Shock Photos of Attacks on Calais Trucks

A series of shocking photographs illustrating the full violent extent of the nonwhite invader attacks upon trucks driving through the Calais “Jungle” have emerged.


The photographs show windshields smashed by rocks and boulders, and in one case, a metal pole hurled at the driver, with the obvious intent of killing him.



Calais-attacks-02The pictures were collected from fellow truckers by Hungarian trucker Arpad Levente Jeddi, who first sprang to prominence with his highly popular YouTube channel which mainly consists of his dash cam video clips showing how the invaders swarm all over the trucks as they slow down to get on ferries or board the Eurotunnel train at Calais.

A more recent video of his, which showed him pretending to aim at invaders crowding along the roadside, was the subject of much hysterical controlled media coverage.

The media attention given to him has however had the opposite effect to what the media wanted, and his new Facebook page has grown dramatically in popularity with tens of thousands of “likes” since it was launched.

It was on this page that he posted up the pictures of the attacked trucks, forwarded to him by fellow truckers, sick of being attacked by the nonwhites.


Arpad Levente Jeddi, the Hungarian truck driver who has won international fame for exposing the violence of the nonwhite invaders at Calais.

The controlled media has, as a general rule, deliberately ignored and even covered up the violent nature of the invading hordes outside Calais, in the hope of presenting them as “peace-loving, fleeing-from-war-refugees” instead of the criminal gangsters which they are.

However, sometimes the incidents are so dramatic that even the controlled media is forced to admit the facts, as happened in August this year, when the Daily Mail reported a case where a family driving back to Britain from their holiday in France were almost killed when invaders threw a seven-foot scaffolding pole into the front of their car as they travelled through Calais at 30 mph.


If the metal pole had been just a few inches higher, it would definitely have struck one of the passengers. The driver reported the attack to French border officials who told him they were surprised as it was “usually stones” hurtled at cars.

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    1. Pity the mainstream media got hold of it and claimed the “truck driver was trying to kill the migrants”. For one thing, they aren’t “migrants”, they are “illegal immigrants”, and furthermore if he’d wanted to kill any of them he easily could have.

  1. The Media definetly did not show the extent of this violence….Or the whole truth about all of the crap comimg our way……So many people in England are oblivious to it all…..They are gonna get a nasty awakening when this
    lot start their crimes here….(all played down by the media)

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