Pakistan: Afghans Have 1 Month to Leave

In a move which demonstrates once again the lie of Afghans needing “asylum” anywhere, the government of Pakistan has given all Afghan “refugees” in that country one month to pack their bags and go home—and the “refugees” have agreed to do so, asking only for slightly longer to make all the necessary arrangements.

The removal of the so-called “refugees” is occurring with the full co-operation and finding of the United Nations High commission on refugees (UNHCR).

According to a report in the Pakistan Dawn newspaper, the Afghan “refugees,” who have a formal organization representing their interests, have asked Pakistan not to expel them until the expiry of an old agreement, which allows them to stay in the country by the end of 2018.

Afghan Refugees Executive Council chief Abdul Ghaffar Shinwari told a news conference that they have “copies of an agreement, which was signed by all the relevant stakeholders, allowing refugees to stay until the end of the current year.”

Shinwari, who was flanked by heads of various “refugee” camps across the country, said the refugees had begun returning to Afghanistan following a decision of Pakistan but their stay was again extended.

He said the people would not return unless Pakistan promised protection of their properties, recovery of assets and loans from the people.

Shinwari complained that the police had begun teasing Afghans and forced them to shut workplaces in parts of the province, adding that “Afghan refugees were willing to return but in a dignified manner.”

The council chief urged Pakistani and Afghan governments and UNHCR to fully abide by the agreement on voluntarily return of Afghan refugees from the country.

According to the report, Shinwari also said that the reason why the Pakistani government had stepped up its moves to expel the Afghans was because of the growing tensions between Pakistan and the US government.

Although Shinwari did not say it, this could meant that the cutting off of US aid to Pakistan by President Donald Trump means that there is no longer any “foreign aid”  (i.e. US taxpayer money) to subsidize the Afghans, and that this was the reason why they had now all been given early notice to leave.

More importantly, however, is the broader implication of the expulsion order, namely that all parties involved:  the Pakistani government, the UNHCR, and the Afghans themselves, have all agreed to go home.

This means that, contrary to white western liberal whining, Afghanistan is perfectly safe for “refugees” to return, and there is no need at all for the hundreds of thousands of Afghans to be falsely claiming “asylum” in Europe.

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