Germany: Pro-Third World Invasion Christian Churches Face Half-Million Loss in Members

The fanatically pro-Third World invasion Christian churches in Germany—both Catholic and Protestant—have experienced a nearly half-million drop in officially registered members in 2018, the largest in recorded history.

The new figures, released by the German Bishops’ Conference and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), revealed that the Catholic and Protestant churches both lost over 200,000 members last year.

The losses are more than numerical: members of both churches pay up to 9 percent of their taxable income as church taxes, and deregistering as a member of the church means that this income has now been lost to the Christians.

According to the figures, Germany’s Catholic Church lost 216,078 members and Protestant churches lost some 220,000 members in 2018.

In total, around 23 million German citizens are still members of the Catholic Church and 21.14 million are members of the Protestant churches. The two groups account for 53.2 percent of the country’s total population of over 83 million.

Hans Langendörfer, secretary of the German Bishops’ Conference, described Friday’s figures as a “worrying” statistic.

“Every departure hurts,” said Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, president of the EKD.

Church membership can officially be renounced by making a declaration in person at a local government agency, sometimes a district court. There is no need to provide any reason for wanting to leave.

Unless they renounce their membership with an official declaration, members of the Catholic and Protestant churches pay up to 9 percent of their taxable income as church tax, generating billions of euros in income for both organizations. The money is automatically deducted, just like payroll taxes or social insurance.

The Christian churches have been at the forefront of promoting the Third World invasion of Germany, especially by Muslims, and have also been active in politics, demanding that Germans accept millions of nonwhites and Muslims—even though all the data shows that the introduction of millions of Third Worlders will lead to the destruction of Germany, and of the Christian churches as well.

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  1. That report says it all. Yet the Leaders of the Churches still fail to see that they have created this problem. Yes, it is easy to say, “It’s our Christian Duty to help those coming from conflict!”, but the mass majority are not coming from conflict at all and, according to some comments, this majority are unfit for employment and are ‘living on the state, funded by the hard working taxpayers’. Let the Churches fund the immigrants and not the state, that would highlight the stupidity of their actions.

    1. Idiot Christians forget that Jesus told His disciples to take God’s new message to all of humanity.
      He did not tell them to bring all of humanity back to live in the disciples’ villages.

  2. Churches in Oz have a sweet-heart deal with the govt to get funding for ‘settling’ in new thirdworlds. Therefor they are screaming pro mass immigration supporters. TNO or similar press, revealed recently that Soros et al n gang is invading western Christianity to ensure the mass immigration continues.

    1. It’s the same appalling situation in the US and Europe: churches get government funding for helping re-settle invaders bent on destroying Christianity. And the Communists infiltrating them make sure to include a Voter Registration Form in every fake “refugee welcome pack”.

  3. According to the online figures, 44M Germans are still members of both Churches! If 400K drop out, that’s only 1%, and possibly they’d be poorest anyway. It’s amazing how they stick to a Jew-based system of nonsense.

  4. I presume a lot depends of the ages of the 44 million who are still registered as members. Are all the current 18-30 years old residents signed up as members? Withdrawing their membership deprives the Churches of 9% of an individual’s salary so how do the Churches hope to replace that money?

  5. I hope it’s becoming increasingly obvious that, since Gutenberg invented printing, all of Europe has been parasitised by the absurd Jew-based trash of the ‘Bible’, at their own expense. The time is well over for this low-grade unintelligent rubbish to be thrown out.

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