2.5 Million Murders in 16 Years: Latin America’s Nonwhite Crime Wave

At least 2.5 million people have been murdered in Latin America in just sixteen years (between 2000 and 2016), representing 33 percent of the world’s homicides—despite having only 8 percent of its... Read more »

Germany: Chief Jew Who Welcomed “Refugee” Invasion Now Warns Jews about Arab Attacks

Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews of Germany, has warned Jews in that country not to wear yarmulkes in public for fear of being attacked by Muslim “refugees”—even... Read more »

Jews in US Congress Urge Israel to Accept UN “Deal” to Deport African Invaders to White Countries

18 Jews serving in the US Congress have issued an urgent written appeal to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on him to accept a United Nations High Commission |(UNHCR) on Refugees... Read more »

One-Third of Americans Don’t Believe in the Holocaust

One-third of all Americans—over 107 million people—don’t believe that “six million Jews” were killed in the “Holocaust,” a hysterical report from the Jewish “Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany” has claimed. Read more »

Nonwhite Immigration Makes US Economy Worse, US Census Figures Prove

The liberal lie that “immigration helps the economy” has been thoroughly disproved by US Census Bureau figures which show that recent Third World immigrants are economically significantly worse off than the native... Read more »

Intelligence is Genetic, MIT Admits, and IQ-DNA Tests Soon Available

Faced with the inevitable march of impartial factual science, several leading behavioral geneticists have now fully admitted that intelligence is genetic—i.e. that intelligence is inherited, and not environmental—and that IQ DNA test... Read more »

55 Murders in 98 Days: London Collapses into Nonwhite Crime Nightmare

Britain’s majority nonwhite capital city of London is rapidly spiraling downward into a crime nightmare where there have been 55 murders in the first 98 days of 2018—a direct result of decades... Read more »

German Resistance Continues: 6 Attacks per Day on Invader Centers in 2017

There were 2,219 attacks upon invader centers in Germany during 2017, an average of six per day, in which at least 300 invaders were injured, figures released by the Interior Ministry have... Read more »

US Rabbinical Assembly: “Jews Marrying Non-Jews a Severe Breach of Jewish Law”

Rabbi candidates standing for election to the US Rabbinical Assembly—the world’s foremost association of Conservative rabbis in America, Canada, Israel, Latin America, Europe,  Australia, and Africa—seek to “strengthen” the ban on marriage between Jews... Read more »

“March for Our Lives” Ignores Fact that 70% of all Murderers in US are Nonwhite

The recent “March for our lives” protests held across the US ignore the fact that at least 70 percent of all those arrested for murder in the US are nonwhite, and that... Read more »

The Myth of the “White Male Mass Shooter” in America: Actually, 50% have been Nonwhite

Fifty percent of all the mass shootings in America since the Columbine incident were carried out by nonwhites, a statistic which lays waste to the myth that “white males” are responsible for... Read more »

Israel’s Chief Rabbi: Blacks are “Sub-Humans, Monkeys and Nig*ers”

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef has announced that black people are “sub-humans, monkeys, and nig*ers,” and that secular Israeli courts “are worse than Gentile courts”—an outpouring of anti-Gentile hatred from Judaism’s highest... Read more »

Knesset Endorses Bill Defining Israel as “Nation for Jews”

The Israeli parliament’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation this week approved the long-delayed “Nation State Bill” for its first reading, which, when passed, will further restrict immigration to Jews only, and enshrine Israel... Read more »

Hungarian PM: Western Europe has Surrendered to the Third World Invasion

Western Europe has raised its hands and has laid down its weapons in the face of the invasion from Africa and the Middle East, and will never again decide its own fate,... Read more »

Britain: At Least 20,000 White Girls Raped by “Asian” Grooming Gangs

The news that at least 1,000 white girls in the English town of Telford were raped, pimped and abused by an “Asian grooming gang” means that collectively, at least 20,000 British girls—many... Read more »

Russian Spy Attack: West Blames Putin without Proof

The rush by the UK government and its allies to blame Russian president Vladimir Putin for the alleged nerve agent attack on a Russian spy traitor hiding in England, without producing any... Read more »

US Issues Hate Crime Charges against Jew responsible for “Threats to Jewish Centers”

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued new indictments against Michael Ron Kadar, the dual citizen US-Israeli Jew was who was responsible for the wave of threats against Jewish Community Centers... Read more »

UK: Muslim Terrorists Kill 35, Injure 377—But Police and Media Hysterical over “Neo-Nazis”

Muslim terrorist attacks in Britain during 2017 killed 35 people, and seriously wounded another 377—but establishment spokesman and the controlled media have been hysterically claiming that “neo-Nazis” are the true “threat”—even though... Read more »

ADL’s “Anti-Semitic Incident” Report includes Jokes, Neighbor Disputes—and Threats made by Jews

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Lie Machine has gone into overdrive once again with its “2017 Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents”—and has included classroom jokes, disputes between neighbors over dogs, and even the bomb... Read more »

“Black-Skinned” Cheddar Man Claims Untrue, Admits New Scientist Magazine

Recent claims that Britain’s “Cheddar Man” had “black skin” are not true, there is “no confidence in the DNA analysis” and there is currently no fool-proof way to predict the skin color... Read more »

Israel Throws First Africans in Prison for Refusing to be Deported

The first seven African invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” in Israel who have refused to be deported have been thrown into prison, Israeli media has boasted. Read more »

MS-13 Resurgence in US Caused by “Unaccompanied Alien Children” Invasion

The resurgence of the El Salvadoran MS-13 gang in America—and its accompanying brutal violence—has been conclusively linked to the mass invasion of the US by more than 300,000 “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) nonwhites,... Read more »

UN has Shipped 6,300 Nigerian Fake “Asylum Seekers” Home

The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) has now shipped at least 6,300 Nigerians back home from Libya where they were pretending to be refugees trying to invade Europe—proving once again... Read more »

Poland: Jews Did Assist Nazis in “Final Solution”

Thousands of Jews actively participated in helping Nazis round up Jews for deportation to the eastern territories during World War II, exactly as claimed by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki—and contrary to... Read more »

UN Wants to Ship Africans from Israel to “Safe Western Countries”

The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) has confirmed that it is in discussions with the Israeli government to ship the African invaders facing deportation from the Jewish ethnostate to “safe... Read more »

74% Increase in Population, not “Climate Change,” Cause of Cape Town Water Crisis

Rapid overpopulation of the South African city of Cape Town by millions of blacks streaming in from other parts of the country—which has caused a 74 percent increase in the city’s population... Read more »