Molenbeek: Daily Mail’s Anti-White Lies

The UK’s Daily Mail’s ongoing anti-white lie frenzy was illustrated once again with their headline claim that “right wing fanatics,” deliberately ran down a Muslim woman in Molenbeek this weekend—when in fact the culprits were nonwhite Muslims who were attacking the police.

The incident took place during a large police turnout in the Brussels suburb to prevent an already cancelled protest meeting against Islamists in Europe.


According to the Daily Mail’s hysterical coverage of the event, titled “Horrific moment Muslim woman is mown down by grinning far-right activist who then stops to take a PICTURE during anti-Islam rally in the troubled Brussels district of Molenbeek,” the woman was “thrown off the car’s bonnet and skidded along the road, while the driver continued moving forward and appeared to run over her legs.”

“The passenger even appears to lean out of the window to take a photo after breaking through the police barricade,” the Daily Mail informed its readers.

Daily Mail-Lie-Molenbeek

Not untypically for that newspaper—which, despite its sometimes populist take on events, always runs the most anti-white angles on its “news”—its coverage deliberately attempted to create the impression that the incident was committed by “white racists” who were there to cause trouble.

In addition, the Daily Mail report claimed that there was an “anti-Islam rally” and that “Tensions escalated in Brussels as police clashed with far-right protesters.”

The reality of the situation is, needless to say, completely different to the Daily Mail’s lies.

Firstly, there was no “anti-Islam rally,” and there were no “clashes with far-right protestors,” and, finally, the car in question, a white Audi, was driven by two nonwhites—as anyone seeing a video of the incident was immediately aware.

The car had deliberately driven through a police line after throwing an incendiary device and a smoke bomb at the police. They then raced off around the corner, where their vehicle struck the woman.

The vehicle was however quickly stopped by the massive police presence in the city, and the two passengers arrested.

They were named as Redouane and Mohamed B., and have been held in custody for malicious obstruction of traffic, armed rebellion, and felony flight, according to the Brussels public prosecutor.

They were also under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the incident.

The lies of the Daily Mail notwithstanding, the events on Saturday afternoon also demonstrated the inherent anti-white nature of the political elite in Belgium.

After the Identitarian movement had earlier announced that they would be holding an “Islamists out” rally in Molenbeek, the far left mayor of the town took the unprecedented step of banning the event.


Police vehicles fill the streets to crack down on any whites who might dare defy the ban.

The authorities then deployed hundreds of police in the suburb—something they seem to be only capable of when whites want to protest—and immediately arrested a small group of seven whites they suspected of being “right wingers.”

Meanwhile, a far larger group of four hundred reds and nonwhites had gathered in the square, hoping for a fight—but they were of course left alone by the police.

According to the Belgian Het Laaste Nieuws newspaper, a group of about one hundred nonwhites stormed the police lines, and the police were then forced to use the water cannon they had brought to use against the “right wingers” on the “immigrants” instead.”

It was at this time that the white Audi raced through the police lines, nearly knocking down some of the police and thereafter hitting the Muslim woman.

One of the nonwhites taunts the police

One of the nonwhites taunts the police. The Daily Mail claimed that the red/nonwhite clash with the police was part of a “far right anti-Islam rally.” This is an outright lie.

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  1. I read this in the Mail, and on closer scrutiny the whole story didnt seem right, no pics of the Identitarians supposidly protesting etc etc…..? Quite clearly you can see it is non whites in the car…I would urge everyone to join me and email this TRUE story to the Mail and ask that it is printed….

    1. I was thinking that we must show some understanding for the Daily Mail and their acceptable journalists possibly from Jamaica with an IQ of 53 who possibly mistake Moslems as whites and are obsessed with derriere’s, pert buttocks, and exposed flesh of ladies and so on, and their right to avail themselves of Article 26 of the Charter of Fundamental Freedoms of the European Union, “The Union recognises and respects the right of persons with disabilities to benefit from measures designed to ensure their independence, social and occupational integration and participation in the life of the community.”

  2. It is well known the Daily Mail lie in news stories: they recently invented an interview with a trial judge in the USA that never took place, in order to embarass her.

  3. How very interesting, I am warming more and more to the New Observer. Very fed up with biased-against-white-Christian-indigenous newspapers and other media. This just goes to show what vipers are running throughout the country and how difficult it is going to be to eradicate evil and get the country back on an even keel.

  4. The worst thing about the Daily Mail is that it *pretends* to defend white interests, but really it doesn’t.
    In this way it is worse than outright open enemies like The Guardian or The Economist.

    The Daily Mail backed UK accession to the EU back in 1973.
    The Daily Mail backed the Tories against Ukip in 2015.

    1. Voting UKIP is precisely what the establishment want us to do. Created, funded and promoted by the mass media specifically to neutralise the votes of those who resent our racial destruction.

      I’ve said this so many times over the last two years that people are sick of hearing it. I’ll keep saying it non stop until the message is impregnated in the minds of the most ardent promoters of the UKIP charade. UKIP IS A FRAUD!!!!

    2. ukip is false opposition, the objective of this party is to stifle a real nationalist movement. this maneuver is not new and was used by Thatcher against the National Front in the 80s!

  5. The UK Daily Mail’s stance on migrants is completely shambolic. One minute they are the enemy, the next minute they are victims of the evil extreme whites. The story was originally headlined “neo-Nazis”, but later changed. It was clear, as I pointed out in an unpublished comment, that the pictured occupant of the vehicle was clearly ethnic. As usual in the UK, once it becomes known who the perps were the media falls silent. So the lie endures.

  6. most daily mail readers know full well how it works. It is leftist but cynically pitches itself to the centre right. I’ve seen a number of times when uparrowed comments in the thousands see the “sofa looted” by a suddenly appearing comment taking a leftist position right at the top with many thousands of green arrows, totally at odds with all other top comments.

    any reader who comments there knows the filter is heavily censored towards PC, so the comments are not a fair reflection of what readers think, though enough go through that they are worth reading often ans usually I just scroll straight down read the article as the comments, even as they are, are more informative.

    A senior member of the Jewish Board of Deputies, Alex Brummer, is city editor of the DM and has been since 2000. Before that, he was finance editor of the Guardian. Image search his pictures…several physiognomical tells.

    Dailymail should not be taken seriously at all, as proven by this article regarding Molenbeek.

    If you really still desire to take them at face value like a good sheep, then read this, as a pretty funny example of the BS narratives they weave.

    Search this header, “Three cheetahs spare tiny antelope’s life… and play with him instead” and also “daily mail” in your search. It shows a series of pictures of a clearly terrified baby impala with a group of cheetahs and makes out the cheetahs were kindly, everyone had fun and they all went their separare ways. However, go to the photographer’s site, Denis Huot and the final shot in the sequence shows the cheetahs feasting on the hapless impala, captioned, “Kenya, réserve nationale du Masai-Mara, les trois frères guépard mangent le jeune impala, Acinonyx jubatus”.

    It should be obvious that there is a hypochondriacal element with the DM, with articles often scaremongering about certain foods or extolling their virtues on the flimsiest of grounds, sometimes just weeks later.

    Honestly, I think half to most of what they write is without a straight face.

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