Mediterranean Invasion Higher than 2015

There have been more nonwhite invaders landing in Greece and Italy this year via the “Mediterranean sea route” than the same period last year.

Official figures show that 253,540 invaders landed in the first six months of this year, compared to 126,514 for the same period last year.


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said in its latest report that from January 1 to July 17, 2106, some 79,861 nonwhite invaders had landed in Italy.

During the same time, at least 159,177 invaders landed in Greece, compared to the 126,514 who landed there in the first six months of 2015.

The total number who have landed in Europe via the Mediterranean Sea route until July 18, this year, is 253,540, the IOM report said.

The IOM also revealed that in the week from July 6 to July 12, some 4,083 invaders arrived in Italy.

The IOM reported their nationalities as Nigerians, Eritreans, Sudanese, Guineans, and citizens from the Ivory Coast—none of whom even in the remotest possibility qualify as “refugees.”

The invaders arriving in Greece are listed as being from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Algeria.

Just last week, some 3,200 nonwhites were picked up on Tuesday off the coast of Libya by European naval units, as the traffickers took advantage of the better weather.

The media claims that the invaders are “fleeing war and poverty in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia,” but in reality they are actually bringing both war and poverty to Europe.

More than 320,000 nonwhites crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Italy last year. More than 125,000 are now living in Italian “shelters,” scrounging off the taxpayers in that country.

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  1. This will continue until the point when the EU decides to do the same thing as Australia, i.e. tow the boats back to where they came from and resettle migrants in camps in 3rd World countries. Israel also resettle migrants in third world countries.

    Unfortunately, they actually want more migrants so that they can also make Eastern Europe “multi cultural”. It´s a part of the ruling ideology. Sometimes our politicians, just like Peter Sutherland did in 2012, admit that openly:

    EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief

    The reason why they want more migrants is that they do not want an electorate that can vote for typical European nationalist parties. If people vote like they do in Hungary they consider that as a serious problem that must be prevented. By replacing the existing type of electorate with another electorate they solve this problem. Unfortunately people in Europe are not informed about this basic underlying motive for the EU immigration policy.

    1. Eastern Europe countries will not accept them, at least the most of the countries. They have guts to say “No”, I think most of Visegrad’s group have rejected the “quotas”.
      Besides that, “the refugees” have little or no incentive to go to eastern Europe, as there are virtually no social benefits. Maybe only a few genuine refugees will end up here, and these are people who actually want to work, and are happy to have any job offered, so they might end up here if politicians accept them. I am from east Europe, from a pathetic country that wants to accept invaders, but they are basically not interested to come over here, so I know. Unfortunately, these migrants, who actually are ready to work, are in massive minority.

      So, most of them will end up in Germany, Sweden or other western EU countries, leaching on social benefits for the best case scenario, or blowing up the places for the worst case scenario, making current havoc in west EU from bad to worse.

      In order to prevent that, Austria should have its borders completely shut, and force Italy to collapse if necessary as it is “taking care” of invaders. The same goes for Greece. The stupid policy of these countries have to be punished. Otherwise western EU citizens will pay “the prize”.

      1. Additional comment:

        I would also like to add that most migrants probably have a good reason to leave their countries or the refugee camps they were living in. The UNHCR cut food rations in refugee camps on the border to Syria to 0 in 2015 when they ran out of money. People in the camps then became desperate and used their last money for a ticket to Europe. And that was probably the intention behind not giving UNHCR enough money to feed people in the camps.

        Living in countries like Afghanistan and in most sub-Saharian African countries is not very nice either. I wouldn´t like to live there. And I guess that people that are allowed to stay here usually get a better life. However, I think that it is just as legitimate for Europe as for Israel or Japan not to allow immigration of Arabs and Africans. If Israel can be allowed to kick out a significant portion of the Arabs and confiscate their real estate I think that it should be legitimate for us not to allow Arabs to immigrate to Europe. We would still be more humane towards Arabs even if we would not allow them to immigrate.

    2. Absolutely. Most of the migrants come from countries with dictatorships. So they are not likely to kick off at the loss of democracy in Europe. Witness the thousands of Turks in Austria who came out on the streets to demonstrate in support of the new dictator in Istanbul.

  2. Fully agree with you but times will change. Hope to god they do you can fool some of the people some of the time But Not All of The People ALL OF THE TIME !!!!!!!!!

    1. Couldn`t agree more Sharlene and I find it terrifying.
      A young acquaintance off to holiday in Turkey again taking her two young daughters says she knows nothing about recent events and admits she has “no interest in the news” `as she`s `too busy`.
      Living their lives via Facebook.the younger generation know virtually nothing about their ready-mapped future and care even less.
      Merkel and her mates must be overjoyed at the prospect of controlling such a compliant, disinterested set of future voters.

  3. Just tow them back to where they came from. Establish patrols for that. Head them off before the parasites invade Europe and just take them back where they came from. Do enough of that and perhaps they will clean up their own countries and stay home. If not their problems are of their own making and they deserve them. These people are from failed inferior cultures and are hemorrhaging into the first world as parasites upon it. Turn them back into their own mess and keep them there.

    1. Don’t bother towing them back. torpedoe their boats and let them drown – that’ll teach their fellow country men, not to dare make the voyage with the goal of entering European territory. Of course, for that, we need sane governance, and Italy is deeply corrupt (accepting bribes from EU to traffic Africans in).

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