Slovak Nationalists Double Their Vote

By Francisco Mazzuco. In the March 5 general elections in Slovakia, both the hardline nationalists of the SNS (Slovenská národná strana, or Slovak National Party) and the ĽSNS (Ľudová strana—Naše Slovensko or People’s Party—Our Slovakia), more than doubled their votes compared to the 2012 parliamentary elections.

The SNS, a nationalist party aligned with the French Front National of Marine Le Pen, now has 8.6 percent (up from 4.5 percent) and has fourth place with fifteen seats in Parliament.


The ĽS Nase Slovenko is the great rising surprise of Slovak politics: a hardline nationalist party that was banned by the system under accusations of “neo-Nazism,” and which was refounded in 2009. It has ties with both the Greek Golden Dawn and Hungarian Jobbik parties.

In the 2013 local elections, its leader Marian Kotleba ran and won the governorship of one of Slovakia’s regions. ĽSNS now has taken fifth position with 8 percent of the votes (up from only 1.5 percent last time) and took fourteen seats.



This means that the nationalists now have twenty-nine of the one hundred and fifty parliamentary seats, between them—almost a fifth of the legislators. This is a huge advance over the 2012 elections, where neither party received a single delegate, as they failed to achieve the 5 percent cut-off bar to enter parliament.

The main opposition party, the conservatives and liberals of the Christian Democratic movement (KDH), which is a carbon copy of Angela Merkel´s CDU party, and which acted on behalf of the pro-immigration faction in the country, has been ousted from the parliament.

This also occurred to the SIET (“Network”) party, a liberal-conservative group which the system created to try and gather younger votes. This was supposed to be a “fresh-faced party” which would replace the older KDH puppets, and received the support of the liberal and “progressive” press. It was even predicted that the KDH would get more than 15 percent of the vote.

In the end, the party ended parliament in last position, and if they had polled just 0.5 percent less, they would have failed to make the 5 percent hurdle. Opinion poll manipulation was working at full steam as per usual, but in this case it did not help them.

Slovakian Premier Robert Fico took pole position in the elections, with his left-nationalists (anti-immigration) party taking fewer votes than before. His party could not achieve a parliamentary majority and must now make an alliance with other parties. The SNS nationalists are the most likely candidates.

* ĽSNS took 23 percent of all first-time voters, indicating that the younger generation is increasingly turning toward nationalism. The controlled media has attempted to explain away this fact by claiming that the young people are “stupid” and have no “education” and so on. Their coverage of young people voting for the L’SNS is noticeably different to say, young people voting for Bernie Sanders in the US, where his young supporters are always described as “educated idealists, and moral people.”

Step by step Europe is engaging in a new worldview for itself against the ethno-suicide from the SJW progressives, and the genocide and demographic replacement by the liberals.

Against the hordes of third world Africans, Muslims, and Asiatics, now there is a hard block at the east. The first to oppose the migratory invasion were Russia, Hungary, and Poland. Now it is the turn of Slovakia. And hopefully next in line are Italy, Austria, and Finland where a big nationalist rise in nearby elections is almost a fact.

The Old Europa is ready to fight against the “new order” of the EU and its minions. And Slovakia is now aboard too.

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  1. Beware Rothschild’s razor. The false left/right division USA construct designed to distract attention from the common enemy.

  2. The Eu will impose sanctions to start with when Nationalists take power. Eventually the situation will degenerate into a another Ukraine.

    Eastern European states must unite & leave the the EU.
    If the UK exits the EU the whole thing should collapse and you will then have a chance to restore sanity.

    Russia would be a good place to seek immediate moral support because the EU knows what happened in Crimea & Ukraine.

    Fight back now or face total domination by the EU with the chaos &a loss of identity.

    1. I agree with all that apart from the EU can’t start sanctions until the next EU budget in 2020, by that time either the UK will be out , in which case the EU is toast, or it won’t, but sanctions will need all 28 nations to vote for them, the V4 nations won’t do that.

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