Macedonia “Shamed Europe”

The Macedonian government’s protection of Europe against the nonwhite invasion has been slammed by the Greek communist Prime Minister as having “shamed Europe.”

Hardline communist Alexis Tsipras made the remark after Macedonian police used plastic bullets, stun grenades, and tear gas on Sunday to beat back a violent nonwhite attack on their border fence.


Reports in the controlled media—which are no doubt exaggerated, given the small size of the Macedonian police force on the border at Idomeni—claimed that “300” invaders had been “injured,” including forty who had been hit by the plastic bullets.

Tsipras—who has been a member of a number of hardline communist movements since the 1980s—said that the “response of the Macedonian police was wildly disproportionate.”

“Faced with people who were clearly not armed and constituted no serious threat, they attacked with chemicals, with tear gas, and rubber bullets,” Tsipras told the media.

“This is a great shame for European culture and for countries who want to be part of it,” he said, calling on the European Union and the United Nation’s refugee agency to become involved.

Tsipras is, of course, along with his far left government, primarily responsible for the invasion, because his failure to act against the invaders on the Greek coast gave them the green light to continue the assault from Turkey.

The Macedonian police said they used tear gas in order to defend themselves after over a thousand nonwhites tried to smash down the border fence and bombarded the police with rocks and iron bars. Some twenty-three officers were injured in the attack.

The Macedonian police also accused their Greek counterparts of doing nothing to stop the invaders from trying to tear down and climb over the fence.

* The “300 injured” figure comes from the far left medical “charity” Medecins Sans Frontieres (“Doctors without Borders,” also colloquially known as “Doctors without Brains”), which said that it had treated that number of invaders—“including 200 for breathing problems caused by the tear gas.”

Tear gas does not cause “breathing problems”—all it does is irritate the nasal passages, and the claim that two hundred were “injured” in this manner is a typical gross exaggeration, repeated mindlessly by the controlled media in their attempt to generate sympathy for the violent, law-breaking nonwhite invaders.


* Tsipras joined the Communist Youth of Greece—the youth wing of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in the late 1980s, and during the following decade—after the Iron Curtain had fallen and Communism’s full evil had been exposed—continued as movement spokesman.

He worked his way up in radical leftist politics and was a founder member of the “Coalition of the Radical Left,” mostly known by the abbreviation Syriza.

Other parties which took place in the founding of Syriza include the Coalition of Left, of Movements, and Ecology (Synaspismós or SYN); the Renewing Communist Ecological Left (AKOA), the Internationalist Workers Left (DEA), the Movement for the United in Action Left (KEDA—a splinter group of the Communist Party of Greece), and the “Communist Platform”—the Greek section of the International Marxist Tendency.

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    1. Good observation. Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides for the Invaders a right to return to their own country. And Article 12 exposes Tsipras as one of those type people who engage in attacks upon the honour and reputation of the Macedonians. “Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.” Maybe the Macedonians should use the Permanent Court of International Justice to get punitive damages from that foul mouthed communist.

  1. The man is a total prat !!! He wanted` “refugees and asylum seekers” ? No problem!
    You can have them all Alexis …. Enjoy !!
    Just don`t expect countries with sane leaders to follow suit.
    People voting for commie politicians inevitably reap the “rewards” of their lunatic policies.

  2. Macedonia “Shamed Europe”
    Maybe Tsipras meant that the macedonian phalanx should have been equipped with spears instead of batons and tear gas.
    I’ve just been visited by friends from Germany and they told me that they simply can’t comprehend the reasons behind their goverment’s decisions, and countries who closed down the borders are doing a great help to them. So no, Macedonia not the shame, but the hero of Europe.

  3. Kudos to Macedonia for keeping the Allah Invaders out! As for the Commie Tsipras, the Greeks need to get rid of him in a hurry. Their country is in so much trouble now that having that bastard in charge only makes everything worse. Dump the Scumbag!

  4. Of course Tsipras is embarrassed . The mighty useless Greek nation has been doing nothing for nine months except making money disappear. Macedonia should be given the six billion instead of Turkey who has been selling many rubber rafts, life jackets and making a killing in the people smuggling business.

  5. If the Greeks love these ‘migrants’ (faker-frauds) so much, then they should keep them – all of them – and not impose them on the rest of Europe.

  6. How very neurotic – blame someone else for the problems the Greek government has brought on itself through utter weakness. Greece has been a blight to Europe whichever way you look at it. I dare say that Greek people think their government has brought shame upon them.

  7. How very neurotic – blame someone else for the problem the Greek government brought on itself through its own utter weakness.

  8. Macedonia has not shamed Europe but they have put Europe to shame by demonstrating how to repel an invasion, as well as recognising said invasion for what it is.

    Shame on Tsipras, shame on Merkel, shame on the whole bloody lot of them (with some honourable exceptions).

  9. We have a lot to be thankful to Macedonia for. Without their effort far more benefit migrants would be pouring into Europe, unlike Greece which has done little to stop the invasion.

  10. Macedonia has done a great job is keeping back these violent hordes. Maybe Cameron and Obama should them some decent arms so that they can do an even better job.

    I used to feel sorry for the Greeks but now I realise they are absolutely useless and they deserve everything they get. Soon they will all be eating grass. Do they really think that these illegals are actually thankful for everything the Greeks have done for them, of course not, all they want is food, money, free accommodation and continuing travel to northern Europe. Well we do not want them here so Greece you can keep there.

    1. There`s not a hope in hell of Cameron or Obama supplying decent arms to Macedonia or any other EU country that dares to show balls.
      Merkel`s mates intend flooding the whole of the EU with Middle Eastern /Asian dross.

  11. The Greeks voted him in TWICE!! Just as well Macedonians aren’t that stupid – go Macedonia (ignore the fool to your south)

  12. Where are all those old fashioned ‘buckshot rifles’ that would do the job just as effectively and even possibly, when enough of he invaders had caught a load decided to go home. These people are not in any shape or form, human beings, they are thugs, violent thugs and probably criminal thugs to boot. The word ‘refugee’ attached to them is an insult. A few herds of wild boars could also help Macedonia?

  13. Macedonia is the only country that is trying to stop this madness. If the Greeks love these invaders so much then they can keep them – we have enough already and do not want any more. And thanks to the stupid EU and their Human Rights Law we have heard that these invaders cannot now be returned to North Africa. God help us.

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