London Stabber is Islamist Terrorist

The Somali invader who carried out a knife attack in central London is an Islamist who openly supported one of Britain’s most famous self-admitted Al-Qaeda operatives—and is not “mentally ill” as the establishment and controlled media claims.


The establishment and controlled media are increasingly resorting to the “mentally ill individuals” excuse in order to hide the extent of the Islamist terrorist threat posed by already resident Third World invaders in European nations.

The Somali London stabber, identified as Zak Bulhan, is the latest such example.

When the attack occurred, the media repeated endlessly a single claim by a police spokesman that the attacker had “mental health issues” and that there was no indication of “radicalization.”

However, a simple search online under Bulhan’s name quickly revealed the lie.

In November 2014, Bulhan posted a supporting comment underneath a video of a demonstration by Islamists in London opposing the detention of Birmingham-born Pakistani Moazzam Begg.

Begg is a self-confessed Al-Qaeda operative who was detained at Guantanamo Bay for three years after being arrested in Pakistan.

Begg was involved in recruiting soldiers for the Islamist group, raising funds—and even took part in military training in at least two combat camps, all by his own admission.

After his release in 2005, Begg returned to Britain, where in March 2014, he was arrested and charged under Section 6 and Section 17 of the Terrorism Act, for “providing training and funding terrorism overseas” in connection with ISIS in Syria.

It was while he was in detention for these charges that a demonstration was held outside the Home Office in London—and a video was made advertising the event.


In response to this video, the London Somali stabber posted the following comment:


November 29, 2014, at 9:40 pm

“And when those who disbelieved devised plans against you that they might

confine you or slay you or drive you away; and they devised plans and Allah too had arranged a plan; and Allah is the best of planners.” Verse (8:30)

Given Begg’s political background, there can be no mistaking Bulhan’s intention in posting the supporting comment, quoting the Quran.

In spite of this—and other clear indications—the media will keep up the pretence of “mental illness” for as long as possible.

The tactic of claiming that the Islamist lone-wolf attackers are “mentally ill” has now been used in at least two of the recent attacks in Germany—the ax attacker on a train and the shooter in Munich—and also last year in the case of another Somali Islamist attacker in London.

MireIn December 2015, Somali-born Muhiddin Mire attacked a crowd of London underground train commuters at Leytonstone Underground station in east London.

During that attack, Mire attempted to behead one person, but only got as far as cutting his throat before being overpowered. During the attack, Mire said he would “spill blood” for his [ISIS] “Syrian brothers.”

It was also claimed after that attack that Mire was “mentally ill” even though the sentencing judge, Nicholas Hilliard QC, admitted in his summary that the Somali had been ideologically motivated by events in Syria.

As Austrian presidential candidate Norbert Hofer recently remarked, the “excuse” that these Islamist attackers are “mentally ill” is invalid, because anyone who carries out such an act is, by definition, insane.

However, rather than admit the full extent of the danger posed by Third World immigration—which has imported millions of low-IQ nonwhites into European nations, along with the poison of radical Islam—the establishment and the controlled media will continue to parrot the lie that these incidents are just the product of “mental illness.”

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  1. Well, TNO, this is the very first time since I have been visiting this site that you have reported on a specific issue and your report is prima facie, totally at odds with the opposing commentary. In this case, the UK Metropolitan Police along with the BBC are categorically stating that the Somali (for that is what he is despite holding a Norwegian passport) savage is mentally ill and, importantly, his unprovoked attack on an Americal woman is not, NOT, ‘Terrorism Related’. I have no doubt whatever that TNO is correct but I suspect this particular conflict of, what is fact, is going much further than simply another article being published.

  2. I read elsewhere that all this guy’s social media utterances have been deleted so Good Find, Newobserver!

  3. they think we are all stupid, trying to say it was mental health issues, being a Somalian and a Muslim of course had nothing to do with it .

    1. The truth of the matter is all muslims have mental health issues ,so in a way it was partially correct.Never ever believe anything written in MSM about terrorism.

  4. Few people believe in the UK believe it was a mental health issue. Most are weary of immigrants, black lives matter, gay rights, women’s rights etc. Only a matter of time before we have civil unrest.

  5. What the hell is a Norwegian-Somali??? What is a Somali doing in gaining citizenship to a beautiful land with beautiful white girls???! This is sick. The only mentally ill, are the retards in power, who “hand pick” the very cream of ficki! This wasn’t spur of the moment when the filth was carrying a knife!

  6. No doubt he’s a radicalised Presbyterian. They’re a vicious murdering mob and are all mentally ill!

    Looks as though the Media will remain in denial until a real disaster strikes! Then it’s all the fault of the intelligence services,Brexit or climate change & not necessarily in that order depending on whatever non related crisis they wish to dream up. Sick people!

  7. Ah more media BS not sure who theyre trying to fool. Game over. In Germany with upcoming elections theyre now tearing down CDU posters and burning them in the streets, even a CDU campaign bus has been torched LOL. If thats not sending the corrupt aholes a clear message Germans are fed up then loss of votes will. Be interesting to see when Merkel is thrown out of office if people will really let the invaders know how they really feel about them

  8. The fact that the police have now charged this terrorist with murder and five counts of attempted murder indicates that he is not mentally ill. If they had serious concerns about his mental health he would have spent several days in a hospital undergoing psychiatric tests to determine his suitability to stand trial. The newspapers, the Metropolitan Police and the BBC will say anything to prevent Joe Public knowing the real truth about these terrorists. It would help if these people would take their heads from up their a @ @ es and get real.

    1. It will be very interesting to follow the case through the Magistrates court and on to the Crown. It will be in the Crown Court that a judge/jury decides whether he is, as claimed by agents of the State: the police/BBC, suffering ‘Mental Health Issues’ and the transcript of the case will be open to the public to obtain. I’ll wager we don’t hear too much from the BBC about the case as it moves through the legal process, if indeed, anything.

  9. Remind me again who WE rely on to govern this country of OURS?
    Oh yes it’s those that distort and hide the truth!!! Why is the truth about this plague of vermin being hushed up?

  10. So were these victims the only people he met en route to the scene of the crime? Of course they weren’t. They were singled out, which proves that this wasn’t driven by a mental condition, but by his conditioning in the Muslim “faith”. The MSM seeks to conceal this fact. It is however denigrating those who do have and suffer from mental illness. He should hang.

    1. Dis, perhaps he heard an American accent? As we know, Islam loves America. As a Muslim terrorist aka a ‘coward’, he went for the female as opposed to her husband who would probably have resisted. In any event, apparently it was a ‘back-stabbing’ so she doubtless didn’t see it coming. Meanwhile in the Parallel Universe, ‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t seem to have a point of view on this slaughter…………………….

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