Turk Gangster Blown Up in Berlin

A Turk gangster and convicted drug dealer was blown up in a car bombing this morning in Charlottenburg, Berlin, in the middle of rush-hour traffic, highlighting once again the Turkish involvement in crime in Germany’s capital city.

The dead Turk, named as Mesut T., has a criminal record for dealing in cocaine, various convictions under the Narcotics Act, counterfeit currency offenses, and illegal gambling.


There are officially at least three million Turks in Germany—and unofficially likely many more than that—and at least half a million Kurds. These groups have produced a disproportionate number of serious criminals and gangs in Berlin and other cities throughout Germany, and thanks to the European Union’s (EU) freedom of movement laws, have spread throughout Europe.

The Turkish and Kurdish mobsters in Germany are heavily involved in the smuggling of narcotics, including heroin from Afghanistan, through Iran, Turkey, the Balkans, and into markets in Europe.

“Routes through western Balkan countries remain important for the movement of many illicit commodities into the EU. Heroin and cocaine pass through the western Balkans after transiting through Turkey,” stated a 2013 report by the EU Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment.

The drug trade not only spawns human trafficking and terrorism, but its massive proceeds are used to purchase weapons, the report added.

Due to its geographical location, Turkey is a major transit point for both drugs and weapons into Europe—much of which ends up in Germany through the trafficking efforts of both Turkish and Kurdish organized crime figures, as well as other nonwhite groups.

The European Union’s law enforcement agency, Europol, has admitted that the heroin trade is largely controlled by Turks, saying that Turkish gangs control about 80 percent of the heroin flowing into Europe.

The International Narcotics Control Strategy Report by the US State Department also indicated that in recent years many ethnic Kurdish traffickers have expanded operations to larger cities in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

“Most heroin trafficked via Turkey is marketed in western Europe, where Turkish-based traffickers control much of the distribution,” the US report added.

“Turkey also acts as a transit route for opium smuggled overland from Afghanistan via Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia en route to western Europe.”

The car bombing in Berlin has underlined the extreme danger posed by the proposed EU “deal” with Turkey on “refugees”—the offer to grant Turks visa-free access to the EU means that millions more like “Mesut T.” will have free and unlimited ability to expand their Third World criminality across Europe.

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  1. At every crime scene in Europe in which the criminal(s) are of nonwhite race, the police cordon tape that is put up ought to say “DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH”.

  2. Well now Merkel’s deal with Turkey makes a lot of sense and €€€. And not only must other law abiding members of the European Union be concerned with terrorist they must also have to check all these migrants out for drug mules. Time to get out the sniffer dogs at the borders and all over
    the line.

  3. All border controls must be reinstated in Europe. We are just asking for trouble because it is so easy for these criminals to move around Europe with their dope and weapons. Merkel must be mad if she wants to do a deal with Turkey. Europe is finished now as far as I can see what will it be like when 75 million Turks get to right to come into Europe.

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