Mass Media Lies: Las Vegas Shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller not “White Supremacists”

The mass media’s institutionalized anti-white hatred has sprung into full gear again by falsely describing the June 8, 2014 shootings in Las Vegas by Jerad and Amanda Miller as the work of “white supremacists.”

In reality, the shooter couple were Alex Jones-crazed conspiracy nuts who thought the police were Nazis, had numerous non-white friends and quoted Martin Luther King Jr. on their Facebook page.

The shooters killed two policemen and a civilian in a restaurant and Walmart after announcing on Facebook that the time had come for “sacrifice.”

The story was started when the Las Vegas Review Journal ran the headline: “Shooters in Metro ambush that left five dead spoke of white supremacy and a desire to kill police” and said that “Investigators have also found paraphernalia associated with white supremacists.”


This “paraphernalia” was a “Do not tread on me” flag and a swastika—which the shooters left on the body of one of the policemen they killed.

The Jewish Supremacist hate group which masquerades as a civil rights organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) then reported that the shooters were “militant white supremacists.”


Even though the SPLC has been caught out lying numerous times on similar matters (for example, in April 2013 they falsely announced that a “Nazi gang” called the “Aryan Brotherhood” were responsible for the murders of Texas District Attorney officials), their statement was immediately taken up by the mass media.

Within a day, newspaper headlines in almost all major media outlets had repeated the SPLC story, and its syndicated version was even reproduced on the British Daily Mail news site under the title “White Supremacist Couple Who Killed Two Cops.”


A look at Jerad Miller’s Facebook page (still visible as of June 12) however shows nothing of the sort. It shows instead someone obsessed with anti-government conspiracies, drones, and guns—but not a word about “white supremacy.”

In fact, several posts indicate a completely non-racial attitude on Miller’s part: a Martin Luther King image and quote, and several black and Hispanic Facebook friends, among many other things, which all serve to refute the completely false media and SPLC allegations.



So why has the story been spun in the media as a “white supremacist” shooting?

The answer is, sadly, simple. It has become the standard tactic of the controlled media to slander Europeans and blame whites for almost everything that happens.

For example, when the half-Chinese lunatic Elliot Rodger posted a manifesto online which described fair-haired white people as the “enemy” before starting his California murder spree, Salon magazine ran a story titled “White guy killer syndrome: Elliot Rodger’s deadly, privileged rage” and went on to state that “It’s time for America to admit what it’s long resisted: White male privilege kills.”

This is the pattern over and over again—need anyone be reminded of how, during the 2012 Trayvon Martin shooting uproar, the media claimed that the shooter George Zimmerman, was a “white”.

All across America, nonwhites were incited to attack whites at random—even though Zimmerman was a Hispanic with a black grandfather.

The media’s institutional anti-white bias can always be counted upon to lie, deceive and slander European people whenever the opportunity arises.

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