Eight Anti-Invasion Rallies in Europe

While media attention was focused on the dramatic Pegida rally in Cologne on Saturday, no less than eight other anti-invasion rallies—all using the refugee-criminal mass sex attacks as their theme—took place in Belgium, Austria, France, and Germany, over the last two days.

One of the first ever Pegida demonstrations in the Belgian city of Antwerp took place without incident in that city center at the historical Hendrik Conscience Square.




The meeting was addressed by prominent Vlaams Belang politician Filip De Winter, and Edwin Wagensveld, the Dutch Pegida leader. Also in attendance was the founder of Pegida, Lutz Bachmann.

Speakers called for the banishment of Islam and the closure of Belgium’s borders, all citing the crime and terror threat posed by the nonwhite invasion.

Meanwhile in the German/Austrian border town of Freilassing, the patriotic Ein Prozent (One Percent) movement held its second demonstration in a row against what it called the “madness of open borders.”

The protestors marched to the border crossing point—much used by the nonwhite invaders to cross into Germany—and with their numbers “symbolically closed the border for a few hours,” the organization’s website said.





In France, the Génération Identitaire organization took to the streets of four cities to protest against the “imported crime” which had come to Cologne and other European cities on New Year’s Eve.

The demonstrations, held in Toulouse, Flanders Hainaut Artois, Nice, and Aix-en-Provence, attracted wide public support, calling as they did for the immediate deportation of the criminal invaders and the “start of a remigration program” for all nonwhites in Europe.


Génération Identitaire  Toulouse.

GI-Flanders Hainaut Artois-01

Génération Identitaire  Flanders Hainaut Artois.


Génération Identitaire  Nice.

GI-Flanders Hainaut Artois

Génération Identitaire  Aix-en-Provence.

In Dresden, the Saxony branch of the Identitarian movement demonstrated in the city and announced the launch of its “spring offensive,” which it had, the organization said, brought forward because of the crisis created by the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne. The day’s events included the distribution of several thousand leaflets in the city.

IB Dresden-02

IB Dresden

Finally, the mildly populist Alternatief für Deutschland (AfD) party, which although standing at nearly 10 percent support in opinion polls, still desperately tries to present the most politically-correct public face it can, held its 2016 election launch rally in Neubrandenberg.

According to a post on AfD Member of the European Parliament’s Beatrix Von Storch Facebook page, the large crowd heard her declare that “We need [refugee] limits and we need Merkel gone.”

AfD rally-02

AfD rally-01

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  1. Bravo. If we in Britain tried to do this we would have the law arresting every single white patriot then flung in jail. We need to get rid of every Muslim In Europe, send them back to the 12 century s.it holes they come from.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Molly but with Dopey Dave and friends in charge nothing much will change in the UK. It will still take 5+ years to deport any body even after the courts have sanctioned the deportation.

      1. [email protected] : “It will still take 5+ years to deport any body even after the courts have sanctioned the deportation.” Hhmm! ….and pigs might fly …… Lol !! I doubt there`s a judge anywhere in the UK who doesn`t suck at the teat of multiculturalism plus all the weighty baggage dragging behind it.
        Suffice it to say `non whites good – english whites racist=bad. Deportation will be forced to die on the vine.

        1. “We will deport the economic migrants who have no right to be here”. So the mantra of Europe’s leaders went. Apart from the Scandinavians who deport “Refugees” for committing crime, anyone heard of any mass repatriations of the economic migrants or are they sending them to Calais to wait their turn in stealing in the UK?

          1. Exactly. Merkel and co. may right now be counting the invader heads in Calais to arrange trains for their travel to Dover in comfort. Let`s see – that`s how many? Only a mere 6000 or so? In which case dear Dave`s “negotiations” could soon be amicably resolved on a quid pro quo basis and some not-so-gentle arm twisting.
            Yet another good deal for Britain ????? LOL !!

        1. i Quite agree Mike. Unfortunately the people of the UK are far too complacent, what will be will be attitude, which as you say will be the death of the UK!

        2. It is already grossly apathetic. Most of the voting public have had their spirit eroded over many decades.
          I heard an interview on BBC Radio 4 just recently in which it was asserted, with good authority by the interviewee, that we, in the UK collectively, are experiencing a rock bottom lack of trust in virtually everything surrounding us including business, as well as in the political world. I for one have no faith in the likelihood of a resurrection of common sense. Certainly not while the Eton crowd govern the country!

  2. Wow!! The best news I’ve heard for awhile ………………….after reading they had turned the water canons on the Pegida March in Germany !!!!!

  3. The pictures say it all, don’t they. The patriots are properly dressed people of both sexes. Decent law-abiding people yet they are vilified by their governments, academics and the lying media.

  4. Just got home, turned on sky news, and the ‘author and playwright’ Bonnie Greer is commenting on the situation in Cologne. Despite he overwhelming evidence, 22 out of 31 arrested being asylum seekers, she tells us that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, to the bewilderment of the sky anchor. What world do these people live in and why are their opinions thrust on us as though they have their fingers on the pulse?

  5. l sincerely hope the people of Europe win this battle and the politicians are ousted and charged with the terrible crimes they have committed against the European people and all the other people whose lives they have ruined or turned inside out or ended.
    What right do they have to do this to the planet and the people on it ??
    l hope the patriotic people gather in their millions and take charge of the situation. Every successful rally and show of strong rejection will inspire others to do the same and if enough people did that there would be millions and they would win.
    Thank you to all those brave men and women that are strong enough to stand up to this invasion on behalf of all those of us that are unable to.

  6. To the New Observer team. Would it be possible to have an Agree / Disagree tick count box by each comment please ?

    We’ll look into it.

      1. l think it is a good idea too Jay. There are people who don’t like to write comments but who do read the threads. A ‘tick’ box would give a view of others opinions and also show that people do read these comments even if they don’t post themselves. Let’s hope New Observer will do this – at least we’ll be fairly sure the ticks will not be ‘altered’ by the newspaper itself – as other MSM articles most certainly are. lt has been awful in some of them lately – counts going up or down by thousands in moments. Everyone knows they are fixed but cannot do anything about it. lt sways people in a dangerous way – dangerous in as much as the real opinions of readers cannot be truly represented and that is actual propadanda in another form.

  7. I am waiting for round number two when the great, great, grandchildren of the Sun Mursilis, the great King, the King of Hatti land, the Valiant, the favourite of the Storm-god… again go out to maraud in an innocent and ignorant and uninformed part of the EU. No doubt they will collect silver and gold watches, silver and gold jewellery, cell phones, laptops, I-pads, ladies frilly panties, bra’s and silver purses and the liberal left and their leaders will pay them under an oath of loyalty to the maraud, and ensure that nobody is sent to warn the victims to ensure a complete success. ( see the Akkadian-Hittite Treaty, which can be found in a link at the bottom of the page for the Ramses ii and Hattusili iii Treaty, and the Golden Bull of 1222 Article lV )

  8. You all seem to forget one thing.Have you ever had a plague of roaches or rats? They not so easy to get rid of once they have infested an area.Somehow we don’t really care about what is happening.The liberal views of these countries have now come to bite them in the behind.

    1. Well, I certainly care … but you`re so right,Nico.
      The `infestation` of all these areas has been slyly orchestrated and become embedded courtesy of inordinate amounts of government money.Trying to get rid would be hellishly difficult if not impossible. They`ll carry on sticking like Sh* t to a blanket while life is so nice and cosy.
      This has been years in the planning while we`ve been kept blissfully ignorant of the silent indoctrination of our youngsters by TPTB.

      1. Agreed absolutely, Jay. This is a massive conspiracy of, dare I say not wanting to appear flippant, “James Bond 007” outrageous proportions!

        1. Truth is stranger than fiction Grah. Were this a Spectre of Smersh conspiracy Fleming might have got away with it, but a conspiracy of so many governments would have pushed it beyond the credible, in fiction.

  9. Obviously now the controlled media are turning on the “Refugee” charm offensive and deceit in their non-factual reporting.

  10. At last, we all need to now take our homelands back…!..When i was living in London and a mass of immigrants arrived there was a massive outbreak of infestations, the best business the shops did was with pest control….

  11. When I was growing up, we were always told that if anything destroyed mankind, it would most likely be ‘man’s inhumanity to his fellow man’

    No-one ever dreamed it could in fact be his ‘humanity’ to his fellow man which could be our undoing, but this is what decades of liberalism has done for us.

    7th Century life, with all it’s barbarism, poverty and disease, here we come.!

  12. It’s actually pleasant to read an article where any proponent of resistance isn’t immediately seized on as an Islamophobic far right hooligan. That is a plan by the MSM, no doubt backed by many western governments, which we have to change. Whilst perception might not be everything, in this world of instant communication and almost instant gratification, it’s way up there, particularly with youth. So, we need to get into their heads, and hearts, that to not totally trust, or necessarily welcome immigrants, is not a bad thing, practically it’s a safety measure, economically it’s a necessity. How can a hypothetical country of say 8 million, support the infrastructure of another say 2 million, especially when 80% of the 2 million have no intention of looking for labour but every intent of breeding the ‘hosts’ out of their homeland. If only we could inculcate that into some of these lefty/liberal teachers, we could all take a well earned breather, but no, onwards and upwards!

  13. Who the [email protected]@k is Bonnie Greer – obviously and hand wringing leftie looney. Has Herr merkel had anything to say this weekend about all these marches. She is very likely reforming the Stasi so that they can be sent onto the streets to crush decent. The last thing our illustrious leaders in the EU want is us to decent.

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