Germany: Jewish Central Council Demands “More Integration Classes” for Nonwhite Invaders

Germany’s Central Council of Jews (Zentralrat der Juden)—the official body representing Jews in that country—has demanded that the government provide even more “integration classes” for the mass of Muslim invaders in order to prevent “anti-Semitism.”

According to a report in the Jewish Press, Abraham Lehrer, (above) Vice President of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, said that the “problem of immigrant Arab-Islamic anti-Semitism still lies ahead of us.

“Many of these people were influenced by regimes in which anti-Semitism is part of the rationale of the state and the Jewish state is denied the right to existence,” he said.

Lehrer said that “when these people no longer think only of jobs and housing, this influence will have a greater bearing and people will express their opinions openly.

“In order to prevent this scenario, we need to tailor integration courses more closely to these people, preferably by country of origin.”

What’s needed, Lehrer said, are “more integration class hours than the German government already provides to recent refugees, in which fundamental values such as democracy and the treatment of women in our society are taught intensively.”

Lehrer said German states should also appoint “anti-Semitism commissioners, to signal that they are concerned about the phenomenon of Jew hatred in Germany and are ready to devote their attention to it.”

Asked about the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, Lehrer said that while it was “not openly anti-Semitic, is helping to produce anti-Semitic attitudes.”

He claimed that the AfD “at the very least creates a platform on which anti-Semitism can grow and manifest itself openly. In its draft party manifesto, for example, the party opposes circumcision and shechita,” he said.

Shechita is the method of Jewish ritual slaughter of animals, which involves non-stunned slitting of animals’ throats and letting them bleed painfully to death while a rabbi prays over the process to make it “holy,” or kosher. This is identical to the Muslim procedure known as “halaal.”

The Zentralrat der Juden stands firmly behind Israel, as its website shows—even though that Jewish country has a Jews-only immigration policy and actively works to expel the small number of “refugees” who have managed to get into that country.

The Zentralrat der Juden does not explain why it demands that Germany take in and “integrate” Muslim “refugees” but supports Israel which has the exact opposite policy.

This hypocrisy is so blatant that it cannot be an accident. It must be deliberate.

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  1. Based on my 6+ years of Middle East time, it is a sheer fantasy that the Muslims will ever denounce their views of Israel. Apart from that, how will it be policed? Will all Muslims be monitored by some form of intrusive CCTV of a type that can be well hidden? What is sad is that the decent law-abiding German taxpayers are too afraid to do anything about this stupidity. It’s been said even in the UK, there are laws against the citizens being able to criticise all the immigrants that have invaded our country, for whatever reason. If the criminal statistics were published by ethnicity, it would prove that those who refuse to accept any immigrants into their neighbourhood are justified.

  2. The time is overdue for so-called ‘Jew’ fanatics (with their absurd matrilineal racial beliefs, and absurd pre-Medieval writings) to be forced to integrate, before these ‘Jews’ can cause more social damage, violence and deaths.

  3. Instead of demanding that the State and its taxpayers do everything they say (as usual), perhaps the Jews (who only want to help smooth the way for the poor immigrants) will throw open their Synagogues for use as learning and integration centres because we all know how much Jews like to integrate with the native populations (and their money), and surely this is something they would like to pass on.

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