New Zealand to Increase its Fake Refugee Influx, Government Announces

The Government of New Zealand has announced that it will double its intake of fake refugees from “wars and disasters” at a cost of NZ$100,000 per invader, plus at least another NZ$38 million in housing and “support infrastructure.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway made the announcement last week following a Cabinet Committee decision.

They said that the annual “refugee quota” will be raised to 1500 per year, and more “settlement centers” around the country will be established.

The planned invasion will not start until 2020 to make sure that all the infrastructure is in place, the leaders added.

The current six-week reception program at the Mengere Refugee Resettlement Centre in Auckland will also be shortened from six weeks to five under the changes to take effect from July, 2020.

“I’m proud that the coalition Government has today agreed to make such a significant and historic increase to the annual quota of refugees,” Ardern said.

“This is the right thing to do. It fulfils New Zealand’s obligation to do our bit and provide a small number of people, displaced by war and disaster each year, a place to call home.”

An extra six settlement locations would be needed nationwide on top of the eight already in operation around the country, Lees-Galloway said. No decisions had yet been made on where the settlement locations would be.

The Government will also fund the expansion of public housing for around 150 extra “refugee” families at an estimated cost of $32.5 million over three years.

Budget 2018 provided $6.2 million of new operating funding over the next four years, plus $7.7 million of new capital, for refurbishment and expansion of the Mengere Refugee Resettlement Centre in Auckland.

Peters said he had no reservations about the decision. “I’m very delighted to be part of this decision. This is about people, not about politics and controversy.”

“This was always on the cards, that it would be done when we had all the work done on the refugee centers, also the housing preparation and a host of other things,” Peters said.

According to the 2013 Census, New Zealand’s population currently stands at just over 4.7 million. Of that number, Europeans made up 71.2 percent, Maoris 14.1 percent, Asians 11.3 percent, Pacific peoples 7.6 percent, Middle Eastern, Latin American, African 1.1 percent, other 1.6 percent, not stated or unidentified 5.4 percent. The 2013 census percentages add up to more than 100 percent because respondents were able to identify more than one ethnic group.

There is of course no reason for New Zealand to take in any so-called refugees at all, quite apart from its geographic location, and the fact that it does so at all is merely an indication of the government’s desire to further reduce the numbers of the white population, which has dropped from over 85 percent just 20 years ago already.

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  1. appointmented pm just wants a seat at the UN, they’ve already done a lot of damage to the econmony
    and there is huge housing problems

  2. Left wing wankers.

    – of the same type that Europe is – or was – infested with.

    Just like in Sweden or the Netherlands, there will be a backlash, but 50 years too late.

  3. She is one more example of why one should be extra careful in evaluating the abilities and motivations of women who fancy themselves as politicians. If you aren’t careful you just end up with more of her.

  4. Both Jacinda Adhern,leader of the NZ Labour Party and Winston Peters leader of the NZ First Party promised prior to the last election “to substantially reduce immigration from the third world”…..NOTHING OF THE SORT HAS HAPPENED.
    The NZ immigration department is THE most corrupt govt dept in NZ….Lees-Galloway recently allowed a convicted drug dealer from the Czech Republic “leave to stay” until a controversy forced him to change his mind….he is almost certainly corrupt.

  5. Australia did NOT sign the UN MIGRATION PACT legislation…..
    However NZ DID SIGN IT and the news covering this lasted about a nanosecond before it rapidly disappeared.

    Winston Peters who is in charge of this was never asked any questions about this… “is this wise in view of the thousands of homeless NZers”…’
    OR….why are you spending millions of dollars to house foreign people while you WONT do the same with NZers!.
    Peters REFUSES to respond to direct questions from the public (via email) about this..
    Peters is an absolutely appalling individual and has amassed millions of dollars from his time in parliament….
    He specialises in conning retirement age European voters with promises of controlling immigration…Promises he has absolutely no intention of keeping.
    His very short stature is the subject of mirth in NZ.
    HE is said to be lazy about his job as an MP…..he has now lost all credibility and his party is highly likely to be thrown out of parliament at the next election,since voters have finally realised he is a massive fraud.
    Jacinda Adhern and her husband are BOTH crypto Jews….Interestingly Adhern once worked in Tony Blair’s “office”… she is obviously connected to the “right people”……

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