49,775 Fake Refugees Invader Canada in 2017

At least 49,775 nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” invaded Canada in 2017—including 20,593 whose applications for “asylum” are so weak that they knew they would never qualify in the US—who crossed the border from the US, official figures have shown.

According to the latest figures issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the largest number of nonwhites invaded Canada through Quebec, where 18,936 crossed the border from the US.

The second highest number came through Manitoba, where 1,018 crossed the border, while 718 crossed into British Columbia, 14 into Saskatchewan, 6 into Alberta, and 1 into New Bruswick.

The invaders took advantage of a loophole in the “Safe Third Country Agreement” between the US and Canada, which states that if they had come through a legal border checkpoint between the two countries, they would have automatically been sent back then and there.

However, because the cunning nonwhites crossed at irregular points along the border, their utterly bogus “asylum” claims have to be evaluated, according to law.

The far left Canadian government has faced repeated calls to close the loophole, but so far they have—not surprisingly—refused to do anything about it.

This is most likely because the authorities know that even if they reject all the invaders’ applications, while the process is under way, the applicants are free to wander around the country at will, and will quickly “disappear into their communities” where enforcement will not be able to detect them.

Media reports said that a “significant backlog” had developed in processing the applications, but apparently among “the thousands of Haitian nationals who came to Canada last year hoping to claim asylum, less than 10 per cent have been approved to move ahead with those claims.”

It is not clear what has happened to the other 90 percent, but the answer is obvious. Thousands received work permits that allowed them to secure employment while they waited for a decision.

In addition, there can actually be no grounds for a Haitian to claim “asylum” in Canada—no-one is being “persecuted” or is in “fear of their life” in Haiti, and so all “asylum applications” from that country are ipso facto fake.

The Canadian government is also preparing itself for another big rush of fake “asylum” seekers in 2018, when the Trump administration begins lifting the “temporary protection status” (TPS) currently enjoyed by over 300,000 nonwhites on US soil.

As part of their preparations, the Canadian government has formally advised everyone on its official immigration and asylum website that “not having or losing Temporary Protected Status in the US is not grounds for a refugee claim. And Canada does not have any special programs for people with Temporary Protected Status.”

The website has special videos in Creole (for Haitians), and Spanish (for Latinos) advising them not to come to Canada.

The pleas will, of course, fall on deaf ears as long as the nonwhites know that once they have crossed the border illegally, no matter how weak or nonsensical their “asylum” application might be, the soft touch Canadian authorities are going to let them in, pay them welfare, issue them with work permits—and even if their application is rejected, let them stay through non-enforcement of the law.

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