How Invaders Help the Invasion: Part I

Three Sikhs—legal immigrants to the U.K.—have been put on trial in Britain for smuggling dozens of fellow nonwhites into that country by letting them use their legally-issued British passports.

A court heard that border officials are unable to spot the difference between the nonwhites using the passports because they all look so similar—and because Sikhs are allowed to wear turbans in their passport photographs, unlike everybody else.


Daljit Kapoor and Davinder Chawla outside the court.

The Sikhs, named as Daljit Kapoor, Harmit Kapoor, and Davinder Chawla, have been charged in what the media has called a “Sikh conspiracy” of providing other nonwhite invaders with their legally issued passports to enter Britain.

The Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court heard that at least 30 Afghans have “successfully claimed asylum” in Britain after entering the country on the Sikhs’ passports, because “border officials had difficulty distinguishing asylum seekers and Sikhs.”

The nonwhites provided their passports to the invaders—apparently living in the Calais Jungle—between May and June 2014. The invaders then crossed the border as if they were U.K. nationals, and because there are so many millions of nonwhites already legally resident in Britain, border officials were unable to prevent them from entering even if they appeared to speak no English or were otherwise suspicious.

Daljit Kapoor is also charged with helping “asylum seekers” to enter the U.K. and Chawla and Harmit Kapoor are charged with encouraging the commission of an “either-way offence.”

Prosecutor Edward Aydin said: “We say these three men are the facilitators in this organization, this organized crime, where they are using genuine British passport holders within the Sikh community.”

He continued: “It’s a Sikh conspiracy and it’s occurring because it’s very difficult for the authorities at the border control to distinguish who’s who on the passports.”

District Judge Nigel Dean ordered the trio to surrender their passports to the Home Office while on bail. The Sikhs must appear in court again on October 13.

The invader Sikh community in Britain has a long history of such practices. In May this year, for example, it was revealed that one Ravinder Singh was making a living in Manchester selling fake passports in a “massive” immigration scam.

Ravinder Singh.

The Manchester Evening News reported at the time that a number of people who “purported to be Sikh ministers of religion” took part in the scam masterminded by Ravinder Singh, trustee of a charity set up especially to facilitate illegal immigration.

For a fee of up to £13,000, Singh would sponsor visa applications for people wanting to come to the U.K. from the Punjab. In order to fool the Home Office into issuing the visas, he would say that the migrants were qualified ministers of religion employed by his organization, Khalsa Missionary Society.

Once they had got their visas and paid Singh, the nonwhites would make further “donations” to the charity. These donations would then be paid back to them—so it looked like they were salaried missionaries.

Immigration officials investigated the scam after a tip-off and raided the London home of one Dalbinder Singh, who had come into the U.K. falsely in 2012 after being sponsored by Ravinder.

They discovered that Dalbinder was running a racket of his own—supply false resident permits, passports, and national insurance numbers to order.

Dalbinder Singh, 30, was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London in 2015 to four-and-a-half years in jail on charges of possessing false identity documents and supplying articles for use in fraud. During the second case at Manchester Crown Court, he was sentenced to serve another 14 months in jail—to run concurrently—after admitting obtaining “leave to remain [in Britain] by deception.”

He was sentenced alongside another beneficiary of Ravinder Singh’s scam, Manjit Kaur, 29, of Telford Way, High Wycombe, who also admitted leave to remain by deception in 2012, but was given a 12-month sentence, suspended for two years, and 80 hours paid work.

Ravinder Singh was jailed for 27 months in the same hearing. He admitted three charges of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration.

Sending him down, Judge Hilary Manley said Ravinder Singh had exploited the “vagueness” in the official definition of a minister of religion, coupled with the “wholesale shifting of responsibility” from the Home Office to sponsors when it came to conducting checks.

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  1. The homeland of Sikhs is Punjab, India.

    If Muslims in Afghanistan are persecuting Sikhs – which I have no doubt is true – surely, shouldn’t the Sikhs return to their familiar sub-continental Indian home, and live amongst their brethren?

  2. Anyone thought of immediate deportation? Perish the thought. It would deter all those other “British” citizens helping Calais illegals into the UK.

    1. The trouble is, thanks to Marxist “Common Purpose” infiltrators in the government passing “diversity” laws, they worm their way into jobs at Border Control, like that Hindu woman arrested years ago after she was finally caught taking bribes for letting in large numbers of illegals.

      1. There was also a group of Nigerian staff at the Home Office working a similar scam for their nationals. There have been several exposés of local housing officials in London’s most
        ‘diverse’ areas giving preferential treatment to their own kind for subsidised council housing.

  3. Well done to you, New Observer, for this important article exposing Sikh involvement in the Third World Invasion of Britain. Sikhs have managed to deceive the British public, like the Gurkhas, into regarding them as a kind of “sacred cow” which is above criticism. Even though they have been every bit as demanding as Muslims, Hindus & the rest in forcibly changing British traditions and laws by first defying them, then whining about “racism”, then winning “religious exemptions” from British laws. When a bus company tried to enforce its regulation uniform caps on Sikh drivers(whose turbans are NOT a religious requirement—only their topknots), they lay down in front of their buses, kicking like spoilt children in a supermarket, and threatening to commit suicide. They got their way, of course, mollycoddled by “Common Purpose” Marxists. And yet the brave indigenous British biker Fred Hill was thrown into prison again & again for refusing to wear a helmet in protest against Sikh exemptions. He died in prison, ignored by the press, forgotten by the public. Sikhs were even praised by Marxist infiltrators in the police force years ago for brandishing their razor-sharp swords outside their temples when Africans were rioting, though indigenous Brits would be arrested for brandishing so much as a carrot in self-defence!

    1. Couldn`t agree more, Bramble. Seems the only ones that don`t have a meaningful voice in Britain any more are `real` Brits.
      I resent foreigners given ` British citizenship` being allowed to have an input in major changes to this country, particularly when those changes are advantageous to them while `true` Brits are ignored.

      1. And what really p’s me off are some immigrants who state they are more British than others, some drink alcohol to show they are not Muslim, yet in reality are a part of the bigger picture of “die-versity”.

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