Sweden: “Invader Attack” Suspects Cheered

More than one hundred people turned out to cheer and show their support for fourteen Polish nationals who appeared in a Swedish court on Friday for allegedly planning a mass attack on a nonwhite invader camp.


According to the Local’s Swedish news service, the crowd made such a noise that detention hearings for the suspects were delayed.

Their appearance in court is linked to an alleged plan to target nonwhite invaders living in “asylum housing” on a campsite in Nynäshamn, a small town in a rural area south of Stockholm.

The men were arrested in their cars on a nearby road on Monday evening. According to a police statement, “batons, knives, iron bars, and axes” were found in their vehicles.

The suspects are understood to live and work in Sweden, while others are believed to have been staying in the country temporarily, the Local continued, adding that the police had claimed they were all members of the “far-right.”


Swedish police vehicles at the arrest scene.

According to the Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper, one of the fourteen was released because he is only 17, but the rest were charged with conspiracy to aggravated assault.

The police have been given until February 25 to complete their investigation, when the court will decide if the case is strong enough to go to trial.

All the suspects deny the allegations, the Helsingborgs Dagblad continued, quoting a court official who confirmed that the case was by no means solid and that the state was still unsure if the men were even all connected.

Furthermore, the official said, the strength of the allegations would “vary” in conjunction with each individual, as the main “evidence” upon which the state was relying were Facebook posts.

These alleged Facebook posts were tracked by the Aftonbladet newspaper, which, as shown earlier, does not shrink from engaging in outright lies about anybody who opposes the nonwhite invasion of Europe.

  • Update: The Swedish police have denied saying that the suspects included Ukrainian citizens. This report has been changed to reflect this fact.

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  1. The men cheered at front of the court today were the family and friends of a young polish girl attacked by the immigrants. Yes, they planned to “teach them a lesson” and that was not right. But the Swedish police ignores all reports of white women being attacked by Muslim guys so the polish lads felt obliged to stop this madness. They got arrested and this is where ppl cheered, to support the men protecting women.

    1. Did they really “plan to teach them a lesson”? What is the source of this information? The swedish police themselves admit it’s strongly unsure whether these men indeed planned to attack the refugee joint. And a swedish website Nyanser suggests the swedish media depictions of the alleged attack as racist and right-wing are false. By the way, the said website uses the term “polsk ‘resistattack'” (“Polish ‘racial attack'”), not “ukrainare ‘resistattack'” (“Ukrainian ‘racial attack'”). I wonder where did the New Observer staff take the news from that the guys in question are predominantly Ukrainian? Aren’t they all Polish?

    2. I think they are right, the police do nothing about these horrible men committing these vile crimes, these men stepped up to protect their own as no one else seem to do so. We should be protected by the law but its not happening so the law is worthless.

        1. It’s time to deport invader/refugee/arab/southerners back to their homelands. All these crimes of rape, assaults, robberies and such and forcing the locals of Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Austria, etc., to stand down is ridiculous! These invaders/refugees do not respect or care about their host countries. If you abuse the privilege, you LOSE the privilege! Period! They should be deported since they show no gratitude towards the locals. I could go on and on, but I think most people are aware of what their background is.
          This whole business of “open borders” stinks of George Soros and his ilk, since he loves “chaos”, as he stated during an interview on Canadian TV.
          This is insane, and needs to stop, or there will be a civil war, if not a WWIII coming. Soros is an evil person.

    1. Yep, that’s what he said, “90 percent of us are adults with military training.” they are not even trying to hide it now, well spotted.

  2. If you’re labeled ‘far-right’ by Leftie Scum accept it as a compliment. It’s intended as a slur, but what it really means to the people whose opinion count, normal people, is that you are a Patriot standing up for his/her country. You are on the ‘right’ side of things and are to be praised for that!

  3. Good Chance to take out the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and lay a charge against the police and court personal of participation in a common plan with the invaders to Commit Crimes against Humanity in particular rape, and promoting sexual violence of comparable gravity, “Attacks directed against any civilian population”… pursuant to or in the furtherance of a State or organizational policy to commit such attack(s). The punishment will be consistent with The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which in Article 1.2 which specifies that all their possessions must be taken with the exception of their means of Subsistence.

    1. First….you need a lawyer.
      Second….you need a damn good lawyer.
      Third……is there such a thing as a `right-wing` lawyer? ie; what we might term “a patriot.” Hoho! I doubt it!
      Lawyers are lefties and of course…..sensible patriots are always classed as rabid raacists !!

  4. When will something be done about these false migrants who are only gimme grants?
    When will the media in all places tell the truth?
    These people are violent and almost subhuman it seems.
    Why cannot the men of Stockholm or Sweden defend their womenfolk? Since when was that a sin?
    It gets more unbelievable each day.

  5. WHERE did the New Observer staff take it from that the guys being accused of the racist attack are first of all Ukrainian and not Polish, in fact not exclusively Polish? Where does the message come from there are any Ukrainians among them?

    Editorial note: The claim that there were Ukrainian and Polish nationals among the “suspects” was made by the police. Should we establish that they lied (again), we will most certainly point this out.–Ed.

    1. Editor, may we know just exactly where and when “the police” – the Swedish police? – claimed the “suspects” were (first of all) Ukrainians and (then) Poles? We have checked out all the pertinent news releases available to us in Sweden but haven’t found any mention of Ukrainian “suspects” in them. Only Polish “suspects” have been mentioned.

  6. Below you can find interview with Jakub W. – one of the Poles detained this week in the Swedish Nynashamn.
    Forgive me the quality of the translation.

    Dziennik Narodowy (https://www.facebook.com/DziennikNarodowy/?fref=photo):
    – Jacob, a few days Polish public opinion is alarmed by reports from Stockholm. What exactly happened there?
    – Any normal man who is forced to leave his country in search of a decent life, working hard, paying taxes, respecting the culture of the country in which it is located, breaks when they spit in his eyes – refugees, accost, molest and rape white women. Swedish media conceal and protect them, give false information to whiten them. At the same time slander people defending themselves against refugees aggresion, who grew up in a different culture is not declaring our European values. They dictate the strength of their “culture”. Added to this, the Europeans in their own countries are harassed, intimidated and harassed by the authorities of the country concerned. It can not be that honest Europeans still thinking about the safety of their loved ones returning from work or school. I broke when I read on the internet calling for help brother of the girl he attacked and molested on the way home Syrian refugees. The girl did not get support from the Swedish State. When he turned for help to the police officers rationalized that does not react because it is Polish. Refugees, by top-down guidelines have greater rights.
    Swedish media call us – Poles – racists, fascists and Nazis. Why? We help all those who ask us for it, no matter what color skin they have. We are a nation that was attacked by other countries and we know the suffering, the pain of people who have this experience.
    – How did this attack on a Polish woman?
    – Swedish police ignored her and tried to silence the whole thing. When she returned home, he accosted her several refugee train. They grabbed her hand and forced to sit on their knees. She managed to get away and the nearest station got off the train. But there it was waiting for the next group of a dozen or so. The attackers began to grope her, yank and pull the bag. After a moment, the Swede responded passing, urging them to leave her alone. The girl began to scream, he was calling the police. She managed to free himself and escape from the attackers!
    – Thanks for the clarification
    None of Poles admit to allegations raised by the police. With the exception of one minor, released to home, the others are staying in detention. The prosecutor has until 25 Feb. for bringing the case to court.

  7. Quote @ Rosina: “When will the media in all places tell the truth?”
    Certainly not as long as they`re owned by the Jews.
    Their huge stakes in the media allows them to manipulate the masses and their claims of `antisemitism` silence any dissent.

  8. I’m very happy to see white men standing up to nonwhites. However, the other–and main target–should be the politicians who are bringing these parasites into our nations. Europeans need to also (mostly) go after the root; the ‘head of the snake’ if you will.

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