550,000 Rejected “Asylum Seekers” in Germany

There are over half a million rejected “asylum seekers” still living in Germany, despite receiving orders to leave the country—and almost all of them have been living there, “tolerated” by the government for at least six years.

The half million figure does not even begin to include the 1.5 million parasites who invaded Germany last year at Angela Merkel’s request.


The Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) said that a new report on the “hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers who have lived in Germany for years despite being denied asylum” revealed that as of the end of June 2016, some 549,209 of the parasites were still in the country.

Of this number, 406,065 have lived for more than six years in the country, allowing them to apply for permanent residence in spite of their illegal status, the report went on.

In at least 165,000 of the cases, the original refusal to be granted “asylum” was made in the 1990s—conclusive evidence that the German government has been allowing the nonwhite invasion to proceed unhindered for decades.

Most of the invaders originate from Turkey, Kosovo, and a smaller number from Serbia.

Almost half of them (46.6 percent) now have permanent right of residence, while another 34.8 percent have a temporary residence permit.

This means that these invaders were not only not deported after their unsuccessful “asylum” applications, but were tolerated and later received a right to stay.

The precedent which this has set for the current crop of invaders—who are much more determined to stay in Europe—is disturbing, because if the German government has been refusing to act on the invasion since the 1990s, there is even less chance that they will do so now.

According to the report, the excuses given for not deporting the failed “asylum seekers” range from “serious illness” to a “lack of papers.” The latter excuse means that the invaders had destroyed all their identification and the authorities now claim that they do not know where they came from.

All of these excuses are, of course, hollow, as origin can be easily determined by any number of cultural, linguistic, and racial tests. The reality is that the Merkel-regime does not want to deport them, and instead seeks a Germany overrun by nonwhites.

Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that in order for the invasion problem to be solved, more than a million of the nonwhites posing as refugees need to be deported out of Europe.

Speaking in an interview in the Hungarian news service Origom, Orbán said that anyone who wants to apply for asylum in Europe should do so from outside the continent, and not first enter illegally.

“All those who have entered illegally, need to be rounded up and deported,” he said, adding that they should be deposited “not in other (European Union) countries, but in areas outside the EU.”

He said that the invaders who claim to be refugees could be kept in “large refugee camps on an island or any portion of the North African coast,” from where their applications could be reviewed.

Orbán also revealed that Hungary is busy with major technical upgrades to its border fence, which will include a physical wall to ward off all future invasion attempts.

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  1. They’re not going anywhere.

    No. On second thoughts, that’s untrue. They will come to Britain, once Germany ‘gives them their papers’, and if Britain keeps dilly-dallying over brexit.

    1. Can we be really sure they are not already being sneaked in, via the back door? I am seeing more types of invaders, on the streets, that strangely resemble the crop of cra* i’ve seen around Austria. As if we haven’t already enough problems with the “home grown”.

  2. All this is proof that the EU is totally incompetent at running even a kiddies teaparty, what hope of seriously being a good government for a 500 million population trading bloc. The EU needs to collapse and very soon. Hungary’s President would run it far better.

  3. There is something which is very confusing. If an individual comes to Germany alone leaving his family at home ( which he claims not a secure place) should he be granted asylum? I think 95% of such individuals are those who are coming to Germany as economic migrants and then claim asylum to secure their future in Germany. Most of them have solid financial background as well and that is why they manage to reach Germany by paying thousands of Euros to the human smuggler. Another interesting aspect is that if the crisis is do deep why no contact information is available on German government websites to report illegal immigrants. At least on the webpages for countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan no such contact information is available.

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