Sweden Grants Amnesty to 9,000 Rejected Afghan “Asylum Seekers”

The Swedish parliament has narrowly voted in favor of a bill granting amnesty to around 9,000 Afghan invaders in that country who have no right of residence and whose “asylum” applications were so patently bogus that even that country’s liberal asylum board rejected them.

August 2017: Thousands of Afghan invaders protest in Stockholm’s Civic Square against the refusal to grant them asylum.

The law, passed by 162 votes for and 139 against, will also mean that by the government’s own calculations, subsidizing the invaders with welfare will cost SEK 2.9 billion ($350 million) in the next three years alone.

The bill will allow 9,000 Afghans who claimed to be “unaccompanied refugee children” a new opportunity to stay in the Scandinavian country despite lacking proper justification for asylum and having had their previous applications rejected, national broadcaster SVT reported.

None of the 9,000 Afghans had valid documents when they first applied for asylum in the Scandinavian country. Over 99 percent of the Afghans are men and 78 percent of them were previously found to have lied about their age, the daily newspaper Expressen pointed out.

The Sweden Democrats, the Conservatives, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals all voted against the bill, but the Center Party voted in its favor, ensuring the bare majority.

The law to grant mass amnesty is so obviously flawed that even Sweden’s Legal Council condemned it in an official statement, saying that the “limit has been reached for what is acceptable in terms of how legislation can be formulated.”

Conservative political spokesman Elisabeth Svantesson argued the law is unfair. “Granting a group of people asylum based on the fact that they have been waiting for a long time, while others who also have been waiting long never get it, is very shaky,” Svantesson said, calling the decision “unfortunate” and “bad legislation.”

“The government is rewarding those who have lied about their age,” the Sweden Democrats tweeted, and pledged to reverse it if they should come to power in the upcoming general election.

The law will come into force on July 1, allowing the Afghans to apply for a new residence permit if they are students or intend to study and have not committed any crime.

* The figure of 9,000 is just a theoretical number, the government has admitted. The true number affected by the new law could well be more, and could include more nationalities than just Afghans, a government spokesman said.

August 2017: Thousands of Afghan invaders protest in Stockholm’s Civic Square against the refusal to grant them asylum.

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  1. Sweden is run by lunatics who can’t wait to become Islam’s dhimmis. It’s beyond crazy what those deranged dungheads are doing to the country. Maybe neighboring countries Finland and Norway ought to invade and put the Swedes out of their self-imposed misery? . . .

  2. Sweden is dead,so don’t call it Sweden anymore,it’s SWEDENISTAN…all the true Swede’s are in their tombs.The vermin who run swedenistan are callous,dangerous scoundrels.Only Civil war can bring an end to the misery now in swedenistan.The once proud Viking history of this land is now lost forever……scoundrels!destroyed it in 2 generations!swedenistan is an abomination! not a nation! Never buy any product from swedenistan,avoid their people when they creep into your country as tourists.Isolate swedenistan like the Black plague it has become and hope it doesn’t infect your country…..

  3. So thats 9000 fake refugees all wanting a house and welfare, the Swedish workers will be paying more tax to support these invaders, will they have their own Kabul in Sweden to live in now.

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