Ötzi Stumps “Out of Africa” Theory

The “out of Africa” theory of the origin of mankind has been thrown into doubt once again with a new investigation into ancient bacteria found in the “Ötzi iceman” body.

Ötzi is the name given to Europe’s oldest known natural human mummy, a man who lived around 5,300 years ago and whose body was found frozen in a glacier in 1991.

The new study, published by the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC)—a famous private research center—showed that the timeline proposed for the “migration out of Africa” was not compatible with the bacteria found in Ötzi’s body.

The “out of Africa” theory claims that all people originated out of a migration from the landmass which became Africa some 65,000 years ago.

The history of bacteria is well-known to coincide with the history of families, transmitted as it is within the family unit.

Scientists had always assumed that there were originally two types of a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori—an African one and an Asian version.

The “out of Africa” theory has relied on the supposition that the European version of Helicobacter pylori was created after the “migration” and was composed of a combination of the African and Asian strains.

Thus it was expected that Ötzi’s Helicobacter pylori type would be the same as that found in modern Europeans—but it is not.

As the official EURAC statement said:

Up till now, it had been assumed that Neolithic humans were already carrying this European strain by the time they stopped their nomadic life and took up agriculture.

Research on Ötzi, however, demonstrates that this was not the case.

“We had assumed that we would find the same strain of Helicobacter in Ötzi as is found in Europeans today,” explains the computational biologist [Thomas Rattei from the University of Vienna].

“It turned out to be a strain that is mainly observed in Central and South Asia today.”

“The recombination of the two types of Helicobacter may have only occurred at some point after Ötzi’s era, and this shows that the history of settlements in Europe is much more complex than previously assumed,” says Maixner [EURAC’s microbiologist Frank Maixner].

What this means is that the population of early Europe does not fit with the timeline proposed by the “out of Africa” theory, and that even now, scientists cannot say with any certainty that any of the proposed theories are completely accurate or not.

Many scientists, for example, argue for what is known as the “multi-regional” origin of mankind, saying that genetic and physical racial differences indicate that the various races of man arose independently of each other in geographically disparate—and isolated environments at several places, and not just “in Africa.”

The “out of Africa” theory has however become popular amongst the politically correct elite not because it is any more “accurate” than any other theory, but because it has served a political purpose in the “all races are the same” egalitarian ideology which underpins present-day liberalism.

* Ötzi’s DNA has already been fully analyzed. His male Y-DNA is now most commonly found in south Corsica, and his female mitochondrial DNA has shown that Ötzi belongs to the K1 subclade, found in about 10 percent of modern Europeans.

In October 2013, scientists from the Institute of Legal Medicine at Innsbruck Medical University found through a unique genetic mutation that nineteen present-day Europeans from the Tyrol were related to Ötzi.

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  1. "harsher climates, replacing hominids that have already spent millennia adapting to those environments?"

    Has nothing to do with "harsh environments." It's all DNA. If that was the casem then Eskimos should be technological rulers of the world, yet they remain stone-age subs.

  2. Europeans are the Indigenous Americans: So Happy Thanksgiving to us.

    The Windover Archaeological Site is an Early Archaic (6000 to 5000 BC) archaeological site found in Brevard County near Titusville, Florida, USA, on the central east coast of the state. Windover is a muck pond where skeletal remains of 168 individuals were found buried in the peat at the bottom of the pond. well-preserved brain tissue was recovered from many skulls from the site. DNA from the brain tissue has been sequenced.

    Windover Pond represent the largest finds from the Archaic Period.

    The DNA evidence has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first peoples to inhabit the Americas were the Europeans.

    Asians arrived much later in huge numbers and committed genocide against the Europeans who were already here.

    Google: The First Americans DNA Of The Windover Bog People
    Or Click link here.

  3. LOL! As if the "ELITE" is only "RIGHT"! Migration has been high in BOTH left AND right elite regimes! The right wants the cheap labor and the left want the non-White or poor voters! HA!

  4. I fail to see how this debunks the theory entirely. All recent evidence has shown is that the timeline proposed of early human migration out of Africa may be much earlier than expected. Up to 120 to 135 thousand years ago by slow migration along the coasts and use of early coastline boats rather than just 65 thousand years ago. It does nothing to debunk the extensive amount of genetic evidence supporting the Out of Africa theory that currently remains uncontested.

    This is normal in the world of science for new evidence to be found and existing theories modified.

  5. I agree.

    Neanderthals were known to be advanced in many ways.

    They even had advanced tech 400,000 years ago.

    They were only wiped out due to the sheer number of African invaders (sound familiar?)

    Also, they are always saying "Modern Europeans only have 4% Neanderthal DNA. That is so insignificant!"

    But as someone here pointed out, we share that much DNA variance with chimps!

    It is a VERY significant amount!

  6. Since when has migration become "a LEFTIST" agenda? Are you all stupid, migration has always been at historical highs under "RIGHT" wing governments because they are sponsored by the "ELITE" who like their labour cheap and don't mind undermining the quality of life of the poorest people to maximise their profits.

  7. First H.'Sapiens' originated at some place (possibly Asia) -they were not black- then in their expansion they mixed with:

    -in Europe/Asia with Neanderthals, in Asia with Denisovans, this produced the Oriental and White races,
    -in Africa they mixed with not yet identified hominids (possibly more than one species, this account for the higher variability of African genomes), let's call them the 'UberNegroes' , this produced the African Black races.

    There's genetic evidence for all these. Possibly why some blacks have white palm of the hands, a remnant of their clearer skin ancestors, before breeding with the 'UberNegroes' African species.
    So the now extinct Neanderthals, Denisovans and 'UberNegroes' (plus possibly more archaic species) were the main differentiators leading to the present different races.

  8. European man is roughly 3% Neanderthal which makes our DNA distinctly different than Negroes anyway. 3% is not a negligible amount either when it is considered human DNA is roughly only differentiated from chimps by 5%.

  9. The Out of Africa theory never made much sense. What sort of selection could be happening in Africa that constantly breeds new improved hominids that fan out and colonize much harsher climates, replacing hominids that have already spent millennia adapting to those environments? I guess Pleistocene Eurasia had leaders like Angela Merkel, who simply invited the Africans to come and take over.

  10. This reminds me of something to point out about the mysterious Caucasian ginger and blond haired mummies of pre-historic China/ Central Asia.

  11. I wouldn't kiss Otzi too soon!! My understanding of DNA testing carried out by National Geographic is that humans migrated out of Africa eastwards in to central Asia blocked by heavy ice sheets in Europe, and perhaps held up by encountering Neanderthals, before moving back westwards in to Europe. Either way, when you think about it, humans in Europe are either 'out of Africa', or 'out of the Middle East', or 'out of Asia' – quite ironic given the deluge of invaders in to Europe are coming from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia (Bangladesh). The original inhabitants, Neanderthals (one of multiple hominid species world wide), were overwhelmed by invaders (Otzi's ancestors) millennia ago, and now it's happening again!

  12. There has been some interesting work done in recent years that propose other theories.

    Personally, I do not let people get away with the "we are all the same, we all come from Africa" statements anyway.

    This is because, even if we did, which is disputable, Europeans arrived at their current state of being after many thousands of years of separate development. That has given Europeans traits, appearances, uniqueness that has transcended and strived from their supposed original state "from Africa".

    Therefore, to expect all that to be blended away is a travesty to humanity itself – let alone a sure signal that we would be "going backwards" in our biological 'evolution' and progress by becoming Africans again or being saturated with Africans around us.

    I think the last thing I saw on the multi-regional thing was a few years ago, with some discovery in China. It can all get a bit much for me, I am not a scientist – but the findings showed that the "out of Africa" theory did not stack up.

    It is good to know that this website would be here, for those time when we do need material to propose why the Africa theory is just that, one theory amongst others. A 'convenient' theory at that.

  13. Dear Otzi…. I could kiss you!
    Another `theory` bites the dust and along with it goes the dogma the lefties use to rub our noses in it.
    Up yours !!! We`re NOT all out of Africa.

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