Medicine Proves Biological Reality of Race—Again

Medical advances in the science of DNA have once again proven the biological reality of race, as a new study has shown that racial origins also influence antibodies.

The study, conducted by cooperating scientists at several North American universities, found that antibody genes operate differently from race to race.

After completely sequencing the immensely repetitive DNA in the human genome’s one million nucleotide-long immunoglobulin heavy (IGH)-chain locus, these scientists have also found ethnicity may influence immunity.

“We’ve found that sections of the IGH-chain locus’ DNA sequence are either missing or inserted into a person’s genome, and this could vary depending on ethnicity,” Corey Watson, one of the researchers was quoted as saying.

The scientists uncovered the link between antibody makeup and ethnicity when they screened the chromosomes of 425 people of Asian, African, and European descent for several DNA insertions and deletions.

Their findings indicate that “past environmental exposures to certain pathogens caused DNA insertions or deletions in different ethnic groups, which could impact disease risk.

“Our results demonstrate that antibody studies need to take into account the ethnicity of DNA samples used.”

In other words, racial differences affect the very core of DNA structure, right down to antibody level.

This is not the first time that medical science has conclusively disproven the social Marxist claim that “race does not exist” or is a “social construct.”

As early as 2005, a racially-based medicine called BiDil was given FDA approval. This is a drug which was licensed specifically for use in blacks, after studies showed that members of that racial group suffering from congestive heart failure responded less well to “conventional” treatment than did their white peers.

In 2010, it was finally admitted that bone marrow transplants also need to be race-specific. Compared to other organ transplants, bone marrow donations need to be even more genetically similar to their recipients.

In fact, the only really successful bone marrow transplants take place between donors and recipients of the same ethnic background. As all the body’s immune system’s cells come from bone marrow, a transplant from a different race will in effect introduce a new immune system to a person.

With this genetic similarity, the new white blood cells will attack the host body. In an organ transplant, the body can reject the organ, but with marrow, the new immune system can reject the whole body.

The problem of finding suitable marrow donors for other races is further exacerbated by the fact that the global registry of marrow donors is dominated by altruistic Europeans—specifically in the US, UK, and Germany. Like blood banks, nonwhites appear to have an aversion to the concept of organ donation, for whatever reason.

The problem is made even worse for a person of mixed-racial origin, as the intermingled genes make it nearly impossible to find a suitable match.

According to Athena Mari Asklipiadis, the founder of the California-based “Mixed Marrow” group which tries to find donors of mixed-racial origins, the numbers are quite staggering … People compare it to winning the lottery.”

In other words, because DNA plays such an important part in determining race and individuals, racial-mixing is actually leading to what might be unresolvable medical problems.

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  1. I wonder why there are never any tear-jerking stories about mixed-race people being disabled or dying through lack of matching donors. Surely the Jewish newspaper owners are honest people? They often say how wonderful they are.

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