Dutch Abandon Red Cross over Invasion

Thousands of Hollanders who normally carry out volunteer work for the Dutch Red Cross have refused to come out and help that organization in a spontaneous protest against the nonwhite invasion of Europe, it has emerged.


According to an article put out by the Dutch public broadcaster Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, NOS), the Red Cross is “sick to its stomach” over the refusal of its volunteers to “aid the refugees.”

An internal memo leaked to the NOS also revealed that the Dutch Red Cross intends to expel from that organization all those who refuse to come out and help the nonwhite invaders in Holland.

The leaked document says that the Red Cross is “getting indications that there are districts who want nothing to do with the refugees” and that when “other regions have asked for volunteers, these districts have not responded.”

From a survey which the Red Cross conducted, it found that 20 percent refused in principle to even consider helping refugees, and even larger numbers did not respond to calls to come out and help.

The reasons given for this refusal to help were as follows, the memo continues:

– I don’t support this [refugee situation].

– There is no place for them here [in Holland].

– There are homeless people in the Netherlands who need the help more.

– I would rather support the people in my area who are experiencing difficulty.

– I would rather close the borders.

– I am of the opinion that the problem should be addressed at its source (for example, in Syria) and not in Europe where they are all coming.

– Most of them are economic refugees (fortune seekers) and not political or war refugees.

In addition, the memo says, the Red Cross head office has had a “remarkably low percentage of volunteer social workers” responding to requests for help—“far fewer than normal.”

The memo then goes on to list the reasons which are being proffered by those refusing to help:

– They are used to being called upon two or three times a year, and not two or three times a week. Their employers are objecting to this as well.

– They are unsure about the unknown situation as they are dealing with a whole new situation and target group.

– They have “incorrect” ideas about the refugees which are caused by the “lack of correct information.”

These “incorrect ideas” include claims that the invaders are carrying infectious diseases, NOS added—a claim which has already been proven accurate in Germany.

The Red Cross memo then draws up a list of actions it is going to take about the situation. This includes taking an “inventory of all divisional activities” in preparation for a national meeting of all twenty-five regions on December 15.

At the meeting, all regional chairmen “will be asked to provide an inventory of what each region is doing by way of support for the refugees. In this way it will become clear which regions are doing nothing,” the memo says.

Furthermore, the memo says, during this meeting, they are going to discuss what they have to do to spur the regions and volunteers into action—and also to decided what they are “going to do with those who refuse to help out of principle.”

The first thing they are going to do, the memo says, is launch a code of conduct when dealing with refugees.

“Because some volunteers have in principle objections to helping the refugees, we are going to launch an internal campaign to draw attention to questions about our behavior in this situation. This campaign will be framed as follows: As a Red Cross worker, you help everyone. Are you helping everyone? Including refugees?”

dutch-traitorsFinally the document says that this code of conduct must be enforced at the district level, and backed up with supporting information, but that those who refuse to help on principle “cannot remain as Red Cross volunteers, despite their good work until now.”

The document is dated November 4, 2015, and signed by Carin Gelpke, Communication Officer, and Nicoline Mascini, Head of Volunteer Management, both at the Dutch Red Cross.

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  1. All of Europe is going to wake up one day, and it is too late. Muslims always come to conquer and not to assimilate. What is the appeal of a retrograde misogynistic religion, if you can call it that?!!! Nothing in it for women who are ‘like household animals’ according to the Koran.

  2. Well that’s some more good news. Glad even those who give up their time and energy for others are beginning to see the truth of the situation.

    1. With all the censorship inflicted by Germany, Sweden and Austria it is difficult for citizens to learn the truth , about the crimes, about the rapes. And if they do find out thanks to uncensored news from ‘newobserveronline’ they will be very pissed off at the lies and propaganda their undemocratic governments have inflicted on them. Yes the truth hurts. Get rid of the socialist lies.

  3. I gave up giving to charities years ago the more you give them the more they want, besides very little of the money goes where it,s supposed to most goes to the fat cats running them.

  4. Unbelieveable! They are “volunteers”
    “those who refuse to help on principle “cannot remain as Red Cross volunteers, despite their good work until now.”

    Politicalcorrectness or commonsense?
    Join UKIP

  5. The red cross is nothing but a white hating far left traitorous organisation anyway so why would anyone want to support it in any way.

  6. they are migrants not refugees, they are already safe in turkey. they think islam so great then they should go islam countries. red cross big sponsor is saudi.

  7. So they get rid of the volunteers who help local people, who is then going to do the helping. Red cross is happy for local people to go without help, because they demand that volunteers help refugees, this leaving local people without help. Yes red cross will be leaving people, local people without help, just shows how much they really care and who they care about, refugees only.
    Why don’t they do a call for help and get new volunteers who want to help the refugees, this leaving help for local people. This is racist in the first degree by red cross, no one else matters only refugees. People make note, if you are local and need help don’t go to the red cross.

    1. The officials in the Red Cross are the one saying these things because they get big paychecks and could care less about the volunteers.

  8. The Red Cross in Britain stopped their shops selling Christmas Cards illustrating the Nativity because they did not want to upset muslims. I would not give a penny to Red Cross. Just wish there was a way we could throw it out of Britain.

    1. I wasn’t aware that the red cross, they can’t be short of donations then. Won’t be getting any money from after finding all this out.

    2. Red Cross was changing to red Diamond, to incorporate red crescent in Australia a few years ago, but too many givers lost interest it seems because now still called Red Cross.
      With this lot in Europe red crescent would operate from the established mosques funded by our rich oily friends the Saudis….surely enough petrodollars there

  9. dutch people keep up your pressure on the stinking invaders britain is with you lot of brits fed up too of this trash quicker out of eu the betteryou have a great mp on your side geert wilders he will keep pressure on stinking goverment and we have nigel farage on ours so hope in the future something turns in favour of real peoples kick this back into the sea they need a good wash

  10. This from the overpaid top dogs,to volunteers,receiving no pay,what a cheek,good idea for the overpaid pen pushers to roll-up their sleeves and get stuck in helping to cleanup behind the ungrateful,dirty,mostly economic traveling Muslims,and red cross haters,nothing new for them to hate anything western,Saudi and the Jewish organizations that back this invasion,and are determined to destroy Europe,or remove the indigenous.Carin and Nicoline,they will still back your inflated wages,and top up your bonus at the end of the year.

  11. Maybe the Dutch People, unlike these Red Cross careerists, don’t want to be complicit in the foreign invasion and destruction of their own nation. Glad the People at least have the discernment to know the difference between a good cause and a very bad one.

  12. I no longer give a dime to the Red Cross. I had always given for many years, ,until I found out my money would go to illegals and others who are not citizens. I will now and have been choosing myself where my money goes. I find a family I think is deserving. I want my people helped not other countries. I would never donate a dime to the damn invaders, not the hispanics or the mussies.

  13. The red cross [crusader cross as far as islam is concerned] as some cheek ,threatening to expel volunteers who work for nothing from their organisation.Tell the red cross to p…ss off…..terry

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