Defend Europe’s First Mission a “Political Success with Concrete Results”

The “Defend Europe” anti-invasion ship—which patrolled the Mediterranean Sea for the first three weeks of August and oversaw an almost complete halt in the African invasion of Europe—has finished its first mission and was a “political success with concrete results,” its crew have announced.

Speaking at a press conference held in Lyon, France, after the C-Star docked at the end of its mission, crew spokesman Philipp Huemer said that the mission had achieved its main goal after the Libyan and Italian authorities had been pressurized into taking action against the fake charity Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) involved in human smuggling from North Africa to Europe.

“The mission to defend Europe has been very successful. The decision taken by the Libyan authorities to close their territorial waters resulted in the stopping of the activities of most of the NGOs,” Huemer said.

“With the main goal having been achieved, it was decided to temporarily suspend the mission of Defend Europe.  Since its start, Defend Europe has obtained several very important victories in the Mediterranean Sea. We have shed new light on the so-called humanitarian NGOS.  Their collaboration with the human traffickers has been exposed.

“At the same time, the NGOs reported a significant decrease in their donations.  It seems that the revelations about their cooperation with the human traffickers [has affected] their supporters and public option.

“Several boats have been seized by the Italian authorities. These revelations forced Italy to deploy its navy to control the actions of four migrant NGOS which actually broke the law. Libya [also] banned the NGOs from entering its territorial waters.”

These NGOs “perpetrated illegal acts” and “encouraged illegal immigrants to leave their home countries and caused more deaths at sea,” Huemer went on, highlighting the NGOs hypocrisy over the matter: they claimed they wanted to “prevent” deaths at sea, but their actions in fact led to more drownings than ever.

“Thanks to the presence of the C-Star in the Mediterranean, the Defend Europe mission has drawn international attention to this issue,” Huemer continued.

“It upset the plans of the NGOs acing in secret and obliged the different states to react. Our action is thus a political success with concrete results. Europeans finally have a NGO that actually protects them.”

Huemer then dealt with the never-ending stream of lies put out about the mission by the controlled media, including that of its attempts to call in at Malta on the way back to France.

“We note that NGOs and leftist extremist organizations have tried to scupper C-Star many times, using fake news and lies,” Huemer said.  “Every time we were declared innocent [of the media’s claims] and the truth emerged.”

With regard to controlled media reports that the C-Star had been refused entry to Malta, Huemer confirmed that the ship had “not only been denied access to the port of Malta,” but was also denied a supply of fresh water.

This was, Huemer said, “an order which we believe came from one of the highest authorities on the island.

“This attitude is all the more surprising given that the Maltese government does not oppose the massive arrival of illegal immigrants and has even let the “Save the Children” ship dock while it is currently under investigation [by Italian police for human smuggling.]”

Huemer pointed out that the situation had thus arisen where “European citizens who have committed no crime were prevented from entering European territory while at the same time, hundreds of jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq were welcomed with open arms.”

Contrary to controlled media reports, the issue of fresh water had in fact been solved by a “mass mobilizaiton of small boats from Malta” which had set sail to the C-Star off the island’s coast to provide “moral and material support to the C-Star.”

Furthermore, Huemer concluded, a “petition has  been launched and more than 4000 Maltese [residents] gathered on a Facebook group to support Defend Europe. We thank the people of Malta for their tremendous support and we know that for many years the island has suffered under the neglect of its government and mass immigration.”

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  1. Hardly surprising Malta hasn’t helped. Their current President (if that is his title) is in cahoots with Tony Blair who is doing his best to block Brexit.

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