Second Group of Fake “Refugees” Leaves Manus Island for US

A second group of 58 nonwhite invaders pretending to be “refugees” have departed Australia’s offshore detention centres for the US, joining the first group of 54 who have been rewarded for their illegal border crossing attempt with “asylum” in America.

Local Australian news service 9News has reported that the second group flew from Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea to New York yesterday.

“I am very happy to be free of the hell that the Australian government made for us on Manus. But we are sad for those who are still waiting so long,” one of the nonwhite scroungers said in an emailed statement to that news service.

The group flew to Manila before splitting into two groups, with one transiting through Los Angeles before rejoining the others in New York.

Photos circulated by the Refugee Action Coalition show refugees leaving a Port Moresby hotel, with others waiting in the airport’s departure lounge.

Their departure comes a day after hundreds of detainees on Nauru signed a petition addressed to Australian Border Force, demanding more information and a timetable on the US deal.

The signatories also demanded that separated families be reunited and that they be flown to Australia and New Zealand while their US applications are progressed.

The US resettlement deal is expected to offer up to 1250 places.

The invasion is being coordinated by the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the invaders proudly sported IOM branded bags on their way to their new homes.

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  1. When Trump said, “There will be no amnesty,” he was actually saying, There will be a travesty. This is all anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can say to this give away of our country and it’s resources.
    100,000,000 million American National’s are unemployed, underemployed, and living on the streets from the “Too big to fail bankster bailout, yet this foreign occupation posing as a legitimate government is importing millions of foreign nationals!
    I did not vote and do NOT VOTE for this very reason. Everyone of them are thieves and liars. STOP VOTING, IT CHANGES NOTHING.

    1. Katie you are exactly right. That is where the whole ‘white nationalist’ movement has utterly failed. They put their hopes in political solutions – and encourage others to do the same. There is no political solution. Anywhere.

  2. Hussein Obammy – the gift that keeps on giving . Many aussies are baffled and embarrassed by this, crazy moving of illegals from one western nation to another. Me for one – I yelled when I heard Hussein Obammy and Mal Talkbull were going to have a Big Boys Meet in Sth America over a yr ago, – I knew these two commies would get up to loads of s—–t if they got together. And sure enuf. Manus illegals to USA was the result. The only lite spot was when the Oz PM , Talkbull yapped to President cranky, about it, in his first week in office and the Ka Ka hit the fan. ‘Serve you right , Talkbull , ‘ we said to each other. Trump should have just said — ” NO – bugger off. ”.

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