Protesting #feesmust fall and #rhodesmustfall black students at South Africa’s University of Cape Town (UCT) have demanded that the discipline of science be completely scrapped because it is a product of white people. “Science as a whole is a product of Western modernity and the whole thing should be scratched off. Especially in Africa‚” a black “student” was recorded as saying.

Ongoing black “student” violence and rioting has shut all South African universities and it is now doubtful that there will be any 2016 graduates this year. The violence has caused more than R600 million ($44 million) damage to buildings and vehicles so far, and the rioting shows no sign of ending soon.

In more evidence that the “Somali refugee” invasion of Europe and North America is a hoax, the Arab state of Yemen has just deported 720 Africans back to their homeland. Somalia is regarded as safe even by the UNHCR—and there is no justification for that nation’s citizens to claim “asylum” in Europe or anywhere else.

Yet another formerly prosperous farm taken over by “emerging black farmers” in South Africa has collapsed, even though it had been hailed as a “model for land reform projects” by that country’s ANC government. The farm—taken over in 2011—has already run up millions in debt, has had its power cut off, and has had many of its fixtures stolen and sold for scrap.

The world-famous University of Cape Town (UCT) has been shut down with immediate effect “in anticipation of protest action” by thousands of rioting blacks, a statement from the college has announced. The decision follows riots last week over tribunals against “students” arrested for assault, intimidation, arson, and vandalism during earlier “protests.”

Farms built up and created by whites in Zimbabwe—and forcibly seized by the black government in an anti-white racist frenzy—are being handed over to Chinese “immigrants,” it has been revealed.
The farms—large-scale operations which were previously the backbone of the Zimbabwean agricultural industry—have collapsed after being seized from their white owners.

The black African state of Kenya has ordered the expulsion of 425,000 Somali “refugees” back home, calling the invaders a “breeding ground for terrorism” and an “economic burden.” The West’s controlled media has blacked out the news because it undermines the “Somali refugee” narrative promoted in the West—and because it is a black state doing the expelling, instead of a European state.

The two South African leftists who opened their farm to hundreds of Central African invaders who had fled “xenophobic violence” in that country, have now completely abandoned their farm after an Indian-origin High Court judge refused to rule in their favor.

At least 20 candidates were murdered by opponents in the run-up to last week’s local elections in South Africa, which were won by the ruling ANC—and which lost at least 13 candidates to the mayhem. A significant number of the dead candidates appear to have been murdered by members of their own parties in internal squabbles over the right to be nominated.

Zambia has recorded the highest maize production levels in its history—thanks to the 100 white farmers forcibly expelled from Zimbabwe who started farming in that country. Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has admitted that the whites are now once again feeding the Africans—as Zimbabwe is now forced to import its maize from Zambia.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni provided unintentional comic relief with a garbled speech before a visiting Israeli delegation last week, a video of his speech has revealed.
Among other topics, Museveni talked about “baby Jesus” and Mohammed, said Jews weren’t Christians—and told how he slept during international meetings.

Nonwhite invaders who cannot pay smugglers the full fare for their trip across the Mediterranean Sea are sold to murderers to be cut up and used for body part organ sales, an Italian court has heard. Eritrean Nuredein Wehabrebi Atta made the admission before he was sentenced to five years in prison by a Palermo court for his role in a people smuggling enterprise.

Black mobs have attacked and burned down a warehouse at the famous Beit Bridge crossing between South Africa and Zimbabwe during ongoing protests over a Zimbabwean ban on importing South African goods.
The mob also prevented travelers crossing into South Africa by placing burning tires in the road and stoning passing vehicles.

As Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton supported the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood against Libya’s Qaddafi government, it has been revealed.
According to US Rear Admiral Charles R. Kubic, Clinton met with Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Paris in 2011 to commit support to their “revolution.”

After only five days on the job, a group of 300 black South African firemen sent to help Canada fight the ongoing Alberta wildfires, have gone on strike.
The firefighters garnered international media attention when they touched down in Canada last month, singing and dancing as they landed, as part of a “payback for Canadian opposition to Apartheid.”

The Libyan president Fayez al-Sarraj has refused to take back any of the invaders who have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, saying that they are the European Union’s problem.
Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with Die Presse newspaper in Germany, Al-Sarraj was adamant that the invaders—most of whom set off from the Libyan coast, “cannot live with us.”

The South African parliament has finally passed the law which will allow the ANC government to legally seize white-owned land and hand it over to nonwhites.
The new “Appropriation Act” does away with the previous “willing seller, willing buyer” arrangement which was supposed to prevent a Zimbabwe-style land grab.

Flesh-eating bacteria, E.coli, cholera, shigella, and salmonella bacteria are present in South African water supplies-because three-quarters of water pumped back into rivers by municipal treatment plants is not properly treated. The collapse in water sanitation standards—due to the inefficiency of the Third World government—is detailed in a new report from the 2016 SA Health Review (SAHR).

The African invasion of Europe across the Mediterranean Sea has been caused by the British and French governments’ wrecking of the Gadhafi regime in Libya—and is now also being aided by Libyan warlords and the Italian mafia. According to an article in Germany’s Bild newspaper, the “disintegrated” state of Libya following Gadhafi’s fall made it much easier to send boats to Europe.

South African Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula has formally suspended that country’s rugby, cricket, netball, and athletics associations from bidding for international tournaments because they are too white.
Making the announcement this week, Mbalula said those organizations had “failed to transform”—that is, they had not attracted enough black players.