VIDEO—Blackpool, UK, Demonstrates Reality of “Great Replacement” White Genocide

A new video—taken on St George’s Day, April 24, 2019, England’s national day—of the beachfront of the iconic traditional British working class beachfront resort of Blackpool, on the Lancashire coast in North West England, has once again forcefully demonstrated the reality of the “Great Replacement” white genocide underway in European nations resulting from mass Third World Immigration.

Blackpool, famous for its fun fairs, rollercoasters, arcades and other traditional beachfront holiday activities, was completely taken over by nonwhite invaders on St. George’s Day—a mix of Africans, Pakistanis, Indians, and others of indeterminate origin.

Whites were simply physically driven off the beachfront by the mass nonwhite invasion, as the video, originally loaded onto YouTube, clearly showed.

The controlled media and other anti-white political activists still maintain that white genocide is a myth perpetrated by “racists”—yet the facts all conclusively show that the process of replacing white people with nonwhites in European nations is underway.

The definition of Genocide is, according to the Mirriam Webster dictionary, derived from the stem words GENO- + -CIDE. Geno comes from the Greek for “genos birth, race, kind,” and –cide from the Middle French, from Latin -cida, from “caedere to cut, kill.”

It is therefore, literally, the killing off of a race or kind. And this is exactly what the Great Replacement, or white genocide is: the killing off of white people in their ancestral homelands by the mass migration of nonwhites, with the determined aim of outbreeding and eventually swamping white people.

Only a fool, madman, or a malicious person can deny this reality.

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  1. Give it another 20 years, hopefully, I’ll not be around to see it, but nowhere within the UK will ever be predominately original British born and bred people. The Armed Forces will have gone because the non-whites will never join up like we did because they do not see the UK as their country. Conscription in a majority non-white/ethnic majority country will never happen because as Enoch Powell said, “The black man will have the upper hand!” Whereas most of the immigrants have created their own ghettos today, the British born and bred will be forced out of their areas just as what happened in the 1950’s in London. Many thanks to all the traitorous British politicians who have created all this happening because of their corrupt political ideology. All politicians are corrupt and greedy. Treason and the Death Penalty should be brought back, the electorate were never asked to accept this multi-cultural garbage.

    1. Some of the blame must go to the dumb electorate too. Whites are not what they used to be, so let’s not indulge in transparent romanticist nonsense please.

  2. There is a clear message there for all those who bury their heads in the sand and pretend that change is insignificant you can not deny realty or truth because you only deceive yourself

  3. My family and I had a similar experience when we visited Margate for a day trip last summer. There were about 4 different black beach parties going on with each one pumping out either African or Rap music. There were dozens of blacks dancing around each of the music systems at intervals along the beach front and the smell of cannabis wafting from the beach was over powering. There was not a policeman in sight.
    Welcome to the British seaside!

  4. “Our intention is to bring these minorities together in such a way so as to make it impossible for whiteness to reproduce itself.”–Noel Ignatiev, Harvard professor

  5. I found this video surprising and rather shocking considering that Blackpool is regarded as the epitome of working class Englishness. I would not be surprised to see some non whites there, but the total replacement of whites at Blackpool represents a huge cultural shift that I had never thought possible. In particular the appearance of the Moslem women draped in the St Georges flag really freaked me out. However, Englishness still thrives without the invaders at other places, so there is no need to despair – yet. There are many cultural events and settings where non whites are not present. For instance they are absent at antique fairs, pop concerts, opera, horse racing and the National Gallery, which gives the lie to the assertion by liberals that the invaders become British just like us, and that they are not really displacing the native population. On the two occasions that I have seen blacks at the National Gallery it confirmed my intuition that 99% of blacks are not really part of western civilization, and never will be. On one occasion two blacks were sitting on a bench, turned facing each other and chatting while ignoring the paintings. On another occasion a black women walked through the National Gallery’s Defining Beauty exhibition, glancing at the ancient Greek sculptures, before exiting at the other end two minutes later.
    I did read the National Geographic’s article about the so called ‘new Europeans’, and the author did acknowledge that some Germans were unhappy about the fake refugee invasion, and did not regard the invaders as new Europeans at all.


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