Fijian Invader Jailed after Fake “Refugee” Story Exposed

A Fijian invader who made up a story about being a “persecuted Bangladeshi” seeking “asylum” in New Zealand has been jailed after his fraud was exposed—but the drama has revealed the establishment’s refusal to accept or understand racial differences, allowing nonwhites to swap identities at will.

According to a report in the TVNZ service, the Fijian national made up a story that he arrived in New Zealand as a stowaway “after his entire family were massacred by a group of Bangladeshis.”

The Fijian, named Satya Nand, was sentenced at the Tauranga District Court to 29 months’ imprisonment “after pleading guilty to a representative charge of using false documentation to obtain a benefit,” the report said.

The court heard that between his arrival in New Zealand on a visitor visa in 1996 and 1998 Nand created a new identity, giving himself the name of Rana Khan and inventing the “refugee” story.

Nand told New Zealand authorities that he was actually an Indian and that he had been born in that country—a trick he was able to carry off because the officials involved had been “educated” into believing that there are no real racial differences, allowing the Fijian to pass himself off as an Indian without question.

Nand claimed he was born in India and went to Bangladesh when he was one year old and that his family were killed when he was 18.

He further claimed he was persecuted, beaten up and stabbed at the refugee camp in Bangladesh so stowed away on a ship to Hong Kong and eventually New Zealand.

Given “asylum” on the basis of this made up a story—the authorities simply having taken his work for it—Nand obtained New Zealand residence and subsequently citizenship.

Nans was only “ultimately caught as a result of painstaking investigative work” by compliance officers who managed to locate him under his true Fijian identity and then uncovered his fraud and false identity, Immigration New Zealand Assistant General Manager, Peter Devoy, told the news service after the court case.

“The defendant had never been to either India or Bangladesh and in fact was in Fiji and New Zealand for the entire time,” Devoy said.

The case not only revealed the race-blindness of the authorities, but also the fact that the nonwhite invaders of white nations can—and do—and make up any story at all to gain access to the white countries.

Even worse, the white liberals running majority European states appear to believe any made-up story at face value, and that checking to the level that Nand was subjected, is the exception rather than the rule.

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  1. Gotta larf. God luv him. ps The west gets such a thrashing , (from the commies n non white critics ) but seems the worlds ‘happy ‘ wanderers w ill all do anything to get here. LOL

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