Legal Immigration: Why Hofer Lost

Massive legal nonwhite immigration—and the immigrants’ ability to vote—is the reason why the FPÖ’s Norbert Hofer lost the Austrian presidential elections, a population analysis has confirmed.

Although a majority of white Austrians voted for Hofer, the tens of thousands of votes from the nonwhite population pushed the communist/Green candidate over the finishing line.


The Brunnenmarkt district of Vienna, just one of the heavily nonwhite invader overrun areas of the city.

According to the Austrian government’s official statistics (Statistik Austria), in 2014 there were approximately 1.715 million people with an “immigration background” resident in Austria. This amounts to 20 percent of the population.

Of that number, approximately 1.254 million were born abroad, and a further 460,000 were born in Austria to “parents of foreign birth.”

Of the 1.715 million people with a “migration background,” Statistik Austria said, some 39 percent (672,000 people) came from another EU or EEA country—and therefore can be presumed to be of European extraction.

A further 29 percent, or 495,000 people, came from Yugoslavia’s successor states outside the EU (that is, other than Slovenia and Croatia), while at least 273,000 people, or 15 percent, had a “Turkish background.”

Finally, 17 percent, or 285,000 people, were from “other continents.” It can be presumed that a large number of this latter group are of non-European extraction.

There is dispute over the accuracy of the estimate of 273,000 Turks in Austria.

For example, a 2010 article in the Jewish Jüdische Allgemeine newspaper (complaining about Muslim anti-Semitism) said that there were already 400,000 Turks present in Austria—and that was six years ago.

In November 2010, the BBC also reported that there were “350,000 people of Turkish origin” living in Austria.

All of this means that the real number of Turks in that country is likely higher than the official figures, mainly because there is no scientific system of racial classification in any European nation.

In addition, there are significant communities of Chinese, Pakistanis, Arabs, and others who also live in Vienna and many of the other major cities, all of whom appear to have come out en masse for the communist/Green candidate.

This “ganging up” of the far left and a resident nonwhite population poses an electoral challenge not only in Austria, but in every Western European state which has been foolish enough to allow and encourage nonwhite immigration over the preceding decades.

With each passing year, the chances to win electorally will therefore grow correspondingly smaller, and it would seem that in Austria’s case in particular, the 2018 general elections might be that nation’s last chance.

* One example of the communist/Green Alexander van der Bellen’s supporters is the Iranian-origin “Austrian” rapper Nazar, who lost no time in posting a Facebook status picture of himself with Van der Bellen titled “Our new president” (Unser neuer Präsident).


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    1. Think what Germany did, almost on its own. Even a half-awake Europe will be a huge positive force.

    2. As much as I wish that were true, I see no happy ending to this anymore.
      The majority of Europeans, including we British, have been subjugated, and our children ‘educated’ to believe that having any love, or any pride in your own race, culture, history, are signs of racism, xenophobia (I hate that f**king word) or bigotry.
      We entrusted our children’s education to the establishment, and they brainwashed everything British out of them…my children were taught more about foreign cultures than that of their own history, a complete contrast to my own education in the ’70s and early ’80s.
      If we had a written constitution like the United States, and something like the 2nd Amendment, we might stand a chance, but Britain has now ensured that gun ownership, and use, is the sole preserve of the gangster, criminal thugs, most of whom are black or of other foreign extraction.
      Scotland, and the ‘Dear Leader’ Sturgeon, backed up by ‘Sturgeon’s Stasi’ have even gone so far as to force the legal licencing of air weapons!
      My own country (Scotland) is being run by dictatorial communists, and the majority of my own countrymen and women are stupid enough to believe that this is ‘nationalism’!
      (Note to Editorial staff, please print the ‘F word’…it’s not a word I use often, but sometimes it’s the only one which is appropriate, and it is in the Oxford English Dictionary!)

      1. I am of the opinion Western Europe and America (my nation) will be entrenched soon in religious, ethnic, political, racial, civil wars in the very near future. Too many whites, even in the USA, are either delusional self-hating leftists SJW types or they’re complacent about what’s going on. Like they hate it, but they won’t do anything about it.

        The fact is, if Europeans/whites–who want to preserve their race and their nations–are going to resort to force and violence if they can’t get what they want politically. The tension is too thick in the air.

      2. Sounds like South Africa. Thought my children could go oversea for a better future, but doesn’t look like that anymore

      3. I love the important little asides that ‘slip-out’ of the BBC’s reporters in unguarded, uncensored moments. Last week, a live BBC item on Wandsworth Prison in respect of the more general principle that Prison Is Failing, disclosed that “Half the inmates are Foreigners”.
        We hear on the late evening news yesterday (reporting live on the election in Austria just), that there is an inexorable rise in support for ‘right-wing’ political parties throughout Europe and the FPA and it counterparts cannot now be stopped. Earlier, the so-called “BBC’s Chief Political Editor” disclosed that the ‘Remain’ campaign are deeply concerned at the professional assessment that the issue of the Referendum may well be more to do with who votes rather than what they vote for. Seems the stalwart OAP is determined to vote ‘Leave’ and that’s a solid 10 million roughly of voters who were (and they now know it) conned in 1975 whereas, it is dubious whether half that number of younger ‘Remains’ will even turn out to vote. So, the assessment is, there is still much to play for, for the ‘Leaves’. Perhaps a curious way to look at the Referendum but with past voting patterns a valid one.
        All good news which I hope the perhaps less astute viewer/listener will register and remember on the 23rd June. On the 24th?, well Cameron has yet to disclose the ultimate fate: the World will stop spinning if the UK votes to ‘Leave’.

        1. Younger voters are only interested in whether a win for “Brexit” would affect their foreign holidays and
          currency rates.

    1. Was it ever really alive, or just an illusion, designed to delude the electorate into believing that they actually had some input?

      1. Agreed Stuart. I always think about it in terms of Democracy being a veneer which is very easily scratched of to reveal the dictatorships existing beneath.

        1. Well put G, and with the EU, the veneer has been wearing very thin for a long time, and those who care to look can see the ugly, unfinished core.

      2. I think the latter, Stuart. People in the West have been thoroughly brainwashed that ‘democracy’ equals a two-party electoral system. But increasingly people are recognizing that system is a sham: you get Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dumber. Every few years you get the chance to “throw the rascals out” – without upsetting the progamme – as Bill Clinton’s mentor, Carroll Quigley wrote in his 1966 doorstopper of a book, “Tragedy and Hope”.

        Well guess what? People are waking up and the elites don’t like it. Stiff cheese. The more they stupidly demonize the patriots such as Viktor Orban the more stupid they look.

      1. Victor, what about saturated ‘Sport’ on the TV? I see that China has just cottoned on. The Chinese have now stated they will work toward creating a successful International team to win the World Cup. Nothing like saturated sport to keep the millions (sorry, Billions in their case) conented – takes their mind off a massively deteriorating economy and Communism. Could this creation of this Chinese concept just be a result of “Cultural” exchanges between the BBC and its Chinese counterpart?

    2. 24 May am. Today programme …..our `totally unbiased` BBC wheels out some Austrian female claiming Bellen won thanks to “democracy”.
      Yet again the BBC manages to ferret out some nonentity just aching to shovel more leftie shite down our throats.

      1. What the BBC fails to understand is that Bellend won nothing. He’s just exposed a very angry Austria, a country divided into two. I don’t expect matters to rest there. I see some serious undoing in the offing.

    1. Immigrats (sic) right to vote [ and fiddle the figures ] is the reason they`re being welcomed into the EU at breakneck speed.

    2. Hello Rosina; A lot of immigrants have already the Austrian Citizenship and a person who has an Austrian Passport is counted as an Austrian, never mind the ethnic background.
      The statistics from the Austrian Traitor… I mean Government can never be trusted.

    1. Reminds me of the voting process in the Scottish referendum. Couldn`t believe my eyes when I watched the You Tube video of the count.
      We even can`t trust voting results if rigging is either ignored or allowed to go on unchecked.
      TPTB are cocking a snook at all of us and getting away with it …. we`re just an inconvenient irrelevance.

      1. Yes, and you bet a few imams floated around to all their army who couldn’t speak and write German “helping them” to fill in the forms. Like happens in the UK.

  1. Funny isn’t it how Moslems, an extreme Right Wing religious fundamentalist group, team up with so called White lefties to defeat ethnic Europeans. The Left isn’t Left it is anti White. Genocide of Europeans is the ultimate goal.

    1. If that’s Austria I doubt I’ll ever bother visiting the cities where Mozart’s work were performed. So sad.

      1. I visit regular, will do again soon, for my lovely girlfriend there, but yes, it is changing, and the streets are now paved with ragheads. I walk through those neighbourhoods, but compared to the UK, it’s only just becoming entrenched there.

  2. Many British pundits predict the political demise of the Labour party, due, no doubt, to Corby and the loss of Scotland to the SNP.

    But they are wrong. Due to demographics, Labour will hold permanent, perpetual, unassailable power in England in a generation or so’s time. The demographic arithmetic cannot be challenged.
    Rest assured, a secure Labour government will import an unlimited number of third world immigrants.

  3. I’d be interested to know the percentage of the immigrant population who used postal votes. They have been the source of electoral fraud in the UK.

    1. They were the brainchild of World Jewry. The ottomans are unwitting dupes in this. The Jews won’t tolerate them once the whites fall.

  4. So called rapper Nazar, who speaks a worse German (“Kanak Sprak”) than an average Austrian schoolkid, titled HC Strache on Amadeus Award as “Hurensohn” (son of a bitch) and all Austrians on the Donauinselfest 2015 as “Scheißfotzen” (f**king c*nts). Those criminal muslim welfare tourists are the best “friends” of disgusting green ethnomasochistic communists.

    In Germany all the same. So called rapper Bushido (better: Bullshito) who’s a member of Lebanese mafia clan, was supported by the Bundestag! Those illiterates dominate today’s “music” charts in MSM radio and movies (“Fack ju Göhte”), they mutilating our culture and language. The greenred lefts preach, physical and verbal brutality (“Kiezdeutsch”) would be an enrichment.

    1. Googled:

      The phrase “Ich mach dich Messer” (lit.: I make you knife) is a ritualised threat used in a variety of contemporary German that is popularly known as ‘Kanak Sprak’ (kanak language), but is also referred to as ‘Kiez-Sprache’ (‘hood language) by its speakers. Kiez-Sprache is a multi-ethnic variety that combines features of a youth language with those of a contact language, and has counterparts in other European countries (e.g. Rinkeby-Svenska in Sweden, straattaal in the Netherlands, or københavnsk multietnolekt in Denmark). So far, the interest in Kiez-Sprache has been mainly from sociological and sociolinguistic perspectives, and less so from grammatical ones. After a brief discussion of Kiez-Sprache in general, I investigate the status of a phrase like “Ich mach dich Messer” within the grammatical system of Kiez-Sprache as well as from the point of view of Standard German. Drawing on a corpus of spontaneous speech samples, I show that this phrase does not stand alone, but rather exemplifies a productive type of construction in Kiez-Sprache that is characterised by bare nouns and semantically bleached verbs. I argue that this construction reflects a linguistic division of labour between syntax and semantics that is supported by a pattern that Standard German provides for light verb constructions. Given these relationships, a phrase like “Ich mach dich Messer” should not be regarded as a random grammatical simplification, and in particular not as an isolated case of determiner
      drop, but rather as a systematic phenomenon that indicates the grammatical productivity of this new variety.

      1. This was just an introduction of an ultra-long justification trial by a leftist “linguist” of the University of Potsdam. This insensitive (we would say “instinctless”) fool comes in his conclusion to the result, that the adulteration and mutilation of our culture and language was a “productive new construction type” (even speakers of Kanak Sprak wouldn’t unterstand a word of what he says).

  5. Jewish-British SUN titled beforehand of the election: “The pistol-packing Far Right extremist set to be Austria’s FUHRER”.

    Moreover it’s safe to assume, that the lefts rigged vote (“Nächster Daten-Skandal: 146,9 % Wahlbeteiligung!” means 146,9 percent voter turnout in some parish).

    There’s a petition named “Ich erkenne Van der Bellen als meinen Präsidenten nicht an” (I don’t accept Van der Bellen as my president).

    1. We sure as hell can`t just keep sitting back while our politicians use Third world voting practices to permanently ensure implementation of anti-democratic policies.

      1. For sure. This obdurate lazyness is a striking symptom of media-brainwashed degeneration. And “de-generation” means: There’s no generation coming after.

        There’s a current survey of the German MSM called “Generation What?” The result is: “Happy without car and children – but not without the internet!”

        Still questions?

    2. @ Harry…..All best wishes with the petition. We can smell the whiff of result rigging from here in the UK.
      But of course we`re used to that particular stench especially when leftie politicians are involved.

      1. Thanks very much, our English tribal kinsman! Harry is short form of Henry/Heinrich. “English” comes from Angeln (peninsula between Kiel and Flenburg). Frisian is the missing link between our two Westgermanic Languages.

  6. Will the same happen with the EU referendum in Britain, all Irish nationals living in Britain can vote plus all the immigrants who have been given citizenship, and they will all vote to stay so the rest of their country can move to Britain.

  7. The future of Austria no longer belongs to Austrians. The same can be said of most European countries. What’s to be done my fellow Europeans? We should be nationalists first to defend our ways of life. There is no reason for any European nation to interfere with another. We can all trade and be proud independent people. The problem we have are those that want us to fight and destroy each other. Those same people run the EU, they run the UN, the IMF, the world’s banking system, and every other world body. They have caused problems between nations for thousands of years. They are parasitic troublemakers who think they are God’s chosen people. They openly state they want to genocide the white race. They want to either kill us, as the Bolsheviks tortured and murdered 50 – 60 million white Russians, and their “Red Army” murdered millions of German citizens in the few years following WW2; or they want to flood us with immigrants to displace our civilization and breed us out. We whites are far too nice, and we have been for too long. Something must be done. I think the problem is that most of our people do not have a clue as to the pure evil intent of our enemies. It is beyond most peoples comprehension. Most would dismiss it as conspiracy theory. But for those of us who have researched our history and analyzed current events we can see the evil truth. Educating our fellow whites is critical if we are to survive. In some countries we are arrested for telling these truths. They can’t arrest all of us if enough of us stand up. A final message to those who think the white can be easily exterminated I leave you with these words:


      Great comment … Makes me feel all patriotic…lol !

    2. Drugs play a big part in it, as well as alcohol.that whole 60’s generation -peace-love-booze-drugs have destroyed their collective brains and damaged their offsprings brain in utero.Tony Blair and his wife were doing booze/drugs and now have wrecked Britain…

      1. the worse culprit was the Australian PM Bob Hawke whose brain was actually pickeled due to his boozing…..the muslims watch themselves and avoid booze and drugs giving them the upper hand when it comes to the invasion and the taking of Europe.

      2. Its our culture nowt wrong with it. Ever heard of Gin Lane in fact it probably saved us when our water was polluted down in London.

  8. The simple reason Mr Hofer lost was that behind closed doors, for my money, there was some pressure from Juncker and crowd so that the postal votes could be manipulated. It is not rocket science, (just like in the UK) that postal votes from a predominately ethnic minority area would not be for Mr Hofer whereas postal votes from a mainly white area would be. How this could happen I’m not too sure, but it is possible that it could be done, because when it comes to being devious, there are no better practitioners of that than Juncker and crowd.

  9. Je ne suis pas étonnée par cette photo, le nouveau Président Autrichien est un mondialiste, c’est ce qu’il faut à Frau Merkel, il y a pas mal de personnes qui se posent des questions à propos des votes par correspondance au 2e tour, c’est louche.

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