“Refugee” Hoaxers Holiday in Homelands

The utterly bogus nature of the refugee invasion of Europe has been exposed with the news that Syrians, Afghans, and Lebanese invaders already granted “asylum” in Germany are taking holidays back in their homelands from which they supposedly “fled in fear of their lives.”

The astonishing swindle has been exposed in an article in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, which also revealed that the holidays are being paid for out of welfare payments from the German taxpayers.


The article, titled “Flüchtlinge machen Urlaub, wo sie angeblich verfolgt warden” (“Refugees vacation where they were allegedly persecuted), also quoted government officials from the Federal Employment Agency confirming that the “refugee holidays” back in their home countries are indeed taking place.

The newspaper said that the unemployed and “recognized asylum seekers” have been taking holidays in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Lebanon. The “refugees” take flights home, holiday, and then come back to Germany to continue living off the German taxpayers as if nothing had happened.


Die Welt am Sonntag said that it had confirmed cases in Berlin, and that “people who are familiar with the process” say that it is happening in other regions in Germany as well.

A spokesman for the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BfA) confirmed to the newspaper that there “are such cases,” but that they “have no analysis or statistics on this subject,” and therefore could not supply any further information to the paper.

The nonwhite invaders are on what is known as “Hartz IV” welfare, which entitles them to 21 days per year “local absence”—which means that they get the full welfare payments for that time without having to be present.

A recipient must “notify the local authority of any period of absence, its expected duration, but not to where the recipient is going,” the BfA said, adding that there is “no legal basis upon which to demand this information.”

Furthermore, should an official at the welfare office become aware that a claimant is going to take a trip back to the country from where they claim to have fled, the data protection laws prohibit that official from passing that information to the immigration authorities, the BfA spokesman also confirmed to the newspaper.

The Welt am Sonntag pointed out that the German government had been aware of the problem for quite a while, but had kept it quiet. In June this year, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (“Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge,” BAMF) sent a written request to employment agencies in Berlin asking them to report travel arrangements made by persons “entitled to asylum” to their countries of origin.

Although the Welt am Sonntag did not say why the problem had been hushed up by the German government, the answer is obvious: they knew that exposure would reveal the lies behind the “asylum” invasion of Germany and Europe.

A German Interior Ministry spokesman told the Welt am Sonntag that that “asylum seekers” who travel back to the countries of their “persecution” could lead to individual examination of their cases and ultimately the withdrawal of their protected status.

“In the case of travel for leisure purposes, this may be an indication that in the refugee no fear of persecution exists,” the spokesman said in understatement.

The chairman of Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU faction, serving on the Committee on Internal Affairs of the Bundestag, Armin Schuster, told Die Welt am Sonntag that it was “inconceivable that these people would qualify for asylum. If this is true, it leaves one almost speechless,” he said.

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  1. I’m guessing this article was provided by a German. I’m pleased and grateful that the TNO has its own sources (‘stringers’ I think are the old-style journalistic equivalents). And I hope there will be more or more.

  2. In Denmark, “Holstebro Kommune”, the tax-payers paid 400.000 Dkr. (app.: $ 60.000,-) for a vacation to 4 “non-whites” and 4 social workers, to Cyprus, Copenhagen and og Hamburg, Germany.

    The excuse was: Otherwise, the 4 “non-whites”, could have caused “serious local problems”.

    1. Whaat???? Taxpayers should take revenge and cause `serious local problems` for the authorities in return and teach them a lesson they won`t forget.

  3. There was a news programme on the RT channel about a hotel in Germany now completely full of illegal immigrants, they just hung around all day smoking and using their newest model mobile phones. One was heard complaining about the food and the other was waiting for his German passport so he could return to Afghanistan to visit his father, no doubt to organise family reunion for the rest of his family. They have conned the European governments, why can ordinary citizens see what was happening but our so called elite leaders couldn’t. Now they are getting German passports its off to Britain to claim a house and more benefits.

  4. Lol confirms that Germans are totally mental lol. If youre collecting a benefit you should be available for work at all times, go on holiday then benefits should be stopped. How can they afford an overseas holiday in the first place? Where the hell is Germany getting all this money from?

  5. The Germans voted for Merkel so Merkel has the right to spend tax payers money on her pet projects. This is democracy. It has this weakness to legalise illegal spending.

  6. She is spending the money that should b going to the poorer nations of the eu we r giving that sow our hard earned too people who know how to take the the camel piss out of us please people of Europe wake up before ur beautiful countries and cultures r something ur grandchildren can only dream about

  7. Canada’s experience was similar with fakeugees from Sri Lanka. Admitted to Canada
    because of the frightful Sinhalese-Tamil war made life in Sri Lanka unbearably dangerous,
    they were later found to be unafraid to return to SL for vacations.

  8. It’s true and many are doing it since year 2000
    In 2006 I befriended a kurd who said he was iranian and travelled back and forth many times to iraq kurdistan for a month at a time was he in fear of his life ? No as he invited me to go to Iraq for a celebration it’s all lies

  9. The issue of so called refugees returning to their own countries for holidays has been going on for years. I have lived and worked in seven developing countries over the past 47 years. From 1976 t0 1983 I was based in Ethiopia with the UN. I knew a number of local people who most definitely did not deserve the title “refugee” that ended up in UK. One couple, a mother and teenage daughter flew in on a commercial flight claiming refugee status on arrival. A couple of years later the daughter, then 18, went back to Ethiopia on “holiday”. When she returned to UK she was not alone having become pregnant and HIV positive whilst on “holiday”, guess who is paying for that?
    Another group of four women upon entering UK were provided single bed flats in central London at next to no rent. Three of them moved in with the fourth and rented the three flats to Brits at the then going rate. Later they were given the option to purchase the properties at a much reduced rate, which they did selling them on making a massive profit.
    During my work overseas (as an engineer working in small scale industrial development) I met many deserving cases for refugee status but most of them did not have the connections or money to escape. All the people I mention above had good lives in Ethiopia under no threat whatsoever. I did report my findings to the appropriate authorities in UK but was told it was none of my business!
    The fact is most if not all of the countries involved, Eretria, Syria etc. are totally corrupt, its endemic, the vast majority of the people will cheat and lie to get what they want but idiots in the west don’t want to believe it. I know there are exceptions but it is not the majority.
    I am all in favour of helping those in need and have done so many times but I am saddened to see how many are “ripping off” western countries due to stupid policies put together by people with little or no experience of the realities.

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