Melbourne Somali Knife Attack Terrorist Son of “Refugees,” Brother Arrested Last Year for Terror Plot

The Somali-terrorist invader who carried out the knife attack in Australia’s Melbourne city center today is the son of  fake refugees from Somalia—and his brother was arrested last year following a foiled terrorist attack in the city’s Federation Square, it has emerged.

Mohamed Khalif, also known as Hassan Shire, 31, was shot by police after crashing a car filled with gas bottles and then rampaging through Melbourne’s Bourke Street with a knife, stabbing three men and killing one.

ISIS have claimed the attack as their own via the Amaq news service, releasing a statement saying “the perpetrator of the operation… in Melbourne… was an Islamic State fighter and carried out the operation… to target nationals of the coalition  fighting IS.”

In a press conference, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said Khalif “was well known to counter-terrorism officials due to his relatives’ links to terror.”

His brother, Ali Khalif Shire Ali, was arrested in November 2017 in relation to a foiled terror attack in Federation Square, also in the heart of Melbourne.

According to a 2017 report on ABC news, Ali Khalif Shire Ali, appeared before Melbourne Magistrates’ Court charged with preparing to commit a terrorist attack and gathering documents to facilitate a terrorist act.

He was described by police as one of their “high persons of interest.”

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said Ali was trying to get an automatic rifle to “shoot and kill as many people as he could” around Federation Square, in Melbourne’s CBD, during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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  1. I live in Aus & I have read more about the Melbourne attack on this site, than from any newspaper published in Melbourne or heard on the news ??
    As far as I could understand from Aus media, the attacker could have been a white right-wing extremist maybe ??
    No mention of race, or ethnicity of that POS …. Yet ??

    1. As a general rule of thumb, if the race and ethnicity are omitted from a story – you know they are not white, white people will be clearly labelled as such from the first report.

  2. As harsh as it may seem, it’s good he was taken out. The publicity of a court case, probably including the need for interpretors, is what these mindless human beings thrive on.

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