Sweden: 0.27% of Invaders Working

Leftist claims that the nonwhite invasion of Sweden would “boost the economy” have been destroyed by the news that only 500 out of 182,270 “asylum seekers” are actually working in that country after two years.

This works out at 0.27 percent of the total—with all the rest parasiting off the Swedish taxpayers.


According to a report in the SVT Nyheter, only 494 invaders have actually found work since arriving in Sweden.

The SVT Nyheter pointed out that “asylum seekers” are only allowed to work legally once they have fulfilled all the basic requirements—which include having a photographic identity document.

The total lack of documentation among the invaders—most had long since thrown away whatever identification papers they did have when they first invaded Europe—has meant that by the end of 2015, only a third of the invasion force had actually been authorized to work.

This meant that of the 160,000 who landed in Sweden during 2015, only 52,800 were legally allowed to work. When the 494 who did start working is expressed as a percentage of those legally allowed to work, it means that only 0.9 percent are working.

Expressed as a percentage of the total number of nonwhite invaders who arrived in Sweden in 2015 and 2016, this percentage drops to 0.27 percent.

Meanwhile, a report in the Sydsvenskan newspaper has revealed that 10,665 invaders have “voluntarily departed” from Sweden since January 2015.

Invaders who choose to leave Sweden voluntarily have their flights paid, and are given 30,000 Swedish kronor ($3,577) per adult in cash.

For the first eight months of 2016, this figure has reached 4,542 invaders who withdrew their “asylum” applications.

At the same time, the number of invaders applying for “asylum” in Sweden has dropped from the 2015 record number of 162,000, to 19,270 in 2016—mainly as a result of the actions of the Eastern European nations such as Hungary which erected fences and cut down the “Balkan route” invasion path.

Sweden also introduced photo ID border checks and temporary residence permit requirements to enter the country after even pro-invasion liberals were forced to admit that they had been overrun.

The 10,665 “voluntary departures” include invaders who withdrew their applications for asylum, and those who have been refused asylum.

In June this year, a new law was introduced which ruled that invaders who had had their “asylum” applications rejected, automatically lost their “right” to a daily cash allowance and housing.

Around 2,500 invaders have had their grants cancelled so far, but the number in that group who have left Sweden is in the region of one hundred.

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  1. Only 500 working…In security, swimming pool attendants, school caretakers, frkn dirty laundry collection..Swedish liberal @#!*^!

  2. Sweden is a welfare state that has invited thousands of migrants from the middle east to come to Sweden and they will be taken care of until death do them part. Like Merkel’s invitation to come to Germany no one was ever told that they had to work….They were invited to come and collect welfare. What does someone who is thirty years old , who never held down a job and has absolutely no education work at anyways ? This is just the start when one invites parasites from third world countries to come and live off the host country. Sweden and Germany are dumb countries. How else can it be explained ?

  3. Soros and company have short europe for a while. They are all waiting for europe to have huge unrest and chaos. These left wing politicians are all bribed by them. Muslims are creating trouble everywhere including their own countries since the day that religion was created. Religion is all about plundering and killing people misusing God’s name.

    1. I agree Victor, though have you noticed that the muslims from South East Asia do not behave in the same way as their Pakistani, N, African and other Middle Eastern muslims ? This suggests that there is a racial element to how these muslims behave.

      1. Also, notice how none of the mu-slime radicals never ever target israel, but keep killing their own people non-stop.

  4. Well the truth of the matter is, the migration board believe so much on migrants from Eritrean and Syria this people are parasites. They get first class treatment by the system and still they don’t work.
    All other migrants from West Africa country contribute more to the system and in return, they get treated like piece of shut.

    1. Housing and Benefits? Not the blonde girls that the “enablers” are telling them about then? Ficki is priority, always has been, all along. The clue is in the age and sex of these invaders.

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