New US Data: Third World Immigration Lowers Wages, Depresses Economy

Mass Third World immigration has caused an overall decline in wages in the low-skilled work sector in America, and has forced a drop of nearly 10 percent in the national labor-force-participation rate—which measures all those working or looking for work, according to new data released by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Center Director of Research Steven Camarota said that the , the Center’s Director of Research, said, “The long-term decline in the labor force participation rate and stagnation of wages for low-skilled Americans have contributed to a host of social problems, from the opioid epidemic to the breakdown of families. As long as we continue to admit large numbers of low-skilled immigrants, this decline will almost certainly persist.”

Among the Center’s findings:

* Among men ages 25 to 64 without a bachelor’s degree, 81 percent were in the labor force as of the first quarter of this year. Despite the strong economy, this figure is down from 84 percent at the peak of the last expansion, in 2007. In 2000, that figure was 85 percent, and in 1989 it was 87 percent.

* Among women, labor-force participation increased steadily until 2000, but it has followed the pattern for men since then. 

* Wages have also stagnated or declined for the less educated. Pew Research reports that since 2000, the bottom quarter of earners saw just a 4.3 percent real-wage increase — equivalent to an annual raise of just 0.2 percent

* Despite claims from advocates of high immigration that there are some jobs Americans won’t do, a majority of workers in just about every occupation identified by the Census Bureau are U.S.-born. For example, more than half of maids are native-born, as are 64 percent of meatpackers, 65 percent of construction laborers, and 66 percent of groundskeepers. Wages in all of these sectors show stagnation or long-term decline, so if there is a great need for such workers, why not let wages rise? 

* Even the agriculture industry only employs 2 percent of all immigrants and 4 percent of illegal immigrants in the United States.

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  1. This article lays to rest the myth of labour shortages that need to be remedied by immigration. In reality what is happening is that low wage workers from the Third World are displacing native workers who are being thrown on the scrap heap.

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