Italy: Media’s “Model” Town Which Welcomed Invaders Swings to Salvini

The town of Riace in southern Italy—which has, under its far-left mayor—been paraded as a “model” of integration and support for the African invasion of Europe—has voted in a new anti-invasion mayor and council backed by Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

According to disappointed controlled media reports, the Riace’s “dream of migrant integration is over after the recent election which saw an “Italians first” campaign sweep the board.

The new mayor of the town—once dubbed the “global village” by the enthusiastic controlled media—elected Antonio Trifoli, who was backed by Salvini.

“We can’t have 500 to 600 asylum seekers in a town with 1,500 residents,” Trifoli, a former town policeman told AFP.

Trifoli was first on the independent “Riace reborn” list, backed by Savlvini’s Lega Party, whose supporters provided many of the 41.8 percent of the 1,103 votes he won.

“The problem is that we had too many migrants and we lost the spirit of openness there was initially,” said Trifoli.

“A whole economic system developed with the migrants, but without making the village dynamic again… The model destroyed itself,” he said.

Former mayor Domenico “Mimmo” Lucano encouraged the African invaders to come to the town to “show how migrant integration could be done,” the AFP report continued.

But now he is no longer even a member of the town council after his left-backed list lost in the elections, and he has been barred from the town, following charges that he illegally awarded town garbage disposal tenders to Africans, and setting up fake marriages to help African women stay in the country after their asylum applications were rejected.

“Here, we need order and discipline,” said agricultural engineer Claudio Falchi, a Milan native who moved here 25 years ago. Three years ago he became Lega leader in Riace.

“They were fighting among themselves, they didn’t want the crucifix, or the creche,” Falchi said.

“It’s not racism, it’s just that this is our home. We welcome them and then they make problems.”

Over the years the town took in around 6,000 African invaders, who created their own communities and even launched their own currency stamped with the heads of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.

The Lega was the big winner in last month’s European parliamentary elections, taking more than 34 percent of national votes.

On the southern island of Lampedusa, where many migrants arrived after making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, the Lega won more than 45 percent of votes.

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  1. What’s never mentioned is that the ‘successful integration’ of the Riace invaders/fraudsters was purely down to massive taxpayer funded subsidies keeping the fraudsters in ‘non-job’ employment.

    Subsidies which a bankrupt Italy can ill afford.

    1. If you think about it logically the lack of employment prospects that caused Italians born in Riace to leave are going to affect fake refugees who settle there unless they more resourceful and enterprising than the natives, which is unlikely considering the parlous state of the countries that they originate from. Therefore, they can only be supported in Riace with state subsidies as Jonathan Portes points out.
      I suppose that the example of Riace demonstrates the folly of white liberals who feel compelled to demonstrate how virtuous they are in relation to non whites who are only to glad to exploit their naivety and parasite off the West.

  2. The example of the Riace mayor Domenico Lucano demonstrates how liberal elites have seized upon immigration as an easy solution to economic and social problems while at the same time providing them with opportunities for virtue signalling. The idea that immigration could be an instrument of economic policy has only been extant in elite circles for the last twenty years after being promoted by globalist institutions like the World Bank and the United Nations. Despite the wealth of research that shows that the economic benefits from mass immigration are negligible or non existent liberal elites continue to fanatically promote mass immigration as a cure for various social and economic ills. The Scottish National Party, for instance, is thoroughly imbued with liberal internationalism so it should came as no surprise to learn that they advocate net immigration as a policy to reverse the aging of their society and repopulate remote rural areas. So far this has not hurt their electoral support, but this is only because the Scottish people have not experienced a mass Third World invasion as the English and Italians have.

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