Only 505 Invaders Returned to Turkey

Only 505 nonwhite invaders have been returned to Turkey since the “EU deal” was signed in March this year—and of that number, only five have actually had their asylum claims rejected. At the same time, at least 166,570 invaders have landed in Greece from Turkey since the beginning of the year.

Of the 505 returnees, at least 500 have either refrained from requesting asylum, or withdrawn their applications, according to the Greek Ministry of Migration.


The new figures—which show once again that Angela Merkel’s much-touted “deal” with Turkey over the mass nonwhite invasion is a weak hoax—were released last week when the first five failed “asylum seekers” were sent back from Greece to Turkey.

The five returnees—four from Pakistan and one from Egypt—were sent to the Turkish port of Dikeli on a ship operated by European border agency Frontex, after their “asylum requests” were rejected on appeal.

Under the “EU-Turkey deal” concluded earlier this year, invaders arriving in Greece were expected to be sent back to Turkey if they did not apply for asylum, or if their asylum requests were refused.

The five sent back last week were the first returnees to have had their requests turned down.

The trickle of “returning” invaders under the so-called deal was first revealed in August, when the International Organization for Migration said in one of its “Situation Reports” that only some 468 invaders had been returned as of the 18th of that month.

Greek officials have now confirmed that most of the invaders still landing in that country have applied for asylum, regardless of their nationality or status. This has a double result: it overwhelms the Greek officials who now have to decide on each “asylum” application, and it gives the nonwhites time and space to organize their escape further into Europe.

Currently, at least 13,000 invaders are on the islands of Chios and Lesbos, waiting to have their applications heard, but a further 56,000 are on the Greek mainland.

According to the latest report from the International Organization for Migration, at least 166,570 invaders have entered Greece by land and sea since January 2016.

At the same time, 11,066 invaders crossed into Bulgaria from Turkey, and 89,691 entered the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from Greece.

Furthermore, some 98,627 entered Serbia—presumably from Macedonia—this year so far, while 102,275 crossed into Croatia during the same time period. Some 99,187 crossed into Slovenia—presumably from Croatia—on their way to Austria.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the European Union’s Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides, has announced that the EU is increasing its “aid” to “humanitarian organizations in Greece” which are assisting the invaders in that country.

Stylianides said that the EU will provide an additional €115 million ($129 million) in funding to support schools, food stamps, heating, and living facilities for “unaccompanied minors.”

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  1. All a total load like Merkel, illegal savages entering Europe have passed last year’s figures. Not surprising given the dumb whites are offering a ferry service now. Where is all this money coming from to keep them?

  2. What intrigues me is that they’re all socialist government’s encouraging the swamping of Europe.
    Exactly they same encouragement is coming from the Democrats in USA & the Canadian governments.
    Australia has stopped the illegals for now (providing we can keep Labor party out & get rid of the existing “conservative” PM.)

    The electorates in these countries keep voting the socialists into power?
    Must have a large death wish!

  3. Europe elites want to keep the population poor and stupid so they can rule forever. Thats the reason why they let in all those people who have low IQ and EQ. IF they are too many smart and rich people, those rulers can see their end days sooner.

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