Switzerland: “Immigrants” Can’t be Citizens if They use Welfare

Immigrants to Switzerland will be ineligible to apply for citizenship if they have used welfare in that country within the previous three years—unless they pay it all back, in terms of a tough new immigration law which has come into effect.

The new law, officially named the Civil Rights Act, is based on legislation that had originally been tried and tested in cities such as Basel and Zurich. Although it officially came into law in January, it is only now that the Act has been fully implemented in practice.

In terms of the law, only those people who are in possession of a settlement permit and who have not received any social assistance or have paid back the money in the last three years can obtain Swiss citizenship.

Because most of the Third World arrivals are uneducated and are not interested in employment or integration, this means the majority of them will be forced to leave the country or remain in legal limbo.

The second part of the law also demands that immigrants demonstrate a strong level of integration, which includes having a certain number of Swiss friends.

Language is also important, with communication being a key component of whether a migrant will be given citizenship or not.

Although the required language level varies from canton to canton, all regions are expected to enforce rules by which an intermediate understanding of either French, German or Italian is required before citizenship can be considered.

Migrants who have committed any crime at all are now automatically barred from having the right to stay in the country, something which had been disputed by the courts before.

Along with the rest of Western Europe, Switzerland has been deeply affected by the mass Third World invasion.

Invaders moving into Germany from Italy have used the alpine state as a stopover point and many have stayed put. Leaked documents shown to the media late last year reveal the government has only been able to verify the identities of just 10 percent of the invaders—which means that a staggering 90 percent of the nonwhites are living in the country on false aliases.

Unlike many other western European countries, the Swiss government has taken a very firm stance against immigration. Even before 2015, migrants who had been allowed to stay in the country by judges were having their benefits cut–a move which encouraged them to return to their country of origin.

Polls consistently show that over 70 percent of Swiss voters despise mass immigration and want it stopped, and the government appears to be listening and acting on their concerns.

It isn’t all good news though; statistics show that the small country’s population continues to rise, and the Third World invasion continues to be the number one case of this increase.

One estimate suggested that the country gains a (net) “migrant” every 11 minutes, a trend which cannot continue without severe unrest.

Last year, around 60,000 “migrants” were given temporary permits to reside in the country despite having no identification, a situation which the new law seeks to end.

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  1. Why would anyone in their right minds would
    want to integrate with these nonwhites?
    Get them out keep them out. It’s all about
    the genetics.

  2. From the very beginning of this debacle I said that anyone without verifiable proof of identity should have been returned to the first ‘safe’ country they landed in – that means Greece and Italy as they bore the brunt of that. It was not the EU or Merkel’s sole right to manipulate the legislation that had been put in place, but they did, hence ‘dictatorship rules’. Both Italy & Greece were incapable of sorting out the thousands that landed on their shores as would any other country, but not even the UN offered them any support, although they did manage to criticise those who fought against such arrivals. Harsh rules were required and even today should implemented. Any so-called asylum seeker/illegal immigrant who has been in any EU country for 1 year and has not found employment should be repatriated irrespective of those countries that have stated they don’t want those people back. Stop all benefits, let them starve, give them nothing but offer repatriation – a very simple case of those are the two options, you decide NOW and prevent them from disappearing into the wilds. Sadly, the controlled media and the ‘lefties’ rule the roost.

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