Huge Crowds Greet Italy’s Salvini as Support Continues to Rise

Huge crowds spontaneously greeted Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini during an appearance at a traditional religious observance in the central city of Viterbo yesterday, confirming opinion polls which said his party was now the single biggest in Italy, surpassing even his senior coalition partner the Five Star Movement.

In a video Salvini posted to social media, which showed the crowd’s pop star like adulation, the Lega leader said “Mamma Mia, what goose bumps… Yesterday I was really excited and moved. Thanks to the people of Viterbo. P.S. Of course you won’t see this on TV.”

The latest opinion polls give the Lega above 32 percent support, four points above the Five Star movement, which outpolled the Lega at the election, and more than double the leftist Democratic Party, which had led Italy to the point where it now staggers under an African invasion of more than several million.

Salvini’s reception in the city—to watch the annual parade of the Festival of Saint Rosa—was marked by crowds spontaneously applauding, hugging, shaking hands, and demanding selfies all along the one kilometer route.

The reception given to Salvini was in marked contrast to that given the other guests, who included the President of the EU Parliament Antonio Tajani, and the deputy of the Democratic Party Emanuele Fiano, who were barely noticed.

Earlier, Salvini told the Deutsche Welle news service on the occasion of his first hundred days in officer that that he was “very happy. Under my remit, which is security, immigration, and public security, we have achieved extraordinary results. Regarding employment, taxes and pensions, in the autumn the new government will make its mark, with a new path, change, growth, so I’m not worried about data for this period. We are already working on growth, which should finally rebound.”

On the topic of the ongoing invasion of Europe by the Third World, Salvini said that “It is clear that I had to stop the migrant landings. Last year in the period up to August, 100,000 migrants arrived and the European Union did little or nothing. This year we had fewer than 20,000 landings, and the European Union is still doing little or nothing.”

He added that German Chancellor Angela Merkel “certainly underestimated the risk of a social clash when she claimed that there was space for hundreds of thousands of people in Germany. I still remember what happened during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne in 2015, and also elsewhere. However, violence is never a solution! Violence calls for violence, but the German government has been underestimating the problem for years, and the rise of the AfD is clearly a reaction.”

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  1. Well done that man, and to outshine one of the EU dictators is priceless. Wish we had people like him that does what he says. Deport all these fake immigrants under armed guard if necessary.

  2. Wow! So wonderful to see the Real Italian people happy, welcoming their Patriot Leader!

    Globalists take note: this is what happens when you do what the people want, instead of trampling them underfoot.

  3. Salvini betrayed the Italian people. Italian military continues to rescue African invaders. Illegal invaders continue in Italy. Citizenship is given to anyone who proves to have a remote Italian background

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