Understanding What is Happening in Baltimore

“I don’t know if people understand what is happening in Baltimore” is a recent headline in the Washington Post—and is an example of the race-denying worldview which refuses to correlate the relationship between race and culture.

The article lists a series of crime and poverty statistics in the city, lamenting the fact that there appears to be a total breakdown of any order—but refuses to point out the fact that the collapse is because the city is now majority nonwhite.


According to the US Census Bureau, in 2010 the city of Baltimore was 72 percent nonwhite. Given the well-known inaccuracy of government racial classifications, the true figure was probably less.

In addition, given that this figure is now at least six or seven years old, the actual number of whites must have shrunk since then.

According to the FBI’s official crime statistics, Baltimore experienced 8,346 “violent crimes” in 2014.

These were divided up as follows: Murder and non-negligent manslaughter: 211; Rape 245; Robbery: 3,677; Aggravated assault: 4,213; Property crime: 29,420; Burglary: 6,926; Larceny-theft: 18,008; Motor vehicle theft: 4,486; and Arson: 213.

The Washington Post’s statement: “I don’t know if people understand what is happening in Baltimore,” has therefore a simple answer, but it is one which the paper dares not discuss.

The Washington Post journalist spent time on the streets of Baltimore, picking up first-hand accounts of life in this nonwhite city, which is the 29th-most populous city in the country.

As a group of men tossed bills and dice against a sidewalk outside the McCulloh Homes housing project one spring afternoon, Tavon Winder confronted two onlookers to ask if they were with the police.

The game was illegal. He didn’t want any problems. He’d had enough in his life. Under the 31-year-old’s T-shirt, a scar snaked up his stomach, and beneath his pant leg, he balanced his weight on a prosthetic leg.

Both injuries were gained not from a far-off war but from a shooting on a nearby corner in West Baltimore.

“It’s rough,” said Winder, a father of two who admits to selling drugs in 2002 when he was shot.

“I know a lot of brothers and friends that are gone. I almost lost my life right down at the end of the street.”

The article then discusses a survey taken recent at the Renaissance Academy High School and Booker T. Washington Middle School for the Arts—a building, which, it says, “is a flimsy shield against a neighborhood and city all too familiar with bloodshed.”

A recent survey of 209 students at the schools reveals a generation with a stark familiarity with violence. Of the youths questioned, 43 percent said they witness physical violence one to three times per week, and 40 percent knew someone with a gun.

More than 37 percent said they knew someone under the age of 19 who had been killed by violence, according to the survey.

“I don’t know if people understand what is happening in Baltimore,” Renaissance Academy Principal Nikkia Rowe said.

“If you just rode around the city and took pictures of the memorials that are standing from the candlelight vigils, it would blow your mind.”

The mindlessness of the Third World violence and nihilism was pointed out in the article by Rachel Donegan, program director of Promise Heights, who told the Washington Post that:

“It’s hard to do future planning for teenagers in general, but that the challenge is especially difficult for kids whose future honestly doesn’t have a lot of meaning for them.”

The Upton/Druid Heights neighborhood of West Baltimore, where the schools are located, are one of the poorest neighborhoods in Baltimore, with a 59 percent poverty rate for children.

It’s a neighborhood, Donegan said, where fifth grade graduations are celebrated in grand style because families can’t count on the next achievement.

“Families and students have this sense of if we don’t do this now, we won’t get a chance to do it later,” Donegan said. “It’s not just, ‘Oh my kid isn’t going to go to college.’ It’s ‘Will my child even be around, even be alive, to have those milestones?’”

This time, there are no whites to blame, no claims of “racism” to be held accountable. It is just the Third World being the Third World—and serves as a warning to the First World of what lies in the future if European people allow non-Europeans to displace them.


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  1. It’s funny how liberals, lefties, race baiters, feminists and social workers all pushed for policies that break up families, encourage crime instead of punishing it, and excusing bad behaviour by blaming whites. And when the inevitable happens, that families fall apart, business men leave town, and criminals start to take over, those same liberals and feminists seriously expect us to believe it’s just “biwildering how this happens”. As though fucking with the fabric of society is completely harmless, and any resultant collapse must be the result of some hard to understand cosmic gods. These people are more than complicite in the collapse, these liberals and do gooders are directly responsible for it.

  2. What?! Did you say this time there are no whites to blame? But surely to God you’re not blaming the Dindus for living like they’re back in the turd world are you!?! No, no, no, we can’t have any of that! That would be ray-sis. Remember, we must never blame the Knee-grows for anything because they are the forever victims of that whole slavery number. And if we bring up slavery, we might end up getting into the major role the (((Kosherites))) played in bringing the blacks over here. But that would make us Auntie-see-mites against the tragic victims of the whole sixty-trillion™ deal with the soap and the lampshades and worst of all (!) making them take showers – which I suspect is the real reason they hate us so much. Aww scr*w it. This is all too exhausting. I think I have to go lie down for awhile.

  3. I really enjoy watching Science documentaries. Just recently, I watched one such programme which set out NASA’s intention to put a robot probe on one of Jupiter’s moons to explore the ‘sea’ there. The principal scientist interviewed displayed so much enthusiasm for the project that most viewers, I am sure, had to be infected with the enthusiasm and enthralled if only for what progress science is working to achieve. What legacy will the Third-Worlder’s impart to science if they become the dominant faction in the USA or Europe populations (or wherever else)? As Africa, where the whites have been generally forced to take a step back to facilitate “progress”, taken time, the countries all revert to a primitive time. As this TNO article demonstrates, the same will happen to the USA and Europe sooner or later.

  4. Why devise policies that only encourage such useless people and expect taxpayers to keep on paying for it ?
    These halfwitted idiots need to be taught the hard facts of life that you only get out what you put in… and learn it the hard way like the rest of us.
    Parents must be held responsible for their offspring and remember ” Nowt in – Nowt out.”

  5. I tend to think, in retrospect, that segregation was a good thing for Blacks and that eventually Blacks may have been able to secure a State where they could all be living together according to their free will. Looking at history in the aftermath of the “civil rights” movement, it appears that Black families were more intact with a father and mother in the home, their were plenty of Black business men, Black clubs, schools, bowling alleys, recreational facitlites, etc..
    I tend to think now that any real hope for a future for Black sovereignty was usurped by meddling Jews who, having gotten enough power in the legislature, forced “integration” by law on White communities only to destroy both for the sake of gaining power and control of the social order.
    The only solution for the remaining social order to have a solid base would be to establish a lobby for creating a Black nation so we can live in some semblance of peace.
    After all, a nation is a race, a people, not a multicult of eternal conflict of interests concerning the different aspects of race (DNA).
    To deny this to begin with is to deny facts of the natural world.
    Sometimes I think tolerance in light of the destruction it brings, regarding racial differences, is a form of nihilism itself.

  6. it was a black man that said……take the blacks from the bronx and put them in manhattan……and manhattan will become the bronx

  7. Note how unconcerned other people in the photo are despite the criminal antics of these mindless thugs.
    Must be an everyday occurrence if they ignore such criminality and carry on as usual.
    I`d have given my son a lesson he`d never forget if he`d behaved like this whether social services liked it or not.
    Where are the police ? Is this a new method of keeping the hooligans occupied and having fun?

  8. quote : ” Its children are the poorest and the most impacted by the violence.”
    I suggest you remove your liberal head out of your arse you brainless twerp. Take another look !
    The `poorest` kids all togged up in the latest gear are the ones perpetrating the mindless violence.

  9. too bad I say. Boo hoo! They ran the whites out (the tax base) and, as blacks always do, they turn everything into a dump when we give them a city or town or nation for that matter. Blacks will always be impulsive, a low IQ, and nothing will change that. No money, no amount of white guilt, no amount of ‘civil rights’ laws, nothing.

  10. These same old sob stories are actually educational. The enemy does not learn or adapt to change. The story stays the same, so the plan stays the same. Keep that in mind. You are not playing against a human opponent. Its like a programmed mechanism.
    Obama has ended White guilt. His up front Anti-White hate and total take the black side actually shocked some Whites who were expecting at least an attempt at “racial healing” whatever that means. Whites have learned something. Only Whites are supposed to give in and the other races are all against them all the time. Whites are adapting and the enemy has not. This is a serious advantage you should remember and take advantage of in the future. Do not assume the enemy will change his strategy if it isn’t working. The strategy will not change. The tone and shrillness will go up as the enemy doubles down, but they will continue the same strategy continuously. You do not need to predict anything, they will keep doing the same things even when they are losing and just increase the level of shrillness and scream louder. Act accordingly.

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