Nonwhite Invaders Forced off Ship in Libya after 12-Day Standoff

The approximately 100 nonwhite invaders who failed in their attempt to invade Europe from Libya and were picked up from their sinking boat by a passing container ship going to back to North Africa, have been forced ashore by Libyan police after refusing to disembark.

According to a report in the Information Nigeria news service, the violent invaders had occupied the lower decks, forcing the captain and crew of the ship to take refuge on the upper decks in fear of their lives.

The Africans had been hoping that they would be picked up by one of the pro-invasion fake charity taxi “rescue” ships which previously operated off the Libyan coast, and were reportedly very disappointed to be rescued by the Nivin which took them straight back to their jumping off point.

According to the report, six of the Africans were taken to hospital after suffering injuries in the Libyan police’s action, while the rest were taken to a detention center in Misrata.

Libya’s navy spokesman, Ayoub Jassem, said security forces boarded the ship after negotiations with the Africans failed to convince them to disembark voluntarily.

The events on the Nivin have reverberated throughout the commercial shipping industry in the Mediterranean, and as a result, many have stopped even trying to rescue the invaders.

The absence of the fake charity has almost completely choked off the mass nonwhite invasion from Libya. These ships were halted after the Italian government cracked down upon their blatantly illegal activities, and currently there is only one small ship working the “rescue” route.

The Italian government’s actions has cut the number of nonwhites invading Italy from tens of thousands per month to just 510 so far in November. Most of these have managed to bypass the coast guard or have been brought ashore by vessels responding to genuine maritime distress calls (which, in terms of international law, obligate vessels to pick up those in danger of drowning at sea).

They have however almost no chance of gaining asylum in Italy, and a new bill which will speed up their deportations has already passed the Italian Senate, and is due to be made law by that country’s lower house within the next few weeks.

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  1. Well done to Libya and Italy! They have shown clearly that all that is need to stop the Third World Invasion of the West is firmness, resolve, and armed force. No discussions, no lawyers, no negotiations, no processing asylum applications, no detention centres, no welfare benefits, no social workers, no charities, no letting rapists sit in school classrooms ogling our children.

    Just block the ports, seal the borders, arrest & deport all invaders immediately. And start repatriating the Third World Parasites already here, to save western civilization from destruction.

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