Not Pro-Jewish Enough: British UKIP Falls Foul of Jewish Supremacists

Despite having Jewish Members of the European Parliament, a “UKIP Friends of Israel” committee and its leader openly declaring his unconditional support for Israel, Britain’s UKIP party is now coming under open attack by the Jewish lobby.


The reason for the hostility was UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s decision to include a sole Polish Congress of the New Right (KNP) Member of the European Parliament, Robert Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, into a Eurosceptic bloc in the European Parliament.

Iwaszkiewicz’s “crimes” are twofold: firstly, his party’s leader, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, was quoted in 2013 as saying that the Holocaust had been organized by SS leader Heinrich Himmler, and that Adolf Hitler didn’t know about it. Korwin-Mikke did not deny the Holocaust, and in the same interview said that Hitler should have been hanged—hardly the words of a “Neo-Nazi,” as the Jewish press has painted him.

Secondly, Iwaszkiewicz dared, in an interview in a Polish magazine, to point out that “If taxes were lower in Hitler’s time, and now they’re higher, what’s wrong with wanting to say so?” Iwaszkiewicz insisted that he was not “glorifying Hitler”, adding that he was “commonly recognized” as “a rascal, a criminal and so on.”

None of these expressions could in any way be considered to be expressions of support for Hitler or even Holocaust denial—but this is not how the Jewish Lobby has interpreted the matter.

The most senior Jewish organization in Britain, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said in an official statement issued by its vice president Jonathan Arkush, that it was “gravely concerned” by UKIP’s new alliance.

“Robert Iwaszkiewicz belongs to an extremist party whose leader has a history of Holocaust denial, racist remarks and misogynistic comments. For UKIP to choose such a figure as Robert Iwaszkiewicz as a bedfellow, apparently for money, is beyond belief. Nigel Farage now has some very serious questions to answer. He has placed in issue the credibility of UKIP,” Akrush told the Jewish Chronicle.

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper announced that UKIP, which “was not so long ago seen as a party of assorted misfits, xenophobes and borderline fascists” is now poised to receive the third highest-number of votes in the May General Elections.

Haaretz went on to quote Mark Gardner, “communications director” of something called the “Community Security Trust,” a secretive and sinister Jewish organization linked to the Board of Deputies, which claims to “monitor racism and anti-Semitism,” who issued a warning saying that “UKIP benefits from populist emotions and anti-establishment trends that can carry dangers for Jews. So, it is important that UKIP’s leadership ensure any issues of anti-Semitism and racism are strongly dealt with.”

The irony of this statement—given Israel’s overt racism and anti-Gentilism—is of course ignored by the Jewish lobby’s agents in the controlled media. Given the green light by their masters, have duly organized the first major mass media attack on UKIP using these fabricated “Nazi” links.

Leading the attack is The Daily Mail, which in an article titled “Fascists, felons and fanatical fools: Ugly truth about Farage’s friends in Brussels” produced a list of the most tenuous “links” between UKIP and its current coalition partners in the European Parliament.


The Daily Mail claimed—bizarrely—that UKIP had joined up with “a militant member of the French far Right; a party founded by Swedish fascists who wore Nazi uniforms to meetings; and a Lithuanian ousted from the presidency over dodgy dealings with a Russian suspected of links to organized crime.”

Anyone who reads the Daily Mail regularly will not be surprised to learn that this newspaper’s “facts” are completely distorted. There is no “French far Right” party founded by “Swedish fascists.”

This is a bizarre and erroneous editorial mish-mash, presumably meant to refer to the Sweden Democrats (SD)—with whom UKIP is in alliance—and the Polish New Right (KNP) party.

The claim about “Swedish fascists” dates from twenty years ago when some former members of the SD paraded around in uniforms in an apparent joke. There is no connection whatsoever with those people and the present-day SD, but, needless to say, this fact has not stood in the way of the Jewish Supremacist-controlled media attack.

It will further come as no surprise for observers to read, in a special article by its Jewish “City Editor” Alex Brummer, that the Daily Mail is slavishly pro-Israel and is teeming with Jewish journalists:

“But throughout my time at the Mail, the paper’s loyalty to Israel, as a beacon of democracy and economic success in a region of often ghastly sectarian dictatorships, has never wavered,” Brummer wrote, adding that “Moreover, it is a newspaper that has nurtured and promoted Jewish staff in every editorial department…its deputy editor has Jewish origins, and a leading columnist and many other staff are Jewish” and that one of the “most outspoken and fervently pro-Jewish, pro-Israel voices in British political discourse,” Melanie Phillips, had “served the paper for so long, [and] so bravely and so brilliantly…”


The lesson to be learned from this latest attack on UKIP is clear: nothing less than total subservience to the Jewish Lobby, without even a hint of deviation, is acceptable to the Jewish Supremacists.

If, as UKIP has dared to do, even the slightest deviation takes place, a barrage of lies, half-truths and smears are unleashed upon the offending person or party.

Fortunately the advent of the Internet has finally broken the Jewish Supremacist stranglehold on news distribution, and alternative voices can be heard on an equal basis.

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  1. Apart from certain nationalist parties, most political groups a are financed by Jews , have Jews standing as candidates. Or Jews working in the parties admin side. Not difficult to see who pulls the strings

  2. Who in their right mind would encourage and/or support anything to do with Jews.
    Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.
    Jews should be confined to Israel.

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