Germany: 236 Invader Centers Attacked

At least 236 invader centers housing fake refugees in Germany have been attacked this year already, according to the first figures in this regard to have broken through the state and media-imposed blackout on the militant German resistance to the invasion of their country by the Third World.

This invader center in Montabaur, Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, was burned down in June 2017.

According to a report in the Deutsche Welle news service, the invader “centers in Germany suffer near daily attacks,” and even though the total number of attacks is down from previous years, there are still more incidents than before the mass invasion of 2015.

The report quotes “fresh data” from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency (BKA) obtained by the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper which shows that there have been 211 attacks on invader centers throughout Germany in the first nine months of the year, plus an additional 15 incidents up to October 23.

The figure is down from nearly 900 attacks in the first nine months of 2016, but still higher than in 2014, a year before Germany was subjected to the Angela Merkel-created mass invasion of Europe.

According to the BKA, the number of attacks is constant and amounts to around 70 attacks per quarter.

The nature of the attacks varied from property damage to arson and the use of explosives.

At the height of the fake refugee invasion in 2015, attacks on the invader centers peaked at 1,031 for the full year.

Meanwhile, the German government has introduced a new financial bonus for fake refugees who agree to return home voluntarily.

According to the new scheme, the bogus “asylum seekers” are being offered new fitted kitchens, bathrooms and a year’s free rent if they go home.

The cash incentive is marketed to refugees under the slogan “Your country. Your future. Now!” Existing financial incentives of up to €1,200 each for refugees to leave Germany will be topped up by €3,000 for each family and €1,000 for individuals if they voluntarily return home over the next three months. The cash can be used for rent or home renovations.

“When you voluntarily decide to return by the end of February, in addition to start-up help you can provisionally receive housing cost help for the first 12 months in your homeland,” Thomas de Maizière, the German interior minister, told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

The cash offer is once again proof that the Third World invaders are not “refugees” at all—because if they were, it would not even be possible to offer them money to return home.

* Several regional governments in Germany have already announced plans to introduce laws to start deporting Syrians and Afghanis after June 2018.

The Bavarian interior ministry, one of the regional governments that has announced plans in this regard, told Welt am Sonntag that Afghans who have been refused asylum tended to disappear days before their deportation flights.

Instead of 50 Afghans at a time being sent home only an average of five people from each “collective flight” hand themselves in for deportation or can be found, an official said.

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  1. Does no one ever question the overall cost of all this ‘illegal migrants’ activity? Are the native taxpayers so enthralled by their politicians that they accept their money being spent on people who should never have been allowed into the country rather than their families, their health, their education? Sadly this is not restricted just to Germany – I’ve decided not to vote anymore in the UK, the political system is now so corrupt that no-one in any political party represents the people anymore.

    1. No-one has yet challenged the Marxist assumption that white, Western taxpayers should foot the bill for 3rd world immigrants. There has not been one word of debate about it. We should demand that the OIC pay for their co-religionists.

    2. Party politics in the western world is an illusion. There is only one party, the Government Party. Then, of course, there are the people. Unfortunately, the general public is either so hypnotized by vacuous pop culture, mass media and consumerism or kept running constantly just to make financial ends meet that they will never realize they’ve lost their country and been replaced by Third Worlders until it’s too late, until the brown people are demanding their “rights”, violently quite often, and turning their countries into the European and North American versions of South Africa. Until something affects them in a direct way–they’ve been replaced at their job by low-wage migrants or their daughter is raped by a “refugee” or a mosque is built on their street or they’re prohibited from celebrating holidays openly because it’s “offensive” to others–until their lives are touched in a personal way, most people do not wake up. Unfortunately by that time, it’s often too late. I wish people had the ability to think and act proactively to prevent problems they can foresee happening, but 95% of the population can’t.

  2. The ‘cash bounty’ for ‘voluntary repatriation’ simply will not work.
    By staying put the fakers can easily claim in excess of 3000 euros in one year – plus ‘free’ health, education, housing etc etc. By ‘hanging tough’ they will eventually get the ‘right’ to import their whole family – costing Germans hundreds of thousands of euros – entitlement to old age pensions, child benefit etc etc.
    Even the dimmest faker can see that the bribe is a very very bad deal.
    Plus, they’ve got all the European Courts fighting for them.

    1. Spot on. “The fakers” have also got ample support from the do-gooders of this world who have probably translated all the ways to fiddle the system into their own languages and that’s a lot.

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