers, the newspaper said.

The morning before Yussuf arrived with another Somali last weekend, 19 other Africans had emerged on the Canadian side of the border, after walking much of the night across frozen farm fields. There were so many that they could not fit in the small border office for processing, so the locals opened their community hall to accommodate the invaders.

Now town officials have convened an emergency meeting with police and border agents to establish a way to deal with the invasion, which they fully expect to pick up soon.

“The farmers are worried about what they’re going to find when the snow melts,” Greg Janzen, the reeve, or chief elected executive, of the Emerson-Franklin municipality, was quoted as saying.

The Manitoba “Interfaith Immigration Council,” known locally as Welcome Place, typically serves 50 to 60 asylum seekers per year, its Indian origin executive director, Rita Chahal, told the newspaper. “Since April, we’ve seen already 300,” she said.

Chahal of Welcome Place said that in recent months her center had seen another type of applicant—people like Mourad Hassan, who flew into Chicago in December and then worked immediately to find a way across the border to make his first “asylum claim” in Canada, even though his home country of Djibouti is completely peaceful.

“When Trump became president, I was scared he would deport me,” said Hassan, 32, a former army officer.

While the government of Canada was unable to provide statistics on the number of people seeking refugee status who illegally enter the country, Sgt. Harold Pfleiderer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said, “there has been an increase in illegal migration in Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia, with the largest increase being seen in Quebec.”

A loophole in the rules covering “asylum seekers” has created the mini-invasion. An agreement between Canada and the United States—known officially as the Safe Third Country agreement, makes it illegal for invaders to simply present themselves at official border crossings and claim “asylum.”

However, those invaders who enter the country illegally, can, once inside Canada’s borders, present themselves to border guards, and claim “asylum.”

Pro-Third World invasion advocates inside Canada have now demanded of the crypto-communist Justin Trudeau regime to suspend the Safe Third Country agreement in light of Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

They have quoted last week’s announcement by the Harvard Law School’s “immigration and refugee clinical program,” which said that Trump’s executive orders on immigration made the United States “not a safe country of asylum” for people fleeing “persecution and violence.”

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  1. Check Rebel Media to see the real stories on these criminals. First, where do these people get enough money to travel all over the world to finally end up in US and Canada? These fakers ended up in Minnesota and their visas expired, so they came through the border to Manitoba in winter.

    If I visit the US, I can only stay for six months, I can’t apply for “refugee status” I’d be sent back to Canada.

    Now Canada will support these fakers for the rest of their lives, they will never work and will rape our health care system out of existence.

    1. Where are millions of penniless, unskilled, uneducated invaders getting the money to travel from their Third World hell holes to the U.S. and Canada? George Soros and all the other multi-billion dollar non-governmental organizations run by international Jewry. That’s where.

  2. Considering Canada has less that one million blacks, they don’t have a clue how non whites destroy a country. Good luck canada, gonna need it.

  3. Canada will go the same way as Sweden, Germany and Belgium, it will soon house all the muslim invaders who don’t want to work or assimilate but just run a criminal lifestyle while claiming benefits and housing. When will politicians realise it doesn’t work to house all these illegals, why do they hate their own citizens so much that invaders are better thought of than them, its a disgrace. Why do muslims all head to non muslim countries to claim asylum, must be the free house and life long welfare.

  4. In about 10 years pretty boy tub head
    trudeau will realize the enormous mistake
    he made. Nonwhites will out breed all the
    white canadians since canada’s population
    is about 34 million. Europe and the US will
    have the same problem. Leaders cannot
    project beyond their noses.

    1. There is no mistake. Trudeau knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s destroying Canada demographically via mass forced immigration, and all is going according to plan. He’s not going to realize anything ten years from now because this is exactly what he wants.

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