Germany: Two “Immigrants” Charged with Fighting For ISIS

Two legal nonwhite “immigrants”in Germany —a Somali and a Turk, both with German citizenship—have been sentenced to prison for joining and fighting for ISIS-affiliates in Somalia and Syria, and then returning to carry on their struggle in Europe.

According to the Deutsche Welle news service, the two nonwhites, named only as Abshir A. and Ozkan C., were sentenced by a caort in Frankfurt at the end of last week,

Abshir A., a Somali-born German national, was sentenced to two years and ten months in prison for joining al-Shabab in Somalia, while Ozkan C. was sentenced to two years and eight months for being a member of Junud al-Sham in Syria.

A., who was born in Mogadishu, but grew up in the German state of Hesse, fought along al-Shabab militants between early 2012 and early 2014.

The 29-year-old completed four months of combat training upon arrival before being transferred to an al-Shabab base, but was forced to stop fighting due to an unidentified physical affliction. A. denied ever fighting with the militant group.

German police arrested A. after he arrived at Frankfurt airport with falsified documents in July 2016.

He spent around four months undergoing combat training upon arrival, during which time Shabaab militia taught him how to handle weapons and employ guerrilla tactics, according to a court statement.

Ozkan C., who was born in Turkey but also grew up in Germany, joined Junud al-Sham along with his wife in 2013. While in Syria, he taught Arabic to other German-speaking al-Sham fighters and was given weapons training.

Ozkan C. returned to Germany in late 2013, where he promoted radical Islamist organizations before police arrested him in 2016.

It is estimated that up to 1,000 nonwhites who have legally obtained German nationality—either being awarded it by the deliberately race-blind authorities, or by being born in Germany to immigrants—who fought for ISIS have already returned to Germany.

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