White Refugees not Allowed in Germany

Genuine war refugees fleeing the conflict in the Ukraine have been denied asylum in Germany in 95 percent of cases (and will, from now on, all be refused that status)—while Angela Merkel’s government admits hundreds of thousands of “war refugees” from all over the nonwhite Middle East without question.


The blatant double standard in favoring nonwhite “war refugees” over whites definitively reveals that the real purpose of Merkel’s policy is not to “help asylum seekers,” but to replace Europeans as quickly as possible.

According to the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper, of the more than 7,000 Ukrainians who applied for asylum in 2014 and 2015, only 5 percent have been granted that status, and all the rest will be sent back to the Ukraine—even though there has been a full-scale war there since April 2014.

The Frankfurter Rundschau said that many of the refugees come directly from the Donbass region war zone, where their houses and livelihoods have been destroyed—identical to the claims made by the “Syrians” currently pouring into Germany.

In addition, many fled rather than be called up for military service, refusing to take part in the war. The paper quoted one Hryhorii Demnychenko, a Ukrainian refugee in Germany, who said that his men who refused to serve in the army faced physical attack.

Other refugees tell of discrimination after their escape from Donetsk in the western Ukraine. They could get neither an apartment or work.

Last week, despite the ongoing conflict, Ukraine was declared a “safe” country by the German government, the Frankfurter Rundschau revealed. This means that from now on, no one from that nation will qualify for asylum in Germany.

This policy is in marked contrast to the German government’s continued hesitation in declaring Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many sub-Saharan African nations “safe” countries.

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The double standards are clear: one set of rules is applied to the Ukraine, where there is a genuine war and genuine refugees—but who are white; and another standard to the nonwhite nations of the Middle East, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa.

* In contract, Russia has officially granted temporary asylum to 248,201 Ukrainians, and Poland has taken in a million Ukrainian war refugees.


Above: Ukrainian refugees arrive in Poland.


Above: Ukrainian refugees arrive in Russia.

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  1. I just can’t comprehend merkel’s madness! What mommy and daddy issues lead her to this point of self loathing??? To hate your own ethnicity that bad, in a sane world, would put her in a rubber room with a straight jacket on.

    1. Merkel hates Germans. What I don’t understand is how she can have the gall to change a country on such a scale in an autocratic matter. It’s like a Germanwing’s flight with the population locked out of the cockpit and the altitude is dropping.

      1. No, it’s Ferkel I believe. Though I’m not sure, since “Ferkel” is German for piglet. Hmh… Don’t really know 🙂

        Delando Islam


      1. No you are naive.
        She should be put in prison, not allowed to resign.

        She won a Coudenhouve-Kalergi award in 2010. Kalergi advocated “turning Europe into a mixed race” in 1925. He is the father of the EU idea.

        She is guitly of genocide.
        She knows what she is doing.

    1. Probably full agreement Flashy, at least in private. No-one seems to oppose her yet as far as I’m aware she doesn’t hold any official position in the EU.

    1. I believe she wishes to change the complexion of all Europe. I can appreciate why countries like
      Poland and Hungary resist a crazy German dictators demands . They have been there before.

      1. Obama has his own US agenda and floods his country much in the same fashion as Merkel. Countries have immigration laws but these people in power disregard their own laws and rightfully earn the contempt of their citizens. Merkel and Obama can learn from Putin.

    2. Yes, it is abundantly clear. The caring, compassionate Frau Merkel has set in motion a European white genocide, a new holocaust. Debating her actions from any other perspective misses the point.

    3. The ideological agenda of the unelected in the EU is: Overturn Natural Law and replace it with unnatural man made law and do the opposite of Common Sense. This Political Social Engineering is to bring about the demise of the white Europeans and have them replaced with more servile people who will not have the ability to question their Agenda and will obey without question.

  2. Once again Poland and her neighbours can lead the way, refusing ANY non-whites from Merkel’s plan, and taking those genuinely fleeing from Ukraine.

    Unlike the parasites invading from the Third World, I’m sure the majority of Ukrainian refugees will be hoping to return one day when there is peace, whereas the non-whites are mainly here for economic reasons, and of course to take over when their numbers are sufficient, and never have any intention of leaving.

    1. Yeah, I remember that not so long ago the German called the Visengrad group xenophobic whereas the reasoning was based on principles of EU solidarity…

      But who cares about some 7000 Ukrainian war refugees when Russia can give you Nordstream II.

    2. Stu, on a slightly different note, have you noticed how the non white agenda is ramping up elsewhere. At the weekend we had Spike Lee who is going to boycott the ‘Lily White’ Oscars, some third rate non white actress complaining along the same lines, that there are no non white actors nominated. Last week a non white Labour MP wrote to the Speaker of the Commons complaining of ‘unconscious racism’ because her speeches weren’t getting selected to be read out. WTF! Whatever happened to talent? More and more I see non whites appearing in TV adverts and dramas because I suspect that it’s PC to have them an now this………….

    3. Many Ukrainian refugees move to Poland get a job but most likely will return when Russia stops their clandestine war. Many Ukrainians who emigrate to other continents will not return.I have met some and find them to be educated , have a good work ethic and are Christian. I have a feeling Merkel has a big hate for Christians.

      1. Russia never started that war. In fact it was the same people who made up 80% of the NKWD cadres and who force non-white immigration into white countries who started that war. Apart from geopolitical reasons they hate Russia for being a Christian nation upholding its traditions and of course for being too white.

        Watch the Nudelman tape!

  3. Got your message Germany. White people are not appreciated in racist Germany.
    Don’t worry about me spending tourist dollars in a German toilet.

  4. Well, that’s it. Merkel has obviously gone all out with the race card, anti-white, and nailed her colours to the mast. All Germany needs to do now, is nail her to the mast.

  5. The Coldenhove – Kalergi Plan is going as plannned. Merkel and Rumpoy have received awards from them, for their great work in the genocide of the European people! Please google it if you don’t know what it is.

  6. The proof keeps piling up that the German occupation government is a self declared enemy of the German folk. Only a sworn enemy of the German people would do what they are doing to Germany.

  7. It’s not just Germany although it’s the worst at present. We’re all being exterminated. I have a feeling the last fight for Europe will take place in Russia and Eastern Europe.

    1. Which ironically would probably place Nations like Hungary and Poland back in the Russia camp, but at least it’s Russia now, not the USSR.

  8. The Declaration on the Right to Development 1986 in Article 5 “States shall take resolute steps to eliminate the massive and flagrant violation of human rights of peoples and human beings affected by situations such as those resulting from.. colonialism, foreign domination and occupation, aggression, national sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity, threats of war, and refusal to recognise the fundamental right of peoples to self determination.
    Sometime there will be an agreement in the Ukraine where the rights of minorities will be recognised and aggression, territorial integrity of minorities, and National unity for a UNITED NATION recognised by the people presently refusing to recognise the principles and purposes of the United Nations.

  9. This may be putting it too simplistically, but didn’t Frau Merkel have a big hand in igniting the conflict in the Ukraine.?

    From what I remember, it was her desperation to envelope the Ukraine into the fold of her EU dictatorship which deposed a legitimately elected leader (even if he was corrupt, I don’t know) and began the conflict between those who wish to join the EU and those who wish to be allied with Russia.

    I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

      1. There’s no arguing with that statement Herman – about the only decent thing our invertebrate Prime Minister in the UK has done since 2010 was to fight against Frau Merkel’s determined appointment of Juncker, but all to no avail.

  10. As I have said in comments the woman is a mad marxist. She needs to be removed pronto and put in a asylum for the criminally insane.

  11. In Poland we have lots of Ukrainians that fled from war and poverty it brings. But do you know what is the difference between refugees from Ukraine and those from Syria and Somalia.? – 70% of Donetsk, Luhansk refugees are women and children because men are left behind to fight back invaders. Now compare them to those from Syria.
    EU didn’t give us a single cent for those women and children than branded us racist and xenophobic, such an irony.

    1. Maybe I`m being paranoid but with the dishonest state of politics today could the vote be rigged in favour ?
      There`s an awful lot at stake for any money-grubbing politician looking to join the EU gravy train at some point.

      1. Good old UK which used to be the bastion of honesty for the world now seems to be setting trends in the opposite direction. You could probably but an ‘how to rig votes’ kit online from Westminster.

  12. Most people in don’t seem to realise that it is official UN and EU policy to flood Europe with migrants in order for the EU (Merkel effectively) to undermine the homogeneity the nation states of the EU and make them multicultural (a policy predicated upon faux economic arguments).

    What is worse is that the Austrian, Norwegian and Swedish governments also seem to be in on the scam, with Britain not far behind; just look at how well these Marxists are already doing in their efforts to undermine European society.

    Inviting mass migration into the EU, by Merkel and Juncker, had nothing to do with compassion nor economics, it was pure opportunism on the road to implementing UN policy and move closer to their goal of a multicultural EU under the control of a single government.

    The policy has been pushed publically since at least 2012 by Peter Sutherland, the UN Special Representative for International Migration. The veracity of this claim is simple to test from information which is widely available on the internet.

    For example: “EU should’ undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief.” Brian Wheeler Political reporter, BBC News 21 June, 2012

    The UN are ideally placed to instigate and facilitate mass migration from around the world and Merkel is ideally placed to facilitate the take over of the nation states of Europe who are currently under EU control.

    The methods of forcing acceptance of this mass migration and hiding the problems created are reruns of how Trotsky overcame native Russian opposition to Russia being turned into a Communist Dictatorship.

    Methods well practised by the Marxist leaders in the EU, including the Communist trained Merkel, who will try to convince you that black is white, that good is evil and slur any opposition at every opportunity; in order to fulfil their own ambitions.

    One should be tempted to ask though, if multiculturalism is such a great advantage why does the Marxist Left only try to force it on the white, predominantly Christian communities in the west, surely they should also force it on Israel, Saudi Arabia and other monocultural societies in the Middle East.

    Pushing the mantra (a la “Animal Farm”) multiculture good, monoculture bad, requires that it applies to all societies.

    The political Left must start campaigning for the refugees and economic migrants to be allowed into these countries if they insist that they are allowed into Europe; and if it is as wonderful as they proclaim then they would be welcomed with open arms.

    European populations need to push the counter argument and insist that we will take only the same quota of refugees as Israel, Saudi Arabia etc. otherwise stop accepting any more until they do take an equal share.

    Blame for migrant deaths and refugee camps in northern France can be laid squarely on the altar of UN and EU political dogma; not helped by the fast tracking of refugees across Europe to lay siege on Britain by Greece, Italy and France.

    It is time to change leaders when they don’t respect nor represent the best interests of their people.

    For more about the true nature of the EU visit

  13. Merkel nenávídí bílé ateisty. Merkel je fanatik a ničí Evropu.
    Merkel si podá ruku s papežem a pokloní se muslimům, je pokrytec a fanatik a ze všeho nejvíce nenávidí evropské ateisty.
    Má plán a chce ho splnit za každou cenu. I za cenu lhaní a za cenu diktátu.
    Nastoluje multikulti diktaturu, ta ji pomůže to splnit.
    Zničit národy Evropy a jejich sebeurčení, jejich tradice, jejich svrchovanost na vlastním území.
    Vytvořit novou levnou pracovní sílu a poslušný národ Evropy, který bude mít strach a bude ticho. Použije k tomu všechno, politiku, média, zastrašování obyvatel, všechno!

  14. I reckon that our political leaders tell Muty(Merkel) that we will accept the refugee quota only if they are from Ukraine, just to avoid mistreatment and cultural clashes between refugees and hosts.

  15. The ”Poland” photo is also in Russia. See the guy in uniform, that’s Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS), they helped evacuate the Donbass refugees. And the plane is a MChS Il-98 painted in their colors.

  16. Yes it is obvious Merkel wants to flood Germany qith non-whites… But look at this – the “bad” Russia accepts refugees from the country they fight with while the “good” Germany refuses them while letting thousands, even millions non-white and mostly fake refugees in. I am willing to think that situations like these unite Slavic, or maybe all eastern European nations against western Europe and its self-destructive policies as they prove us they are hypocrites. At least I want to believe it.

  17. It is undoubtedly true, that Merkel is unbalanced – as are those who: ‘think’ as she does. This putrid infiltration will continue, until intelligent people put a stop to it. (In another way – and some time back – there was a somewhat more subtle infiltration that ruined Palm Beach, Greenwich, Darien and similar communities – in violation of the Fourth Amendment.)

    There is at the moment, a popular television programme, called: ‘Suits’ – and one is bewildered at the dusky hue of much of the cast: the female head of a law firm who has gone to Vassar, her late father a surgeon, the male head of another law firm, who is talked of as: ‘influential’! Oh, what a phantasy! (I have not even mentioned the minions, who belong to the same race – and let us not forget the liberal white man, who practises law without a degree, and is in love with the half-caste daughter of the aforementioned head of another law firm.)

    Programmes like this one, as well as print advertisements of a similar nature with relation to their models (and in the case of television) casting, are clearly intended to persuade one that this intermingling of races is normal. All of it must be disgusting and disquieting to any civilised human being.


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